Chapter 18

"There!" said Javyk as the lights on the rest of the second level came on.

"The lights aren't going to eat us or anything are they?" asked Rylan as he headed over to one of the consoles and started it up.

"Oh please, this isn't like that time when I fixed the food generator;" grinned Javyk. "Ark, bring power on in the Research labs and start an uplink to the power tracking network."

"Power tracking network?" said Rylan. "What do you want that for?"

"I just want to see how much power humans are using so I can get a good idea what kind of technology they're using," replied Javyk as he left the room and headed down the hallway.

Rylan grinned and followed after Javyk, "I'm worried for them now."

"I'm not that over critical...sometimes," giggled Javyk.

< I am sorry Javyk but I was unable to connect the uplink. That system has been down for about fifty thousand years now. >

"What! Why?" exclaimed Javyk.

< I did not see it as a vital system; I have been using other systems to do the same thing. As such I have not had it maintained. >

"Fine, I'll just have to go fix it then," said Javyk as he turned around and started towards the stairs.

"Ummm Javyk, are you sure you still know how to fly a shuttle?" Rylan asked in a concerned voice. "I mean that's a trip to the moon you're talking about!"

"Yeah, I'll be fine," replied Javyk as he headed up the stairs.

"Actually I was more worried about the equipment!" called Rylan.

A few minutes later Javyk walked into the Shuttle construction area and gasped, "Ark the shuttles! They all look like they haven't been used in years!"

< Well we have not needed them since you were placed into cryo-sleep. >

Javyk jumped, "You mean they haven't been used in over sixty thousand years!"

< Yes. >

" which one of them is in the best condition?"

< The first one on the left. >

Javyk nodded and headed over to the shuttle, "Shuttle, open door."

Dust stirred as an unseen door on the side of the shuttle hissed open. Javyk, not even waiting for the dust to clear, hopped into the shuttle.

"Okay, let's see how this thing is doing," said Javyk as he took a seat at the controls and powered up the shuttle. "Ark, interface with the shuttle and give me a status report please."

< The shuttle's power cell is at 17%, the multi-phasing reality splitter is not responding, all back-up systems are offline, storage coils are at 7%, and the artificial gravity system needs to be replaced. The rest of the shuttle is still intact. >

"The rest of the shuttle? That leaves what, life support?" said Javyk. "So why didn't you maintain the shuttles?"

< Well I did not think that Nyo would ever need them so I just told him to ignore them. >

"Who's Nyo?"

< He is the engineer that I created in the second cycle; the Techbots just were not good enough. >

"And he's still alive?" said Javyk. "What is he, a Moroi?"

< No, he is a sub-species called Vifer. A Vifer ages one year for every five thousand. >

"That's a really long time," Javyk said as he pulled open the multi-phasing reality splitter panel. "What the...Ark are you sure this is the best shuttle down here? This splitter is...well it's not good, go ahead and start making the parts for me to build a new one."

< Is it not fixable? >

"Ark, from the look of this thing I'd have a better time getting a blueberry waffle to work as a splitter," replied Javyk.

< I will have the parts for you in a few minutes. >

Javyk pulled the splitter out and shook his head, "Where is this Nyo, I want to have a word with him."

< He is busy relaxing with his boyfriend at the moment. Ask again later. >

"At least take me to the general location then, I'll find him myself," said Javyk.

< I would really you rather not... >

"Do it or I'll give your systems an overhaul...myself," threatened Javyk.

< No need to threaten me, I will take you to the Clan Short CIC. Stand by. >

Javyk suddenly vanished with the splitter still in his hand.


Stepan sighed as he sat in the pool, on the steps, leaning up against Nyo, "I like this. Just you and me, no work to be done, no where to go."

Nyo grinned, "Yeah, Ark's been a little too rough on you lately."

"Ark says that you normally keep that schedule that it gave me though," said Stepan. "Is that true?"

"Yeah, it's true," replied Nyo. "I got use to keeping a very busy schedule, which is probably why Ark expects so much from you."

"It's really very nice of them to let us use their pool," said Stepan. "I'll have to thank them later."

"I think they consider us family now though Step," Nyo said as he tightened his hold on Stepan.

"We should still thank them;" sighed Stepan. "Even family can be thanked, even if they're larger then the populations in some countries."

Nyo laughed, "Yeah they do seem to grow pretty quickly."

"Hey, isn't it one of the new boy's birthday today?" asked Stepan.

"Oh yeah, we're supposed to go to his party, it's Davey's birthday," Nyo said softly as he started nibbling on Stepan's ear.

Stepan giggled, "Well did you get him anything?"

"I thought he might like one of the larger portable tablets that we work with," replied Nyo. "I wrapped it and put it in our bag before coming up here."

Stepan frowned, "You should have told me so I could have got him something."

"I addressed it from the both of us," Nyo said as he kissed Stepan's neck. "I figured since we're a couple it would be okay to give him something from the both of us."

Stepan smiled and closed his eyes, "That works."

"Mmmm, I can see us doing this years from now," Nyo said softly. "Just relaxing together, not a care in the world."

"Is that before or after we end up getting stuck with five or six kids," giggled Stepan.

"Don't say that Step," Nyo said looking around. "The Clan might hear you; I want to wait a few years before I've got someone calling me or you dad. I want to get to know you better first."

Stepan grinned, "That's fine with me."

Suddenly Dmitry came out of nowhere running towards the pool yelling, "CANNON BALL!!!" He leaped into the air and landed two feet from Nyo and Stepan.

"Dmitry!" called Dominic as he came up to the edge of the pool. "Nyo, Stepan, I'm really sorry for him. I didn't think he was going to do that."

"Oh he'll get his," said Stepan as he wiped the water from his face and waited for Dmitry to come back to the surface.

Nyo grinned, "I'm surprised he took his clothes off first."

Just then Dmitry came back up to the surface giggling but just as he finished slicking his hair back out of his face Stepan pounced him and pulled him under again.

Dominic smiled, "DT's in trouble now, Stepan used to be on the swim team at the orphanage and is a really good swimmer."

"Yeah I remember him telling Tyne that when he was teaching him to swim," said Nyo.

"That was right before the Code Red that was called wasn't it?" asked Dominic.

"I think so," replied Nyo as he watched Dmitry try and dunk Stepan unsuccessfully.

"I'm sorry if we interrupted your guy's time together," said Dominic. "Dmitry just wanted to come get wet before we headed off to CIC for Davey's party."

"It's okay Dominic," Nyo said as Stepan threw a giggling Dmitry through the air. "Stepan needs a little fun."

Dominic smiled but then got down next to Nyo, "I want to tell you something before DT decides to bring it up if he ever does but don't tell him I said anything and you can't tell Stepan."

Nyo gave Dominic a strange look, "Okay."

"Promise me first," said Dominic.

"I promise," replied Nyo.

Dominic grinned and whispered softly into Nyo's ear. The moment he finished though, not even waiting for Nyo's reaction, Dominic jumped up and called to Dmitry, "Come on DT, we don't wanna be late."

"Okay Dom, I'm coming!" Dmitry called back.

Dominic then looked down at Nyo and seeing the lost look that was now on his face he smiled, "Just think about it Nyo, just in case okay?"

Nyo smiled and nodded, "Okay Dominic."

"Will you two be coming to the party?" Dominic asked as he watched a naked Dmitry get out of the pool and grab a towel.

"Yeah, we'll be right behind you," replied Nyo.

"Okay," said Dominic.

Dmitry pulled his uniform back on, grabbed Dominic's hand and started towards the door, "We'll see ya there then!"


Josiah and Gavin suddenly appeared in CIC in the middle of a already large group just in time to hear Tommy go off on Timmy, "Timmy! Git yur clothes on! Ain't nonna Y'all gonna be doin' no streakin'. We done already dis-kuss'd that."

Gavin giggled at the confused looks on the faces of Tyne and the other new Founders that were with him. "Tommy; it looks like we've got guests. From the looks on their faces; I don't think that they understand redneck, little brother!"

"I'm sorry." Tommy replied with a giggle. "I ain't used to havin people in here that don't unnerstand me. If y'all can't figure out what I'm sayin just ask me to repeat it. If I'm thinkin' about it I can talk like the rest of y'all, but I normally just talk like I learned growin up."

"You should hear it when he's mad!" Gavin giggled as he led Josiah over to where Teri was sitting. "I think even Ark needs a translator then!"

Josiah stopped for a second and looked at the group gathered around Tyne, "I leave for a little while and you and Rusty literally multiply? Wow, whatever you're on I want some for us!"

Tyne giggled, "Founder secret, sorry. I can't pass out that kind of information. Of course if you fill out form 37B and give it to my assistant I'm sure we can start giving you the run around that won't get you it either, but we'll be entertained."

Josiah shook his head and turned his attention back to Gavin. Gavin grinned and came to a stop. "Josiah; this is my Mom, Teri Short. Mom; this awesomely cute guy next to me is my boyfriend Josiah."

"He's da one who made my Teddy bear!" Paul piped up. "Unc'l Josiah make HUGE sandcastles too Grandma!"

Josiah nodded as he wrapped his arms around Gavin, "Yep, Teddy bears and sandcastles, that's me. It's very nice to meet you Mrs. Short."

Teri smiled. "It's a pleasure to meet you too Josiah. I think you might as well start calling me 'mom' now; between the starry eyes, the goofy grin, and the sudden tent that you caused just by hugging Gavin, I think you'll be a member of the family for a LONG time!"

"MOM!" Gavin exclaimed as giggles traveled throughout the room and he tried hard to hide inside Josiah's arms.

"I don't know about the goofy grin, because he's hiding his face in my chest now but I can sure feel the tent that he pitched," giggled Josiah. "Do you always pick on your children for pitching tents for their boyfriends though? I mean ya can't view those starry eyes without a good tent to hop into later."

Teri chuckled. "There's a reason most of the couples have their own houses. A parent can only hear "Giddyup!" yelled so many times at night before either they go crazy or they start pointing out that their sons are getting obvious."

"You mean like Daddy and Pop playin' horsey at nite Gran'ma?" Timmy asked.

"Yes, just like that munchkin!" Teri replied as the room broke out in laughter.

"Ummm...Gavin, no horsey stuff please," said Josiah as he looked over at Cory and Sean with a strange look. "I don't want to end up like your brothers, they're crazy and that might be why. Crazy implies that they still have a little sanity and I don't want any of that. I'm up for anything else though...I think."

"I'll call the construction crew back in tomorrow. Looks like time to build more houses." Teri chuckled.

"What do you need a construction crew for?" asked Josiah. "I can build any houses you need built."

"This time put restrooms in the castles!" Kyle giggled. "I'll explain later Mom!" Tyler added at Teri's confused look.

Teri rolled her eyes at Kyle. "I'm pretty sure that last I heard there were no teenage building contractors in the state of Florida. How do you expect to build anything Josiah?"

Jamie and Jacob came running over carrying two trash bags. "We heard ya' thinkin that Aunt Teri; Show her Josiah!"

Suddenly the bags they were carrying turned to dust and fell to the ground, swirling and moving about, pulling tighter and tighter together. A few seconds later there stood an almost life-size glass version of Teri, with Sean under one arm and Cory under the other. Josiah tilted his head a little and the glass started to take on color until finally there were three stained glass statues of Teri and her two boys standing in front of them with smiles on their glass faces.

"I didn't know what you'd like so I hope this is good," grinned Josiah. "Just not sure where you'd put it though."

"Oh my God! That is beautiful!!!!" Teri exclaimed. "I don't know how you did that; but you've convinced me! I'm going to put it in the foyer in my house; that way anyone who visits can see it!"

"I'm glad you like it," said Josiah. "I've never really done a house before but it sounds like it should be fun. Should only take me an hour to figure out so just tell me when you want me to start and I'll get to it."

Teri pulled Josiah into a hug. "Tonight I expect you to have fun with your family. If you want to try making something tomorrow you can; but I don't ever want to hear that you are doing it because you think you have to. Just have fun; maybe start off with figuring out a way to add more rooms to Cory and Sean's place."

Josiah sighed and wrapped his arms around Teri, "Okay Mom."

Teri softly stroked Josiah's back. "I'm here for you anytime you need me Son; I don't know what your life was before this, but now you're part of my family. No matter what, that is forever."

Josiah melted into Teri's arms with a sigh. "Thank you Mom."

"Well isn't that cute," Javyk said softly as he joined Tyne and Matyas.

Matyas frowned, "Don't be mean Javyk."

"I'm not being mean," said Javyk. "I'm being jealous, there's a difference. My parents are gone now; I've got no one to hug me, so seeing him get a mom is just a little hard I guess."

"We can be your family then Javyk," said Matyas as he pulled Javyk into a hug.

Javyk sighed, "Thanks Mat."

"So what's with the Splitter that you're carrying around?" Tyne asked Javyk. "It looks like someone beat the hell out of it."

"It's from one of the shuttles," said Javyk. "I'm going to be making a new splitter because this one is just gone, I can't fix it. After that I was going to fix the rest of the shuttle and then ask for your permission to head up to the moon to do a few satellite repairs."

Tyne nodded, "As long as you have certification on the shuttle then you have my permission."

"I do;" grinned, Javyk. "Oh, I also want you guys to meet Kendall. He's been assigned to me for me to train."

Matyas got a worried look on his face, "You, train someone...please don't get him killed."

"Jeez, it's not like I've ever got anyone killed before," said Javyk as he rolled his eyes. "Just mildly hurt."

Tyne smiled, "He's definitely an R & D guy."

"Hey, I prefer being referred to as a Scimedi," wined Javyk.

"What's a Scimedi?" Rusty whispered to Tyne.

Tyne grinned, "It's the Founder title for a Doctor of Science. He's in the Scientia part of the Council but they don't call themselves a Scientia, they like Scimedi better."

"Exactly," said Javyk with a grin. "So Tyne, do you know where the pool is at? I've been told that this Nyo and his boyfriend are there and I want to have a word with him."

"Well if you wait for a little while I'm pretty sure he's going to be here," replied Tyne as he looked around the room. "I haven't seen Dmitry or Dominic yet either."

"Dmitry? Dominic? There are too many people!" complained Javyk.

Tyne grinned, "Oh you guys will just love Dmitry though."

"Oh yeah you will!" Rusty added with a grin.

Rylan gave Tyne a worried looked, "Okay you're scaring me, and Javyk already does that on a regular basis. We don't need another Javyk."

Javyk gave Rylan a playful shove, "Hey! When was the last time I..."

"My electric blanket," Rylan said immediately. "It's not supposed to set the bed on fire and float around the room."

Javyk giggled, "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Wow! A flying carpet; a self heating one even!" Rusty said as he cuddled to Tyne. "Can we get one babe?"

Rylan looked at Rusty and shook his head, "You don't want one, really. It was howling and actually spewing fire! The thing was alive!"

"Well I thought you said you wanted the blanket to be kind of smart so it knew when you wanted heating," protested Javyk.

"It tried to kill me!" added Rylan.

Tyne looked at Rusty, "Umm, I don't think so babe, I don't really want our bed trying to kill us. Especially after what we've done to it recently, it might have reason to."

Rusty turned the same shade of red as his hair. He giggled as he replied "Tyne!! Jeeze, why don't ya just distribute a video!"

< Copies will be available in the lobby after the party. I have several different angles as well as three dimensional renderings that can be used in the IIM for the full experience. >

"Oh ... My ... GAWD!" Rusty exclaimed as he buried his glowing face in Tyne's chest.

"Ark, you'd better be kidding or I'll let Javyk loose in your core," Tyne blushed as he wrapped his arms around Rusty.

"Hey I'm the only one allowed to make that threat," giggled Javyk.

Matyas grinned and whispered his Tyne's ear, "Actually Dad, you've got a really cute ass. I've seen videos of you and Pop about a week before I went into deep freeze. Pop's sister gave them to me as a joke; I got her back by getting her to watch a video of her being conceived. But yeah you and Pop were really cute though."

"That is the last thing I think I want to hear from my son," moaned Tyne.

"He's right though; you really do have a cute butt!" Rusty giggled.

"Oh! Oh! Here Tyne, try this new device I've been working on! It'll get rid of the embarrassing red face," said Javyk as he pulled out some strange looking device from his tool belt.

Syris quickly jumped forward and grabbed the device before he could hand it to Tyne, "No! That still needs work!"

Kendall giggled. "Someone's gotta test it!"

"Someone already did," said Syris as he put the device in his pocket. "I still have nightmares about it. It works alright, just a little too well. The guy was almost brain dead if I remember."

"That was version one, this is version two," Javyk said sadly. "I fixed that...I think. I just want to help."

Kendall put an arm around Javyk's waist. "It's okay. After meeting you I realized my ideas ain't weird; it's just nobody else appreciates them."

Javyk sighed, "It's just a matter of finding the ideas that work and are actually helpful." Javyk looked down at the Splitter that he still had in his left hand. "My grandfather designed this thing; he's the one I get my smarts from. I'm good at fixing stuff, and I have come up with some helpful stuff's just hard sometimes. You got to be careful sometimes though, not all things that can actually be made are good ideas either."

"You mean like my idea for a desk that shocked a teacher whenever she gave me a grade lower than a 'B'?" Kendall asked.

"I can see that being funny but yeah that's not a very helpful idea, so same thing," said Javyk with a smile. "I'm sure though that some day between the two of us we'll come up with a really great idea. Just wait and see, we'll make something that works and is better then what they expected."

Kendall grinned. "Yeah!" he giggled. "We'll show them!"

"Ummm...Rylan, you can make sure they don't get into any trouble," said Matyas.

"Oooohhhh no you don't," Rylan said quickly. "You can let them fill you in on their latest ideas yourself; I don't want to get eaten by something they think is cute and harmless that they just whipped together. I've had that job when there was just Javyk, I don't want it if there are two of them."


"No, I've got work to do," Syris almost shouted. "Your father just told me how bad the defense systems have gotten so I'll have my plate full."

"I'll just have to have Ark keep an eye on the two of you then," said Matyas. "Just to make sure you don't blow up the compound or anything."

< Gee, thank you so much for this honor Matyas. >

Javyk grinned, "We'll tell you first if we're going to blow the place up Matyas. We'll be working on fixing stuff first though so nothing new until after that I promise."

"You know; if the stuff is that old it might need updated though..." Kendal added with a grin.

"NO!" Rylan, Syris, and Matyas said at the same time.

Javyk giggled, "Oh you guys are no fun."

"Jeeze, you guys act like we're gonna make the floors disappear or something!" Kendall added.

"We've been through that already Kendall," said Matyas. "If you're in a moving vehicle it's not a good thing."

"That was only once," replied Javyk. "How was I to know that modifying the emitter fields would make the floors drop out?"

"Well he's gotta learn somehow guys," Tyne said with a smile. "Just be careful guys, that's all I ask."

"Yes sir;" grinned Javyk.

~~~A few minutes later~~~

Dmitry and Dominic walked into CIC and looked around.

"A sea of cute boys," Dmitry said as he took a deep breath. "Beautiful."

Dominic rolled his eyes, "You think they're all cute."

"No I don't, I just think the cute ones are cute," giggled Dmitry.

"Show me one you think isn't cute," said Dominic.

"When I see one I'll let you know," replied Dmitry as he put his hands on his hips and announced to the room. "The God of Cute has arrived; you may all go about your good looking business now."

"God of cute?" Helen laughed from the doorway. "I just think that cute little nose smelled food! Come on in, the food is ready!"

"Careful Helen," said Dominic as he wrapped his arms around Dmitry. "If you're a non-believer he might attack, calling down his heavenly wrath on you."

Dmitry giggled, "Heavenly wrath? Attack? Would I do that?"

"Yes," said Dominic. "If you really were a god that is."

"Ah Ha! Heretic!" cried Dmitry as he pushed Dominic up against the wall and started tickling him.

Stepan and Nyo came in just in time to hear the heretic comment.

Stepan giggled, "He's calling his boyfriend a heretic, I think we missed something good."

"Maybe it's better we don't know," said Nyo.

"You!" someone shouted. Nyo turned to see a purpled eyed ten year old almost running up to him holding some strange part in his hand. "Are you Nyo?"

"Umm yeah, who are you? Tyne isn't cloning himself is he?" Nyo said almost in shock.

"My name's Javyk, I'm a Scimedi, I'll explain where I came from later," said Javyk as he held up the splitter. "What does this look like to you?"

Nyo blinked a few times, "Well it looks like a multi-phasing reality splitter."

"Exactly, it's a multi-phasing reality splitter from a shuttle that you haven't maintained in over fifty thousand years!" shouted Javyk. "Now I need to get up to the Moon to fix a few of Ark's sensors and I have to fix the shuttle first!"

Nyo frowned, "I'm sorry, I was told not to bother with them. I'll help you fix it if you want."

Javyk smiled, "I mostly just wanted to give you a hard time, Ark already told me it wasn't your fault but I wanted to complain about it anyway. I'll take any help you can give me but you don't have to personally come help me yourself."

< Yes I would rather you let Nyo and Stepan relax Javyk, it puts them both in a better mood. I had Ethan and Aidan working on a few of the minor systems in the shuttle while you were up here. They are taking a break for the party but I will have them back down there to help you afterwards. >

"Well it sounds like Ark has your help handled," said Stepan. "Is complaining just to complain really needed though?"

Javyk looked Stepan in the eyes, "Are you a Crafter?"

"Umm I guess so," replied Stepan. "Why do you ask?"

"I was just wondering why it seems strange to you that I'd be complaining;" grinned Javyk. "It makes me feel better to complain to the Crafters. It makes them get up and help me."

"Couldn't you just ask for help?" said Stepan.

"I could but it just doesn't feel as good on my end," Javyk replied as he looked Nyo over and then poked him. "You've got a really cool looking complexion Nyo. I tried changing my skin color once...some of it came off. It's kind of hard to explain why you need half your skin put back on while you're bleeding that much."

"Oops!" Kendall giggled. "I think that could be a little messy. It'd be kewl to make it so hair can change though ..."

"Oh well hair would be a lot easier," said Javyk. "Actually I might have something that can do that; it'll just need a few tweaks."

< According to what I have been told to do I am obligated to tell you 'No' Javyk. However, Cyna tells me to tell you he likes your idea Kendall and he thinks Javyk should do it. >

Kendall turned to Nyo and gave him puppy dog eyes, complete with quivering lip. "Pweeeeeze Sir?"

"It sounds like you guys already have enough work to do," replied Nyo. "Maybe you should finish that first and then you guys can play with hair color afterwards."

"Alright." Kendall pouted as he turned back to Javyk. "Nobody lets us have any fun."

"No, it only looks like they don't; but remember they don't know about half the projects that I've worked on," Javyk said with a grin.

Kendall giggled softly. "Okay. So we don't tell them about the machine that makes them always say 'yes' when we ask something?" he whispered just loud enough for Javyk to hear.


"Well it looks like everyone's heading into the other room for the party," Stepan said as he watched everyone heading for one door. "Let's become part of the traffic jam."

"If we can't be the solution then lets add to the problem;" grinned Nyo. "We'll see you two later. If I don't get to talk to you again Javyk before your trip to the Moon just make sure you clear your flight crew through Tyne, he's the Council Seer after all."

Javyk nodded, "Yes sir, I will."

"Am I going too?" Kendall asked.

"Well yeah," replied Javyk. "I'm not leaving you here, you can't learn anything if I'm not there to teach it to you."

Suddenly most of the kids broke out in 'Happy birthday' with everyone else doing their best to join in.

~~~Forty Minutes Later~~~

"Ohhhh I feel like I'm going to explode," moaned Josiah as he leaned against Gavin. "I'm not used to eating this much."

Gavin giggled. "I can think of a few ways we can burn off the food really quick cutie!"

"DT put your clothes back on!" shouted Dominic as he ran by chasing after Dmitry. "Who let him cover his 'stuff' with icing?!"

Josiah grinned, "We've never actually tried those activities before, that could be fun."

Dmitry ran back past them giggling madly as Dominic chased him.

"I think Dmitry liked his cake a little too much," added Josiah as he watched Dmitry.

"Yeah, I hope Dominic likes frosting; he's got a lot to clean off!" Gavin replied with a giggle. "Hey, that gives me an idea..."

Josiah laid down, putting head in Gavin's lap, "Should I be afraid?"

Gavin smiled. "No, unless you have a problems with frosting in unusual areas."

"Hmmm...that sounds kinda sticky," Josiah thought out loud. "We might wanna get the basics learned first before we move to food don't ya think?"

"WEEEEEEE!" shouted Dmitry as he flew through the air after jumping off the table.

"Someone help me pin him!" Dominic called in desperation. "Please!"

"Hey cutie, I think you're up!" Gavin giggled.

Josiah just grinned which was quickly followed by a "Hey! No fair!" from Dmitry.

Dominic quickly started wiping Dmitry off and putting his uniform back on, "Thank you Josiah."

"Any time Dominic," replied Josiah. "There, I didn't even have to give up my comfortable spot."

"Traitor!" Dmitry shouted at Josiah as Dominic was zipping up Dmitry's uniform. "I'll get you when you least expect it!"

"Unca Dommy?" Timmy shouted. "Calen says you was supposed to lick the icin off Unca Deemeetee!"

"Exactly! Thank you Timmy," giggled Dmitry.

"Yeah well I would have Timmy if he was willing to let me catch him," Dominic said as he pulled Dmitry into a tight hug. "Dmitry doesn't like to be caught if he gets going. Too much sugar isn't good for him." As if to prove the point Dmitry's feet kept wiggling as if he should still be running. "See what I mean?"

"He wouldn't be so wiggly if you gave him an organism!" CD observed. "That's how Pop calms Dad down!"

"CD!!!!!!" Austin exclaimed as the room filled with laughter. "If you're gonna embarrass Dad and Pop, at least do it when they're here!"

Dominic grinned and slung the giggling Dmitry over his shoulder, "I'll just go do that then CD. I'll go throw my boyfriend in a Phasenmorph pool to give him an organism, and then I'm taking him to bed." Dominic looked over at where Davey was sitting, "Happy birthday Davey."

"But I have an organism right here!" laughed Dmitry as he held up his Phasenmorph clad arm.

"Then we'll skip the pools," said Dominic. "I'll see you guys later. Ark, take us home."

Gavin looked over at the spot where the Double-D's had been standing. "You know Hon, after the party I really need to show you where our bedroom is at."

"Umm...we have a bedroom?" asked Josiah.

Before Gavin could reply Javyk stood up. "I am heading back to the Ark Compound as I have work to do. I should have the shuttle working again in about four hours." Javyk looked around and as if daring anyone to say otherwise he added, "I am taking Kendall with me."

Cecil stood up. "Javyk, would you mind coming over here before you run off with one of my new sons?"

Javyk set the splitter he was still carrying down and, with a frown on his face, headed over to where Cecil was standing.

Cecil pointed to an open chair next to him as he took a seat. "Relax; I just wanted to say a few things before you go. I've noticed that Kendall has changed since he met you. When I first met him at the airport he was a totally different person than what he is right now. You're the one responsible for the change; I just wanted to thank you for that. From what I've seen, you are pretty independent; but if you ever have need for someone to consider family, I would be honored if you'd come to us as your surrogate family. I'd adopt you myself if that's what you wanted. All I ask is you take care of Kendall the best you can; I think that with your help he'll turn out to be the person he was all meant to be all along."

Javyk sat on the edge of the chair Cecil pointed to and shook his head, "Thank you for the offer sir but I had a family and my friends are my family now, and not to put to fine a point on it but you're human. And no offense but you can't possibly be able to be there in any way that I would need you. I can't see any human ever being able to support me if I needed them in anything other then a professional manner. But again, thank you for the offer anyway. As far as your son is concerned, I believe that his IQ is probably a lot higher then anyone realizes and I really do want to teach him as he seems to be very willing to learn. Normally a human wouldn't ever be taught by a Scimedi as they don't normally have the mental capacity for it but I believe that Kendall is different. Now I want for him to remain safe but how can I promise you that he'll be safe if I can't even keep myself safe? Heck, I've had three of my four limbs reattached, I've had half of my skin fall off and placed back on, I've burned myself in more areas then you really want to know, I've teleported only half of myself to another location, and I've almost caused myself to go brain dead once. That being the case I can only promise that I won't try and put him in danger and I will try and keep him from hurting himself, but my line of work isn't safe and there are risks."

Cecil chuckled. "I understand about the family; I could see it in the way you carry yourself. As far as you watching out for him, I understand the hazards of R&D; that's why I didn't get into it. I meant take care of him emotionally; obviously from what you just said if an accident does happen you have the facilities available to repair the damage."

"And how do you propose I take care of him emotionally?" Javyk said in a strange voice. "I mean, what do you expect of me? I'm not his brother, I'm not his parents, and I would be his teacher. Do you expect more then that?"

Cecil looked Javyk straight in the eye. "No; I mean be a friend as you are teaching him. That's all he needs, and you are the only person he'll accept in that position right now. You have gained a friend even if you don't realize it."

"I can be a friend if he needs me to be, but my friendship was already implied," said Javyk as he stood back up. "I'm not sure how you humans these days do it but we don't teach our secrets and tricks for what we do to people we don't consider friends. I don't teach people I don't like and don't consider a friend. I won't tell him no though if he wants to try something dangerous is what I was getting at. I'll warn him if I can that it is dangerous but I won't stop him."

"That's a true friend." Cecil replied. "Some people are forced to train people in their jobs no matter how they feel. I have a feeling that Kendall will listen to your experience, just like you seem to be the type to make sure he learns the right way to do things the first time. Waking up in the morning is dangerous, some of the things you guys will be doing I'm sure make dangerous an understatement. All I ask is if you come up with any really interesting goofs you record them for posterity; they make great conversation pieces looking back!"

"Oh I'm sure I won't need to record them," said Javyk as he looked over at Rylan and waved, getting a sickly sweet smile and wave back. "A friend of mine makes sure I never forget when I mess up."

"Just remind him what comes around goes around!" Cecil chuckled. "I actually can't wait to see what you two come up with; since it takes an intelligent person to recognize another one I'm confident that when you two are done Humanity will never be the same. I definitely mean that in a good way."

Javyk nodded, "We'll see where our work gets us. Well it was very good talking to you and all but if that's all sir, we have a lot of work to do. I promise we'll get some sleep...if we're done burning time here that is."

"Go ahead; from the sounds of it you have a lot to do. Just swing by every once in a while so I can see for myself that the medical personnel didn't attach an extra arm or leg by accident to either one of you, okay?" Cecil replied as he stood and extended his hand. "It was a pleasure meeting you Javyk."

Javyk looked at Cecil's hand for a second before realizing what he was supposed to do. "Right, I'm supposed to shake it," Javyk said as he placed his hand in Cecil's. "It was nice to meet you too...I think. I'll get back to you on that if we finish on time and get enough sleep before I need to start looking for a shuttle crew. I have four hours for work, four for sleep, then one hour to assemble the shuttle crew. Then I intend on taking off. We are behind by ten minutes now but I think we'll still be okay so, yes I'm pretty sure it was nice to meet you."

"That means it was," Rylan called from across the room. "He's always like that, in fact there was this one time when..."

"Rylan, shut up," interrupted Javyk getting a big grin from Rylan. "Anyway, I'll see you later Cecil."

"Okay; you and Kendall have a productive trip; I'll see you after you get back." Cecil replied. "Now get out of here and get to work." he added with a grin.

Josiah watched as Javyk left with Kendall, taking his splitter with him. Josiah looked up at Gavin and grinned, "Well, you never answered my question before that happened. We have a bedroom? Maybe we can go use it?"

Gavin grinned. "I thought you'd never ask!" He then took Josiah's hand and stood up. They headed over to Davey and Gavin let go of Josiah long enough to give Davey a huge hug. "Happy birthday bro! You're a great guy; don't let anyone tell you different."

"Thanks!" Davey responded with a grin. "I'm gettin to like having a family."

"Yeah, I'm seeing that having a family is great too," said Josiah. "Happy birthday Davey, we'll see you in the morning."


"I HATE engineering!" shouted Aidan as he pulled one of the storage coils out of the shuttle after trying to install a new one. "After today I want to see if any other job is available, I can't stand this!"

Ethan smiled and shook his head, "You never were good with your hands."

"Hey!" said Aidan. "That's not what you said last night when..."

"I meant when it comes to fixing things," chuckled Ethan as he took the storage coil from Aidan, turned it around, and then placed it into its socket. Ethan gave it a push causing it to click into place and come online. "It helps if you put it in right, kinda like a battery."

Aidan stuck his tongue out at Ethan, "Show off. But at least we got to go to the party for Davey, that cake was awesome."

"Yeah that was really cool," Ethan said as he picked up the next storage coil. "You know, if you can't even put a battery into a shuttle right I'm kinda wondering what else we'll be able to give you to you might be good in Javyk's department..."

"I thought you wanted me to come back at night in one piece," said Aidan as he gave Ethan a playful shove. "I think I'm going to see if I can work with Syris."

"He's the security guy right?" asked Ethan as he pushed the last storage coil into place. "There, on to the Shuttle's power cell." Ethan got up and headed to the other side of the shuttle.

"Syris is Founder Intelligence not security, that's Rusty's department," Aidan said as he watched Ethan open the hatch to the power cell and start to disconnect it. "Do you have any idea what you're doing?"

"Duh, Ark had me study the schematics for this thing before we came down here," said Ethan as he worked diligently. "You were supposed to be doing the same thing but I think you spent the time bitching at Ark and talking to Syris."

"Can ya blame me? I mean this is sooo boring!" moaned Aidan.

Ethan shook his head, "Aidan, just help me for now so I don't end up killing myself please. Pull that new power cell over here."

"But you can control metal, why don't you just make it move over here?" said Aidan.

"Fine, then don't help me," sighed Ethan as he stopped what he was doing and reached towards the new power cell. The power cell slid over to his feet and stopped. Ethan then went back to what he was doing, "You know; if you're not going to help me you can always just leave?"

Aidan frowned, "That's not fair, I'm here because I want to be with you. I just thought it made more sense for you to move that rather then me struggling with it. I don't have the same cool powers that you and Josiah have; all I can do is make myself invisible. I'm not an engineer Ethan."

"You can at least give me a hand," replied Ethan as he finished disconnecting the old power cell. "Just because I have the ability to work metal the way I want doesn't mean I want to, it doesn't always make things easier. I'm not like Josiah where using my power relieves stress, I have to work to use mine and depending on how large it is I can hurt myself doing it or end up destroying what I'm working with."

"Oh..." Aidan said softly. "I didn't know that."

"I know," Ethan said as he backed away from the shuttle, then lifted his hand causing the old power cell to glide out of the shuttle and come to rest on the ground next to the new one. "We never really talk about our powers that much, except for Josiah of course but he's not exactly stable."

"Yeah, I kinda feel bad for him, he might end up hurting someone," said Aidan.

Ethan nodded as the new power cell lifted off the ground and into place, "That is how Bass died. I'm hoping though that Gavin will help keep him in a good mood."

"That's kinda hard to do, they've been lucky so far," added Aidan. "I think what they did to him when they gave him his powers made him Bipolar."

"I don't think he's really Bipolar but probably pretty close," replied Ethan as he began reconnecting the power cell. "He's in a good mood more then he's in a bad mood so calling him Bipolar is maybe a little strong."

"Okay, yeah maybe," said Aidan. "He's a good guy though."

"He's our brother, of course he's a good guy," grinned Ethan.

"Oh, okay don't ever remind me of that again, that reminds me that we're brothers," Aidan said while making a face. "I'd rather think of us as clones, that way it's not weird if I'm in love with you."

Ethan giggled, "Whatever you say...bro!"

"Oh come on, please don't do that," wined Aidan.

"I promise I won't do it often...if you hand me that thing that looks like a screwdriver," replied Ethan. Aidan quickly found the tool Ethan wanted and handed it to him. "See, we'll make a good assistant out of you yet."

"No, no, and no," said Aidan. "I really don't want to keep with the engineer stuff."

Ethan nodded, "That's fine, but I think I will. I think I might make a good engineer."

"It's called a Crafter," Javyk said as he walked into the room followed by Kendall. "Not an engineer. Crafters are so much more talented then engineers. So, how are the repairs going? Are we on schedule?"

"Yeah I think so," said Ethan as he finished connecting the last cable to the power cell. "Got all the storage coils replaced and just finished replacing the power cell."

"Okay, Ethan go ahead and start on the artificial gravity system," said Javyk. "Aidan you start on the back-up systems. Me and Kendall will work on building a new splitter."

"You want me to fix what?" asked Aidan.

"The shuttle's back-up systems," Javyk repeated.

"But I don't know how to do that," said Aidan.

Javyk glared at Aidan, "Didn't you at least study the schematics?"


"Then you're no good to us if you're not going to at least try to do your job, you may leave," Javyk said plainly as he turned to head over to the work bench a few feet away.

"Wait a minute, that's not fair," Aidan said as he grabbed Javyk's arm to stop him. "Just give me a little direction, I mean I'm not thrilled about being here but I'm not useless."

Javyk shrugged off Aidan's hand and turned to face him again, "I have no time for incompetence. If you weren't willing to learn the schematics when you were first assigned this task then what use do I have for you now? I don't have time to teach you how to fix the back-up systems; I have to rebuild the splitter for which I already have a student. If you're that intent on staying then have Ark walk you through it."

"You've sure got a cocky attitude for a ten year old," Aidan said in a mean tone as he looked Javyk over as if sizing him up.

"That's because I'm a genius and you're not," replied Javyk. "I'm very use to working with people much older then me so I have that attitude to deal with people like yourself. Now if you'll excuse me you're wasting my time."

Javyk turned to walk away again and Aidan stopped him again, "I'm not done talking to you, don't walk away from me."

Javyk sighed, "Look, nothing personal Aidan but you need to either do the job or don't. I'm not trying to insult you or anything but I really don't have time for this. And as far as a working relationship goes I don't really care if you like me or not, I just want you to do the job or get out; it's that simple. Do a good job and I'll be nice, do a bad job or complain and I'll be the biggest pain in the neck you'll ever meet. Now please excuse me." Javyk once again turned and then walked away leaving a very quiet Aidan staring at him.

A minute later Aidan grumbled to himself, grabbed a tool kit, and headed for the shuttle door, "Ark I need your help, it seems I need to know how to fix the shuttle's back-up systems."

Javyk smiled to himself as he laid out the parts Ark had created for him, "And that Kendall is your first lesson, if you ever have someone that's working under you that doesn't want to work stand up to him. He'll back down first if you're right."

Kendall smiled. "I see what you mean; he was just wasting time. Let's get the splitter fixed up; I want to see how this thing works."

Javyk grinned, "First we're going to start with this strange looking thing here, it'll control the splitter stream flow. We're going to start with it because it allows for..."


Tyne sat silently in the snow on the surface, dressed in white Founder Polar gear, staring off into the distance. Being that it was summer in the southern part of the world it looked like it was noon although it was late into the night. Tyne was so lost in thought that he didn't hear Matyas come up and sit next to him.

"Dad, what are you doing up here?" Matyas finally asked after a few minutes.

Tyne snapped out of his trance and glanced over at Matyas, "I'm just thinking Mat."

"Yeah but why up here, it's freezing up here," said Matyas.

"This is actually the warmer part of the year;" grinned Tyne. "Me and Cyna used to come up here at this time of year and play in the snow when we were younger."

"Were you thinking about him just now?" asked Matyas as he scooted closer to Tyne.

Tyne put his arm around Matyas and shook his head, "No, actually I was thinking about you."

Matyas smiled, "Me?"

"I was just thinking of what life would have been like had I known about you," said Tyne as he looked off into the distance again. "It's almost as if they knew I was going to lose Cyna, like they didn't want me to have a reason to stay behind. The council always planned on placing me into cryo-sleep, or so I've been told. It just seems like they almost chose to take everything away from me. That probably sounds crazy."

Matyas frowned, "Not as crazy as you'd think, if they knew what the future would bring then they would have known what was going to happen."

"Maybe that's why they ignored the fact that I killed all those Moroi," Tyne said with a detached tone in his voice. "Killing is supposed to be a crime worth being either punished or cast out of our society for, yet they didn't even bring it up...why? It makes me think that all this was planned and laid out long before I was born, like they wanted me to feel loss and guilt and pain."

"To feel what Founders stopped feeling," stated Matyas. "How could you understand humans if you didn't have those experiences to fall back on?"

Tyne looked at Matyas with a strange look, "What?"

"Well think about it, in over three hundred years Founders stayed hidden at the Ark Compound," Matyas explained. "We didn't have to worry about what comes from the different things that humans do. I mean, yeah we still felt loss, guilt, and pain but not the way humans did; we're too peaceful for that. They probably allowed for what happened to happen so that you had a larger perspective on humanity. Who was it that said that humanity can't completely get rid of its evil intentions because it helps define what good is? Founders lived without evil if you compare them to humans so we no longer really understood it."

"I'm not familiar with that quote," said Tyne.

"It was probably made after your time;" grinned Matyas. "It was actually a Founder named Jacyb that made that quote before the Council a few years after you were placed into cryo. He was forgiven of his crimes for that very statement."

Tyne tightened his grip on Matyas, "I'm not sure I like this line of thought, it makes the Council seem much more...I don't know, it just doesn't seem right the face that they presented to our people."

"That's probably because it was just that Dad," said Matyas. "The Council was still worried more about the future rather then the present and would have done anything to ensure things worked out the way that they wanted to the best of their ability."

"So they were responsible for all that happened to me?" Frowned Tyne.

"The Founder Council always knew how everything would turn out," said Matyas. "I mean, Dad, they had the Interpretation Archives giving them constant information about what could happen along with probabilities. They probably knew before even my grandfather, your father, was born how everything would play out. And after what happened when they didn't listen to the Savants when Vedius Moroi was taking over you know they would have all been in agreement. They were willing to see it through for the greater good."

"How did you find all this out?" asked Tyne.

"Grandma Fervidus told me about it," replied Matyas.

Tyne nodded, "I forgot that Cyna's mother was on the Council; Council Crafter."

"Yep;" grinned, Matyas. "Although I'm not sure if telling me all that was a good idea on her part. Later I used what she told me about their plans for the future against them so I could be placed into cryo-sleep with the others. I explained to them that you needed me because you weren't as emotionally stable as they were hoping."

Tyne smiled and pulled Matyas into a hug, "Thanks Mat. Thanks for caring enough to come after me."

"I love you Dad," Matyas said as he wrapped his arms around Tyne.

"I love you too Mat," Tyne said softly as he kissed the top of Matyas' head.

"...Hey Dad."


"It's really cold out here, can we go back inside now?" asked Matyas. "Besides, you need sleep and Rusty's looking for ya."

Tyne giggled, "Sure."


Javyk flipped the Founder shuttle around and slowly landed it right next to Sean and Cory's house at the Clan Compound.

"I'd say the shuttle flies pretty well after all that work," grinned Javyk as he looked back at the petrified looks on Matyas and Syris' faces.

"Thank God it does! We would be dead otherwise!" Syris almost squeaked.

Matyas just shook his head, "I'll never know why the Council gave you shuttle certification."

Javyk smiled and turned to Kendall, who was sitting in the navigator's chair, "Well I thought it was fun. Don't you agree Kendall?"

Kendall giggled. "Yeah! What are these chickens gonna do when we do the emergency maneuvers tests?"

"Probably lose their lunch," grinned Javyk as he put the shuttle into standby and deactivated the cloak.

"Wait a minute! That wasn't it!" Syris said worriedly. "Matyas, we need better seat belts."

"Well you guys wait here, Cyna said to ask Cory for suggestions for other shuttle crew members. I'll be right back," Javyk said as he typed a few commands into one of the consoles next to Matyas. Suddenly Javyk vanished from the shuttle and reappeared in Sean and Cory's kitchen. Javyk looked around and found that Sean, Cory, and Austin were sitting at the table.

"Oh, I hope I'm not interrupting, this will just take a minute," Javyk said softly as he turned to Cory. "Council Crafter, I'm just about to actually take off for the moon but I'm still shy of a few members for the shuttle crew. We don't have any more people to spare at the Ark compound so Cyna suggested that I come and talk to you and see if any of your people would be willing to fill the other positions; we need three more people."

Cory stood and smiled. "Not a problem Javyk; they were taking turns trying to prove that I'm more than I think I am. What positions have you already filled?"

"Well, I'm flying the shuttle," replied Javyk. "I have Matyas on Ops, Syris is along for security, and for the moment I have Kendall on navigation. Although I'd rather have Kendall on engines."

"What are your plans while you are up there? Or maybe I should ask what do you expect to find?" Cory replied.

"Just going up there to repair a few of the older satellite systems," said Javyk. "And just because its up there I wanted to see what's left of the Interpretation Archive as well."

"I think you need to have Council Intelligence involved fully then." Cory replied. He pulled his communicator out and keyed the mic. "Cory to Kyle."

"Go ahead Cory." Kyle replied sleepily.

"Hey bro; you think you and your cuddle buddy could get over to my place within the next minute or so?" Cory asked.

"Yeah, I guess so." Kyle replied. "Wazzup?"

"Archive business." Cory replied cryptically.

"Okay; we'll be right over." Kyle said, now fully awake.

Cory turned back to Javyk. "Kyle should be here in a minute; he lives above the pool."

"Floating above it?" Javyk said while giving Cory a strange look. "I didn't think humans were using architecture that was THAT strange. Did I miss something?"

Austin giggled. "No way; there's a second and third level above the pool. Floating rooms does sound kewl though!"

"Oh, okay I suppose that makes sense," said Javyk. "Do you have any one else to suggest Council Crafter?"

"Ummm, Dad?" Austin interrupted.

"Yeah Austin?" Cory replied.

"I know you and Pop wanted to spend some time together, but shouldn't Pop learn how the Founder shuttles fly?"

Cory looked over at Sean then back at Austin. "You are right Son." He turned back to Sean. "Babe; this is one of those times when what I want does not matter."

Sean nodded. "It does matter, but I can tell what you think by how you said it. I argued with you last time you tried to give me a push to do what was best for me; I'm not making that mistake again. Javyk, would you have a problem with teaching a certified Federation Shuttle pilot how a Founder shuttle is piloted?"

"As long as you don't have a weak stomach and have steady hands," said Javyk. "I guarantee, though, that your 'Federation Shuttle Certification' doesn't hold up against a Founder Shuttle unless your shuttles can rotate on about thirty-six different axis."


"Oh shit!" Kyle groaned as he walked through the door. "That's all he needs; he's bad enough already!"

"Bite me Leech!" Sean giggled. "Javyk, as long as I have a shuttle around me I have no problems with my stomach."

"It's good to see you again Kyle," Javyk said to Kyle before turning back to Sean. "That shouldn't be too much of a problem; heck, the only window to the outside is digitally projected on the inside of the shuttle so it isn't really a window at all. It fills the front end but not enough to make you think you're not in a shuttle. It's all enclosed."

"Not a problem there Javyk; I'm always up for learning to pilot advanced tech." Sean replied. "If you don't mind a few questions as we're going I'd like to join you."

Kyle and Ty looked between everyone. "Hey Javyk; wazzup?" Kyle asked. He then turned to Cory. "Okay bro; what was so important that you interrupted a cuddle session?"

"Yeah." Ty added. "Kyle had a really good sleep stiffy going!"

"I'm taking a trip to the moon compound to fix a few systems that Ark has underground up there as well as checking out an old archive," Javyk answered for Cory. "I need three, no wait I have Sean now, two people to fill the rest of the crew. The shuttle fits eight people but it's always recommended to have at least seven for a moon trip, just in case."

Kyle nodded. "That sounds good; as long as Ty has no problems with it, I'm in."

"You ain't going anywhere without me!" Tyler giggled. "Besides, if we're on the moon maybe we can cuddle without my big brother interrupting us!"

"You want a little brother Javyk?" Cory asked with a grin as he put his arms around Kyle and Tyler. "All I ask is I get to see him on weekends and holidays!" He then pulled the two boys in tightly. "Take care of Sean for me, okay guys?"

Kyle and Ty smiled. "Sure bro." they chorused.

"Are we ready then?" Javyk said as he pulled some device off his belt and handed it to Cory, "That makes Kyle, Tyler, and Sean. Shuttle Luna, that's a total of four on my mark." Javyk looked up at Cory, "Council Crafter, thank you for your help. The device that I just gave you is a communications device that's linked to the shuttle we're in. Once we get to a certain spot Ark won't be able to get a clear signal 100% of the time, at the moon it'll be more like 60%. This device will at least give us a signal that works 90% of the time. Is there anything else that we need to cover?"

"Other than Kyle and Ty's butts I think that's it." Cory replied. "I'll keep communications to a minimum unless something important comes up."

"Alright then, Luna the word is given," said Javyk quickly. Almost instantly Javyk, Sean, Kyle, and Tyler suddenly found themselves in the shuttle.

"Kendall! Good news you get to cover the engines after all," Javyk said excitedly. "We got Sean for navigation. Oh and Syris, I brought Kyle and his boyfriend with me to keep you on your toes."

Syris nodded to Kyle, "It is good to see you again sir."

Matyas grinned, "Suck up later Syris; you're in Kendall's seat now."

Kendall grinned as he came back and took over the engines position. "That was kinda obvious Syris!" He grinned widely as he added "You didn't break anything did you?"

"Did my best not to," said Syris as he took a different seat. "I'll leave the breaking to you Scientia guys."

Kyle shook his head. "Y'all's nuts! Hey Mat; make sure everyone is strapped in. Sean's a kamikaze! Syris, it's great to see you too, but you don't gotta be formal if it's just family with us, okay?"

"You're pushin' it Leech!" Sean giggled as he strapped in. "Javyk, I'm ready when you are."

Javyk nodded as he powered the shuttle on and then pointed to two strange looking controls before slipping his hands into a hole on the side of each one, "Okay Sean, these are the spherical ball controls. Between the two of them and the two at the floor that I'm slipping my feet into, the pilot can move the shuttle on all it's axis as well as move the shuttle in any of those directions. Now it's easier to learn from watching then from explaining so try your best to watch what I'm doing and when we get going you can ask questions if you need to. Okay?"

"Sure" Sean replied. He looked over his shoulder then back to Javyk. "It looks like everyone's ready."

"Very good, Mat the cloak please," said Javyk as the shuttle began to lift off the ground a few feet. "Now what you can't see Sean, are the three other controls inside of the two controls my hands are in. The three fingers, pointer, middle, and ring, on each hand control speed and a few more directional controls that the over all four spheres don't cover."

"Cloak engaged," Matyas called.

Javyk nodded and then suddenly the shuttle pivoted upward and shot straight up towards the sky faster then seemed possible and with seemingly no g-force at all. The higher the shuttle went the more it seems like it started to arc backwards but then suddenly the shuttle shot sideways, spinning as it did and Javyk quickly pulled them into a shallow orbit around the earth.

"We're clear of the planet," Javyk called back to Kendall. "Kendall, switch us into flight mode."

"Flight mode engaged; and some of these weenies back here are turning green. Can we do that again?" Kendall finished with a giggle.

Javyk grinned and tilted his foot causing the shuttle to pivot up and diagonally to the left and at the same time he turned his right hand slightly and the shuttle shot off at a blinding speed towards the moon. Just for fun Javyk quickly moved all of his hands in just the right order causing the shuttle to pivot and spin in as many directions as he could think of while still moving the shuttle towards the moon. After about a minute he leveled out the shuttle and grinned as he quickly slowed the shuttle and brought it into orbit around the moon.

"Anyone lost, confused, or ready to vomit?" Javyk said with a grin.

"You did that on purpose," moaned Syris as he held his stomach.

Sean giggled. "Dude, you GOTTA teach me how to fly one of these! I GOTTA have one!!!!"

"NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Tyler replied. "Jeeeze! That was like riding with CORY!"

"That's the point!" Kyle giggled. "That was FUN!" Kyle paused before adding "Javyk, once Sean is trained, please notify the Council."

Kendall grinned. "We got some wimps back here Boss!"

"For the love of God and all that is holy, just dock us already Javyk!" shouted Syris. "Remember I know where you're ticklish!"

"Okay, fine, keep your pants on;" grinned, Javyk. "Mat, send a docking and teleportation request to the Moon Compound."

"Sending request," said Matyas. "We're clear Javyk, go ahead on decent path one. Teleportation on lower orbit."

Javyk nodded and pointed the shuttle at the moon, speeding towards the surface and then quickly pulling into an extremely low orbit. Just as he did the entire shuttle was teleported into a large enclosed landing area. "Kendall, put us back into orbital mode. Mat, disengage the cloak."

"Got it!" Kendall replied. "Orbital mode engaged. Ready to place system in standby."

Javyk brought the shuttle down and slowly landed it, then putting it into standby, "Thank you for flying with Javyk Airways, we have arrived at our destination. No refund is available for unsatisfied passengers."

"Dick," muttered Syris as he tried to get up but fell back into his seat.

Matyas grinned, "Nice flying Javyk, we made it in once piece."

"Shuttle, open door," said Javyk as he got up from his seat and headed out of the shuttle.

Matyas got up to follow him but then ran into Javyk just outside the shuttle. "What'd you stop for?" said Matyas as he stumbled backwards onto the shuttle. Matyas looked at Javyk and noticed he was staring with his mouth hanging open at something ahead of him. Matyas followed his gaze and there, standing about twenty feet away, was a young man. He looked to be about fifteen or sixteen, with brown hair and dressed in white robes.

"Welcome to the Interpretation Archives, you are here to fix the systems on the south side of the complex. They have fallen into disrepair and do need your attention," said the boy. "It was predicted with a 72% accuracy that you would arrive at this moment. Before you leave, which is predicted to be tomorrow, please check your stabilizers as they have an 87% chance of not making it through the trip. I am the Savant in charge of public relations so I am here to offer you any help you need."

"What" Javyk started to say.

"You are meaning to ask how are there still Founders at this compound," said the Savant. "The Founders of this time period still have the ability to clean the memories of those that deserve it and send them here, beyond that we have no communication with them. Do you have any other questions? Also, do you plan on reconnecting the Council link while you are here?"

The others came out of the shuttle with confused looks. Syris looked at the Savant and grinned, "I knew we couldn't all be gone. Savant, how many are you?"

"There are one hundred and four people in this Archive, fifty of which are Savants," said the Savant. "The others have been Absorbed."

Tyler came around them and froze. "What the"

Before Javyk could answer the Savant continued, "I already know what he is asking Javyk. To more or less fill you in young Tyler this is a separate archive that was constructed before the Ark. Its purpose is to provide a place where the future can be researched, recorded, and annualized. Those that are assigned to work its halls are the Savant Seers. We have no memories of our past lives before being placed here and once here we are tools, tools that provide and predict what could happen. You, young Tyler, are responsible for quite a few interesting paths as of late. But we are the Savants, the Spotless, the Cleansed. Those of us that lose our way in our work and go insane are the Absorbed. The Absorbed live the rest of their days in their own room lost in their own mind. The teleportation device that was created to send people here after their mind is cleansed was the property of the Founder Council and is proven to still be with the current Founders of this time. Are there any other questions?"

"Is there a point in asking a question if you already predicted that we were going to ask one?" asked Javyk softly.

"Yes, it proves to provide the illusion of choice," said the Savant. "And no young Tyler, I do not have a name."

Kyle joined Tyler and paused. After a few seconds, he turned his head. "Matyas! I need you Cuz!"

Javyk turned and went to get his tool kit and passed in front of Matyas causing him to take his eyes off the Savant and turn to Kyle, "What's up Kyle?"

"Look; I mean REALLY look!" Kyle exclaimed.

"At what?" asked Matyas.


"The Savant?"

"Duhhh." Tyler giggled. "I can definitely tell the two of you are related; jeeze!"

"Well what about him?" said Matyas before he stopped to stick his tongue out at Tyler.

"I think being dense must run in the family; Cyna must not have got that gene!" Tyler mumbled before getting elbowed by Kyle. "Truth hurts, don't it babe?" Ty giggled.

Kyle shook his head. "Don't mind him Mat; you know how flaky Empaths are. There's something about him that I think I recognize; I need you to make sure I'm seeing what I think I'm seeing."

Matyas looked at the Savant again, "Well he looks like someone I've seen before, I just can't place who."

Tyler turned and knocked lightly on Matyas' head. "Hellloooooo...anybody home?"

Javyk walked back by and shook his head, "When you clowns are done join us. Kendall, let's get going we've got stuff to fix." Javyk walked up to the Savant, "Lead the way my good man."

The Savant looked over at the others, "When you wish to meet up with us follow the green line on the floor just inside the door."

Matyas watched them leave, "I'm sorry I still can't place him, but it really seems like I've seen him before."

"So have a mirror," Kyle replied.

Matyas looked at Kyle and tilted his head, "You mean...but...he can't be...I guess he kinda think he's related to you?"

"He is; I'd recognize that signature anywhere." Tyler replied seriously before Kyle could respond.

Matyas frowned, "I'd like to look at him closer to be sure. I mean I believe you Tyler but I want to be sure. I didn't think to check his Founder tag. What color line did he say to follow?"

"Green," said Syris as he started towards the door.

"Thanks Cuz; I know there is something there but I'm not really sure how to follow up on it." Kyle replied as they started after Syris.

Just inside the door though Syris stopped and waited for them to catch up. As they did he scratched his head, "Guys, there are three different kinds of green lines. We have solid, dashed, and dotted."

Matyas rolled his eyes, "It's always something, let's try the solid; after all he just said line." Syris nodded in agreement. The line made a few twists and turns as they started to follow it down the different white hallways. Hallways with glass doors to rooms with people studying tables and graphics, others with people staring into what looked like pools of water, and still others where people appeared to be meditating and typing information into computers at the same time. Suddenly, a man came around the corner ahead of them, saw them and screamed. He then rushed forward and almost pinned Kyle to the wall if it wasn't for Syris holding the man back.

"YOU!" shouted the man. "Stop, stop, stop it! No more dying! No more choices! You can't make it take it back! Don't walk on the clouds boy! Don't walk on the clouds!" The man then pulled back and started to pace back and forth in the hallway very quickly, "To many choices, you cause too many choices, but you're hope! Keep hope! Keep it! No more yarn!"

"Ummmmmmmmmm......." Kyle responded in shock.

"He sounds just like my old English teacher!" Tyler giggled to Matyas.

The man looked at Tyler and almost growled, "Yarn boy, the yarn! You're wasting my yarn! I can't work like this! HERE!" The man then quickly grabbed Tyler by the wrist and started to quickly drag him down the hall. Syris started after him but then the man let go of Tyler and pointed into one of the rooms. The room was filled with strings taped all over the place, strings that were in fact yarn. Every string had more strings connected to it and each string had a label on it. "The yarn! I need more yarn! You made me run out, I can't work like this!" The man ran back over to Kyle pushing Matyas out of his way, "Know that the power to undo the past is possible but too dangerous for man to handle. Time, time should not be messed with! There are too many paths for time to take, too many choices! Be careful of the road you must take, good and evil are often confused and some things that we don't have now we should never have again. Your time is not their time, their time is dead time, and you would be like me if time were to be anything other then what it is now. Time was changed! Someone changed the course of time! Someone made things go the different way! Now I'm out! Out of yarn I tell you! Don't walk on the clouds! You could have but you can't now, too many people need you! Be careful of any time but this time! Trying to go to times that are not this time can and will kill you! All other times except for this time will fall to pieces! Shattered Glass! Yes I can use glass! Room 1482!" The man then took off down one of the side hallways as fast as his legs could take him. He shouted back at Kyle, "Stay off the clouds boy! Stay off the clouds!"

Kyle looked at Matyas. "You know, the scary part is that I think I could figure out what he means if I take the time to think it out!"

"Should we get you a room then?" asked Matyas.

Tyler nodded. "Yeah, a room for two; we'll leave both of you in there. I'll visit on weekends and holidays."

Suddenly a young boy ran by carrying a bag of yarn, "Wait, come back! I got more yarn!"

"This place is strange," said Syris. "No wonder normal Founders didn't come up here unless they needed to make repairs."

Matyas shook his head, "Let's get back to the green line before we end up getting as lost as that man scratch that, is."

"Agreed." Kyle and Tyler chorused.

"Hey guys...where did the green line go?" asked Syris as he looked around.

"Well it was just right here, we didn't go that..." Matyas said as he looked down at the floor, "...far?"

"What were you looking for?" said a voice from one of the nearby doors.

Everyone turned to see a man, no older than twenty maybe, standing in the doorway of the room next to the yarn room.

"We were told to follow the green line, somehow we lost it," said Matyas.

The young man grinned, "Did pubic relations tell you which green line?"

"No, we assumed it was the solid one," replied Syris.

"Give me a second," said the man as he went back into his room. A few seconds later he came back out with a bag of scrolls and several pencils. He was reading one of the scrolls, "I can take you to where you need to go but I have to take some of my work with me." The man then turned to Kyle and handed him the scroll he was reading, "This is yours, read it later." He then turned left and started down one of the hallways, "This way, this way, you were supposed to be going to the satellite section of the complex."


"If a clown pops through a doorway I'm outta here!" Tyler muttered as he followed along, guiding Kyle with him as Kyle studied the outside of the scroll curiously.

"We don't deal in clowns young Tyler," the man called back at them. "...Well, I don't think we do anyway. I haven't ever seen any myself. Although if you ask a few of the Absorbed they might tell you they see clowns." The man pulled one of the other scrolls out of his bag and quickly began reading it as he walked. He pulled out one of his pencils and started to write in it, "Yes, yes, that works out well. This is like writing a story but with too many endings...if you can call them that." The man then took a left and continued down the new hallway, "It should be the door at the end of this hallway, it is one of the few doors here with words for a door label rather then a number. Words hurt so we don't use them on doors unless we really need to."

"How do you know where to go then?" Tyler asked innocently.

"The numbers work in a mathematical way, at least that is how we are assigned to them," replied the man. "My room is my favorite number times itself, my lunch room is my room number times three, and my restroom facilities are my lunch room times four. It all makes some sense but only to a point. I find it easy to remember though."

"I guess using that logic we'd be in room sixty-nine!" Kyle giggled.

Tyler blushed deep red. "You are sooooooooo gonna get it later hon!"

"Oh, oh yes he belongs here," said the man as he wrote a few more lines on his scroll. "So, what did you think of Yarn? Well at least that's what I call him, we are not supposed to have names but I think 'Yarn' fits him well. In return he calls me a tree maker but that's okay. Names, I guess, come up even if they shouldn't; such is the way things go." The man stopped at a door labeled 'Tech Wing' and shielded his eyes.

"What are you writing?" Kyle asked with interest, trying to distract the man from the label on the door.

The man smiled at Kyle, "This is your stop for now Kyle, make sure you read that scroll later. Yarn said you would come, he said you would want that...well he implied it in his own way. To answer your question, I map families, who they belong to starting way, way, way back when. But I think that is enough said; good luck." The man turned to Tyler, "See, no clowns." The man nodded at Matyas and Syris and then took off at a brisk pace back down the hallway they had just come through.

Kyle nodded at the door. "Well Mat; should we see how bad Javyk is gonna chew us out?"

"What makes you think he's going to chew us out?" Matyas said with a big grin as he pulled the door open.

"I don't know, it sounds like he's got Javyk down pretty good if you ask me," said Syris as he went through the door.

Tyler placed fingers in both ears, then followed Kyle through the door.

The Tech Wing of the complex was much darker then where they had just come from, only having a few lights lighting their way. The boys were just inside the door when they spotted Javyk, Kendall, Sean, and the public relations Savant standing in the hallway just a few feet ahead. Javyk had one of the panels on the wall pulled off and was mumbling to himself.

"Ah I see you found your way," said the Savant as they approached.

"Yeah took you guys long enough," grunted Javyk. "I'm having to hot wire this security panel to get this door open. Sixty thousand years of inactivity seems to have taken its toll on it. I just about got it I think."

"We got a little lost," said Syris as he looked at the Savant. "You know, there's more then one green line."

"Oh, sorry about that, you wanted the solid one," replied the Savant. "I trust you ran into a few of the other Savants along the way?"

"You could say that," grinned Matyas.

"Yeah;" Tyler added. "You know, it's really scary when the yarn guy starts making sense!"

The Savant tilted his head, "Do you require any clarification on what he may have told you? I know the Savant you are referring to, he can be a little cryptic as he gets closer to absorption."

Kyle nodded. "Yeah; he kept telling me to 'stay off the clouds' and was saying some stuff about staying away from other times. What was really weird was when he said 'your time is not their time, their time is dead time'. It makes sense in a way, but how does it apply to me? He was directing it directly at me."

"Being in the clouds often refers to the insane; the statement 'stay off the clouds' in that case would be a request for you to not go insane. If he's asking that of you then you were probably insane in one of the other fabrics and branches of the time space continuum. I happen to know that you were supposed to go insane before this new direction in the timeline was created. The time space continuum is almost like a tree if you will, with the main timeline being the trunk of that tree; free to grow in different directions but keeping solid. Every possibility makes a branch on that tree. You can carefully travel any branch in the tree that you want but be warned that every branch comes to an end and eventually dies and falls off. 'Your time is not their time, their time is dead time' can refer to two different things. The first is tied to that explanation I just gave you, and follows the theory that if you exist in that other dimension of time, that other branch if you will, then you will only exist IN that other you, switching places with the consciousness of yourself of that time. If you don't exist and never did then you will have your own body, if you existed and died then you will arrive dead. Different travelable dimensions and different timelines are the same thing in that sense. The phrase can also refer to the Founders, talking about what they had in their time as well as what the future holds. It can mean that you can never bring about exactly what they had because what they had is dead and gone; whatever you bring about will be of your own making and can be better or worse. The interpretation of that one is to be left up to the person, though he could have meant both."

Kyle tilted his head. "I kinda feel like he meant the second one. Something tells me that the reason Tyne was the one left to restore knowledge is that he knows inside where things went wrong. According to Tyne my skills are close to his in some areas and stronger in a couple of others. Maybe him and me are really supposed to be the ones that steer the world towards what the Founders were actually supposed to do."

"Very possible, you are different. Though without this newest split in the timeline the world would have just gone on to fall into a fifth and sixth cycle, or so the numbers show. You remaining alive and well has actually caused us to have to recalculate a lot of prewritten material. Things look so much more hopeful now so in that sense you're right," replied the Savant. "But knowing that Savant who told you this the way that I do he probably more then likely meant both rather then just one of the two possibilities."

"That makes sense; thank you." Kyle replied. "I guess that explains him running out of yarn then, huh?"

The Savant looked concerned, "He's out of yarn? Oh that isn't good. The last time that happened he started to use his own hair, I hope his caretaker noticed he was low."

"If that cute little kid that was chasing after him is his Caretaker I'd say yes." Tyler giggled. "It seemed weird seeing a kid up here though."

"Yes that would be him," said the Savant. "We have a few kids up here. We don't know why they are here but we end up making them Caretakers rather then Savants, it seems fairer to them that way. I believe that was Caretaker 31 or C31 as he would be called. He's a lot of fun; the Savant who works with yarn really likes the kid."

"It looked like he was pretty happy." Kyle noted. "I bet having the kids around helps keep the Savants sane longer. I guess that chasing timelines could drive someone nuts pretty quickly. Do the kids always work, or do they get 'kid time' when they want to play?"

"They have a few hours before bed every night that belong to them," said the Savant. "They're allowed to do whatever they want with that time. I'm not really sure if they play together or not, I've never actually checked in on them that late at night."

Matyas finally walked up to the Savant and looked at him closely before reaching out and putting his hand on the Savant's arm.

"Is there something wrong?" asked the Savant.

"No, I'm just looking for something," replied Matyas. A few seconds later he backed away a few steps and whispered, "Kyle, he's a very, very close relative...I...I think he might be your brother."