Chapter 19

Sean stared at Matyas in shock. "His BROTHER! How? Why? Who?"

"Founder tags always retain their family tags, like how I have both of my fathers tags, but they also retain something like a batch ID telling you when someone belongs to the same immediate family," said Matyas. "They have the same immediate family tag, I think on their father's side. We'd have no way of knowing why he's here and I'm not sure if we'd be able to find anything else on him."

The Savant looked confused, "Did I do something wrong?"

"No you didn't." Kyle replied as he unrolled the scroll he had been given earlier on a hunch. "Mat, I need you to double check me here."

The scroll, which turned out to be as long as Kyle was tall, contained a very detailed looking family tree with literally thousands of names. Next to each name were very short notes on that person. At the top of the tree was Shara Fervidus, the Founder who invented the Founder tag tracking system and it stemmed out from there. It even including Cyna and his siblings, and continued stretching all the way down to Kyle's name at the very bottom. All over the place there were also names scratched out with the label 'decayed timeline' written over them. But at the bottom, in the same small tree that Kyle's name was in was another. The word 'Cleansed' was written over top of it but the name 'Colin Isaac Fervidus' could still be seen on the paper with 'Cif' next to it as if it was a nickname.

"Oh my Gawd!" Kyle exclaimed. "Mat? Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Matyas looked at the name next to Kyle's on the tree and then over at the Savant, "That's probably him, his name is Colin. Cleansed is another name for a Savant Seer so just like the other scratched out names he's considered gone but gone as in sent here rather then never going to exist."

"Is there any way to find out why he's here?" Tyler asked.

"Not that I know of," said Matyas as he shook his head. "I mean not from him anyway. When a Founder has his mind wiped there really isn't anything other then a slight hint of an imprint left. His memories can't be restored. If you wanted to know what happened to him you'd probably have to search their archives here and see if it's been recorded. The only other option would be trying to pull the image from his head and that could end up hurting him with as deep as we would need to scan."

"AAAHHH!" shouted Javyk as the door security panel shocked him but finally let the door open. "Jeez that hurt. Okay, now Kendall and I can get to work."

"Go ahead Javyk," said Matyas. "So what do you want to do Kyle?"

Kyle thought. "Since we know his name, what is the possibility that Ark might have gathered some information about what may have happened?"

Matyas pulled out his handheld and pulled up the search interface, "Very, very, slim. Founders were told to try and stay off of Ark's radar." Matyas typed in a few more commands, "Cool, the shuttle is getting an Ark signal; I'll uplink through the shuttle." Matyas took another few minutes before shaking his head, "Ark doesn't have anything on a quick search, I told Ark to keep looking though."

"Okay, that's all we can ask." Kyle replied. "I kinda feel bad now knowing my brother is up here though."

"I have an idea," said Matyas as he turned back to the Savant, Colin. "Savant, while part of our crew is here fixing these systems would you be willing to help us search for particular information about someone from one of the Founder houses?"

"Of course I would be willing," said Colin. "But I will need Council clearance from at least one Council member in order to allow you to search them."

"Clearance is granted for any request Matyas makes on my authority as Council Nitor" Kyle responded officially.

"Very well Nitor," replied Colin. "You said information about a Founder? Which house?"

"The Fervidus House," said Matyas as he looked at the scroll Kyle was still holding. "We need information on a Colin Isaac Fervidus, born in 11,988 of Cycle 4."

The Savant Colin nodded, "This way please." Colin then started off back out of the Tech Wing and to the right. Matyas, Kyle, Tyler, and Syris followed after Colin leaving Sean behind to help Javyk and Kendall.

About five minutes later, after passing dozens of rooms, Colin led them into a large room labeled 0001. The room was filled with several computers with one large one in the middle. Sitting at a terminal at the large computer was a man, looking to be about twenty, entering information off of paper records into the machine.

The man looked up and smiled, "Hello, how can I be of help?"

Colin held up his hand, "One moment Savant." He then turned to Kyle and Matyas, "This is the Founder House record room, we keep limited records here that have been seen in visions. The smaller computers are just for storage but the computer sitting in the middle of the room is the original Founder Council Archive, predating the Ark even. The Savant stationed here is in charge of entering data from vision information he is given. He should be able to help you look for what you need." Colin turned back to the Savant, "They are looking for information on a Founder of the Fervidus House."

The Savant smiled and then went back to his work as if he wasn't asked a question at all. Instead a very strong male sounding voice filled the room. "Give me a moment to pull up the Fervidus House."

"Thank you Archive," replied Colin as he looked back at Kyle. "It will just be a moment Nitor."

"Thank you Savant." Kyle replied, using his Vulcan training to suppress his emotions.

"From the information I have the Fervidus house is the current reigning house of the Founder of this time. I have their information pulled up," said the old Archive. "Who exactly are you looking for?"

"The Nitor is looking for information on a Colin Isaac Fervidus, born in 11,988 of this cycle," replied Colin.

"Colin Fervidus is the first son of Stephen Fervidus, and grandson of the Fervidus house leader Charles Fervidus. He is currently a Savant here at the complex," said the Archive. "He was convicted and sentenced to have his mind Cleansed after going against Fervidus house orders that originate back to the time of the last Founder Council. The orders state that the first child of any Founder man or woman must be of complete Founder origin. The sentence followed after Colin was responsible for impregnating a young woman of his same age before marriage and before following this order. Even after the child was lost the sentence was still carried out. Colin was the second in line for the Fervidus house leadership until this happened, that title now falls to his younger brother Kyle who is still thought to be missing."

Kyle nodded. "Mat; when we return could you arrange for the appropriate people to be notified of my location please? I think it's best to keep the current Council from their knowledge, but my Clan association can be made public. As unfair as I think the sentence is; I think your Dad needs to be the one to decide if we can do anything for my brother."

"I...I can look into that, though I'm not sure how to handle that kind of request," replied Matyas. "Rylan should have a better idea on how to go about doing that; I'll let him know he has an assignment the next time I talk to him."

"Kyle, sir, you do know that as Council Nitor you can overrule that sentence if you wanted, right?" stated Syris. "If the Council was not in one hundred percent agreement about this kind of punishment then the punishment, or at least the sentence, would be overturned. You're the leader of Council Intelligence and while yes Tyne is the Seer the reason there is more then one member of the Council was because the Seer can't handle everything. If you wanted it to be, the choice of what to do with your brother is yours to make."

"Thank you Syrus; I was not aware of that." Kyle replied with a small smile. "Due to the personal interest I'd still like to have another council member's backing to make it official. I know how half of the council thinks, and could easily pick one of them to get my way. Tyne and Cyna are neutral and most likely to give me an honest opinion instead of just the one I want."

"Give me a second, I'll call Dad and fill him in and ask how we should proceed," said Matyas as he turned to step out of the room. "Assuming I can get a signal up here."

As Matyas left the room Syris frowned, "Archive, are there any other possibilities for what might have happened to Colin?"

"What I already told you has an 80 percent chance of happening," said the Archive. "The only other possibility that is anywhere close has a 79 percent chance but is not likely."

"With a chance that high why not?" asked Syris.

"Well because it places an entire Founder house in a bad light," replied the Archive. "The prediction indicates that one of the lesser Founder houses, the Malvya house, did not agree with their position in current Founder society and began a plot to take over the Founder leadership. Their plan involved not only removing the Fervidus leader from his position but also casting doubt upon the house heirs. The plot involves killing Stephen Fervidus, Colin Fervidus' father, getting Colin convicted of a crime he did not commit, causing the disappearance of information on the whereabouts of Kyle Fervidus, and making the rest of the temporary Founder committee believe Charles Fervidus was becoming forgetful and twisted in his old age. I dismissed this prediction though because it would have taken years of planning and acts that no Founder could ever possibly commit."

"With all due respect, what the heck are you smoking Archive?" Kyle announced. "That is the way 99% of the current world works; besides the fact that it explains why I never even had a clue as to my bloodline and why I would have been left to go insane by the current generation of Founders. I know enough now about Founder families to know that I would not have been abandoned like that, and the chances of me being 'misplaced' with my role in the family are about the same as the chances of me getting pregnant!"

"Hmmm...I suppose that is a reasonable explanation for what I have been seeing," said the Archive. "I did not think that Founders would fall to the level of humanity though perhaps I was wrong. That being the case then what I have been seeing predicted for the Malvya house makes more sense then. They are predicted to rise to the top of the temporary Founder committee."

"Archive; have communications with Ark been restored?" Kyle asked abruptly, all humor gone from his tone.

"Not that I am aware of Nitor," replied the Archive. "If they have then only the command room will know. The link was never one between myself and the Ark but rather a stable communication link for information requests and reports. If you are up here fixing anything I would still be the last to know as that is Ark's equipment not mine."

Kyle turned and wordlessly left the room. He found Mat just outside the door. "Matyas; are you in contact with the Seer?"

Matyas nodded and held up a strange little device, "I have him linked to my sub-vocal using this rerouting device. Do you need to talk to him? I can reroute it to yours if you need me to."

Kyle nodded. "If you could please Cousin; a probability has been revealed which the Seer needs to be made aware of."

"Dad, Kyle wants to talk to you and he doesn't sound happy, he's calling you by your title. I'm transferring you now," said Matyas as he pointed the device at Kyle and clicked a button.

"Is there a problem Nitor?" Tyne said over Kyle's sub-vocal.

Kyle mouthed his reply. "Seer; it is apparent the Archive has biased its reports on outdated assumptions of Founder responses. With its current weighting, the following report was only given a 79% probability." Kyle repeated the report verbatim and then gave Tyne his observations of the likelihood of the second report being the most likely. "The Archive stated that it sees the Malvya house taking control of the current Founder committee. If you approve, I wish that action be taken to stem this corruption of the system and have all Founders that were involved brought before the Council. Since it looks like we are going to be having a Council meeting over this, I would like to officially request review of myself and Tyler for Socius."

Tyne was silent for a moment before replying, "I'll look into the situation myself Kyle, don't worry about it any further. In the meantime, I want you to bring your brother back with you when you return. I may or may not have a way to help him. You have my direct orders to bring him back, if what Matyas said is true and the Interpretation Archives are still active you'll need to tell the Interpretation Archivist that you're taking him. We'll worry about the bias the Archive up there has later. And as for your request, your request for a Socius review is granted."

"Thanks Tyne" Kyle replied. "I don't want my family kicked around by a bunch of back-stabbers. If I need to do anything let me know."

"Well, you'll have to be the one to tell your brother that he has to come back with you," said Tyne. "Other then that just focus on getting the work up there done. You'll also need to be the one to personally inform the Archivist up there of what you're doing. I trust you'll be able to handle that but if you need help just ask Matyas. I'll see you when you get back Kyle, take care of yourself."

"Thanks again Tyne; I'll handle it. You take care of yourself too, and don't worry about Mat; I'm watchin' out for my cousin."

Matyas smiled at Kyle as he clicked the communication link off. "Watching out for me? I'm not the one that yarn guy is going nuts about...literally," giggled Matyas as he and Kyle headed back into the Founder House Archive room.

"You're more important than me, Cuz!" Kyle giggled. "You've gave your Dad a reason to live; I'm just half the reason the Universe has went insane!"

"I'm not going to agree with you on that one Kyle," said Matyas. "But I'm not going to argue with you on it either. You're more important then you seem to know."

Colin looked at Kyle when they stopped next to Syris, "Is there anything else you wish to know Nitor?"

Kyle looked at Colin seriously. "You will be returning with me Savant. Please take me to the Archivist."

"Did...did I do something wrong?" Colin said with a frown. "Whatever it was sir, I'm sorry."

"You did nothing wrong; consider it a promotion." Kyle responded.

Colin gave Kyle a weird look but slowly nodded his head, "Okay sir." Colin then started for the door, "This way to the Archivist then, she's just around the corner in room 0000." As he led them out of the room he called back to the Archive, "Thank you Archive."

"You are welcome," came the reply.

Kyle stopped Colin in the hall. "I saw that look you gave me; you can relax. I need someone who knows how to interpret the Archive; someone I can trust to tell me what I need to know. I know a few things about you that helped me to decide that you deserved to be brought to Earth to help us; some of what I found out we'll talk with you about after we get home. It's some pretty kewl stuff; I just think it's better if we wait to discuss it until you are back home with me. You've worked with time a lot more than me, but I do know that sometimes things happen just to allow other things to happen. You being chosen to meet us when we arrived is one of those things; I need to follow through so that the rest of what needs to happen can happen. A big part of that is you coming home with me; in your own way you have opened the door to a new future for a lot of people."

"I can't say I really understand completely, Sir, but I think I can trust that you'll put me to good use if you need me," replied Colin as he stared deep into Kyle's eyes. "I'll trust you to act in our best interest...Kyle." Colin paused for a moment before continuing, "Perhaps the IA was right in what she said this morning, then again she always seems to be. Which reminds me, when you meet her keep in mind that she's...different."

Kyle giggled. "Most females are! I'm sure between the two of us we'll have no problems! Shall we finish giving Yarn a conniption by changing the future again?"

"I'll take your word for it," Colin said as he stopped at a big, grey, metal door labeled 0000. "I can't go in with you though Nitor, the IA can only see one person at a time; it throws her off otherwise. She will be expecting you though and I assure you she's safe. I'll be right out here with the others in your party."

"Is it the same Archivist that was here years ago?" Matyas asked.

Colin looked at Matyas and nodded, "She has been here for a very long time so yes you would have known about her in your time."

"Xanus..." whispered Syris in awe. "What I wouldn't give to just get to see her, I hear that she's very beautiful."

"Kyle, when he said that she's different what he meant was that she's not human," Matyas said to Kyle quickly. "She was the Council's attempt to create a being that exists on a higher plain of existence. She's a Ferox, well at least that's the name that the Council gave her species; they are beings made of almost pure energy and it was proposed that they can't really die. They were intended to be a sub-species of humans but they ended up being so different that we don't classify them with us. The Founders only created three of them. She's safe but don't lie to her, she knows more then she knows that she does if that makes any sense."

Kyle nodded. "Gotcha Cuz. I'll be right back; I've got to prove to myself and the Seer that I'm up to the job." Kyle paused then giggled as he opened the door. "Try not to end the world while I'm gone, okay?" he added.

"That's tempting to try," grinned Matyas. "Good luck."

Kyle started to step through the door into what looked like a completely black room and then the door quickly started to pull shut, pulling Kyle the rest of the way into the room as it closed. The room was completely dark for a few seconds and then suddenly the walls seemed to start to light up, slowly turning from black to a dark blue filled with blurry white dots. Seconds later it looked as if Kyle was standing out in the middle of space. In fact it looked as if where Kyle now stood was where the moon should have been but wasn't. The Sun was off in the distance and was lighting the earth just enough to give it its beautiful blue glow like in every picture that was ever taken of the planet. Suddenly a bright, blinding light flashed in the center of the room and as it dimmed slightly Kyle could make out something at its center. The light that was surrounding it slowly started to take on a dim pink and white glow and seemed to be spreading out, starting to fill the room slightly, and taking on a wispy like presence. The being at its center seemed to turn and face Kyle. Looking closely the being seemed to have a very thin shape but it was still too bright to make out any features on what would be its face other then two very bright, very large, purple eyes.

A female voice suddenly echoed through the room, "Welcome to the control center young one, I hope it is to your liking. I am Xanus, Interpretation Archivist. I do hope that I am not giving off too much light, I do not wish to hurt your eyes."

"It's a pleasure to meet you; you are doing just fine." Kyle replied. "My cousin told me what to expect somewhat."

"Yes, yes, I figured as much Nitor," Xanus said softly. "Your cousin is a very bright boy, as are you, and I had foreseen that he would tell you about me before you made it here. It is still polite for me to ask though even if I already know the answer. But more to the point, I am very sure that I know why you are here but do you know why you are here?"

Kyle smiled. "Destiny comes to mind, the fact that I plan to take my brother home and fix the wrongs of my generation figures into it too. Considering everything I've heard so far, you probably have more to tell me though."

"Between you and Tyne you will be able to do more for your poor brother then Matyas believes you can," Xanus said softly as she seemed to float closer to Kyle. "I do see your path fixing more then it would have originally, which as you saw earlier did upset our Yarn working Savant but for the better I think. But you are very bright to think that that is not all I have to tell you. Kyle I want to show you a few things; some of them you will understand now and others you will not understand until later but all of them are important." Xanus waved one of her arms and everything seemed to stop as both of them suddenly found themselves standing over a dark ocean. Xanus illuminated the water slightly but only to reveal that the water was not water but something else entirely. "Kyle, this is your world as I see it now; it is like an ocean of murky water. Some parts of it seem clear at first as you shine light on it but you can quickly see that even light can not reach the darkest parts of it. You, though, can make more of this water then I or anyone else can, although you can not do it alone, but why?" Xanus waved her arm again and they found themselves among the clouds, "This is what humanity calls it's sanity, these clouds show us that their moments of clarity come and go but as thick as the clouds here are their clarity is often hidden and although at heart they are good, they need help seeing that." Again Xanus waved her arm and they found themselves standing in a large black void with bright white threads strung everywhere. "This is what humanity has right now though," Xanus said as she pointed at a tight group of threads that were lighting an entire area. "This is your family; this is what you and your brothers have made it. This is hope. Each of these threads represents the hope that humanity has. You can see that alone they are spread out and can not bring light to this dark void but where they group together and form one they become a light and a firm starting point for all else that is to come." Once again Xanus waved her arm and they found themselves hovering above the earth again. "Kyle, I am sure you have noticed that there is something different about you," Xanus said softly. "You have something that the other Founders don't have, but in fact it is something that they could never have; at least not the way they are now. You see Kyle, you have the potential to make it to the next step and although you will have others help you learn you will become more then even they are. Just be careful of your own power or you can bring all that you care about down around you. But if you use what you will have and always use it to help others then I know that you will succeed where the Founders failed. You and your brothers, together, can fix this broken world." Xanus floated away from Kyle, "Does any of this make sense my young one?"

Kyle tilted his head. "I think so ... either that or I've spent too much time listening to Yarn. Basically my brothers and I hold the fate of the world in our hands?"

Xanus closed her eyes and nodded, "Yes, and as your influence starts to spread you might even do more then just fix THIS world. But not even I can see that, too much must happen between now and then. You see, there was something that I never told the Founders about myself although they may have guessed it is that I can exist at every point in the universe, of time and space, at the same time. So I can see you doing just that, saving the world but at the same time I can see what would happen if you were to fail. I can not see which will actually come to pass. So I end up waiting to see what will happen, just like everyone else. But now I am faced with a choice. I know who it was that willed this timeline to actually happen and I know what they hope; but if I help them by helping you then I will lose just a little bit of myself. If you promise me that you will take care of the help I will provide then I will agree to help you. Whether I do or not will not make the future go one way or another but it will help you where the other Founders will fail. As such, since this affects you most, I want you to choose. Shall I give you the aid that I can or shall I not?"

Kyle thought for a minute before replying. "You wouldn't offer it if you didn't think I needed it in some way. It's gotta be something that either directly or indirectly helps me on the right path. For that, knowing how everyone looks to me, I have to accept your offer."

"Ohhh you are such a sweet boy, always thinking of others," said Xanus as she began to glow brighter and with another blinding flash Xanus seemed to almost double in mass. But as the light dimmed again there were now two figures, Xanus and another light half her size. The smaller one had a light blue glow as opposed to Xanus' pink. "Kyle, this is my son Levis. I have kept him in a different realm for a while now, a realm that I return to every night. But after talking with him and him seeing what I have seen he decided that if you accepted that he wants to help you."

"Hello Kyle," Levis said as he stepped away from his mother. As he did though his form changed from that of a Ferox to that of a human boy, no older then maybe eleven. The only indication that he wasn't what he appeared to be was that his skin was whiter then normal and his eyes were solid purple. "Mother says that this form will work better in your realm."

"You see Kyle, Levis can teach you things that Tyne knows nothing about," Xanus continued. "If you want him to that is. Just make sure that every twelve hours he's in a place where he can return to his normal form. Levis hasn't really changed shape or anything but since we were once based off of Founders we can will ourselves to look like them if we need to. We are still energy though and must return to that state or we can hurt ourselves. But like I said, Levis can show you things that Tyne does not yet understand you are capable of if you want him to. He can also return to me at any time if you wish to learn no more from him. Just promise me that you will look out for him if I let him go with you."

Kyle smiled. "I accept; and I promise that I'll make sure he's well taken care of. Levis, I think I know where you'll be able to recharge most of the time. Are you able to travel back and forth so that you can visit your mom? I'd kinda feel like I was using you if I just learned from you then sent you back; I'd really like to be friends and spend a long time together just living too. If you can't do it yourself, we'll find a way to help you do it."

Levis smiled, "I can take myself back to the realm that we have been living in every few days when I gather enough of that kind of energy. I can see my mother there since she returns there every night. I would just need someone to help me set up an anchor point in whatever room you make mine."

"Kewl, we'll do that as soon as we get home!" Kyle replied. "If it helps, you can probably use your normal shape around CIC; once the guys meet you it won't be a big deal. Xanus; I promise to take care of him just like my own brother."

"Thank you Kyle," said Xanus. "I believe you will. Which, of course I expect you to take care of your brother as well; he's a very good person, which is why I gave him the job that I did." Xanus looked at Levis for a moment and then back at Kyle, "Levis promises me that he won't show off too much, as he does tend to do some times. If he does just give him a good smack on the head to remind him he promised me he wouldn't. His ego can sometimes match how skilled he is. Now, when you leave this room your brother will show you to your rooms. Levis will stay with you for the rest of today but he'll come back here to sleep and then meet up with you again before you leave. I am sure you will find your rooms very comfortable, just be mindful of some of our Savants; they may approach you from time to time while you are here. They do not mean you any harm, they just want to help. Is there anything else you need to ask me young Nitor?"

Kyle thought. "Yeah; should I tell Colin he's my bro or wait until we're home? I wasn't sure what the procedure is for that."

"That is up to you Kyle," replied Xanus. "He is your brother so that is your decision to make. It will not hurt anything to tell him now, but it also would not hurt to tell him when you get him home. Either way he will go with you and will get you the same reaction. When you do tell him, don't be surprised if he is a little sad but it will be for a good reason so do not worry. But that decision is yours to make."

"Thank you Xanus; I'll just do it when it feels right." Kyle replied. "You ready to help me terrorize our brothers Levis?" he added with a giggle.

"Is that a common practice? Terrorizing your brothers?" Levis asked with a grin.

"Only when they deserve it!" Kyle replied as his giggles became almost uncontrollable.


Tyne heard the link to Kyle close and then he stared off into space as he sat in the control room. A few minutes later Tyne stood up, "Ark, what do we know about the Malvya house?"

< We do not have much on the Malvya house Tyne. All I really have is that they were a house of crafters, lower level crafters at that. They did not have that much pull in the Council years ago. Do you really think that they might have set all this up? >

"Normally I'd never even consider that a Founder house would go to such extremes to gain control of a dying temporary Founder committee but things aren't normal anymore," Tyne said carefully. "But why would you want to over throw the leading member of the committee? The committee can't have that much power that it would be a benefit, could it?"

< It would have shown up on my records if they did have power. >

"We need to find them," said Tyne.

< And how exactly do you want me to find them? >

"We have Kyle's entire family's names now, don't we? He listed them off when he explained the situation," replied Tyne. "Do a search in North America for all of those names in the same place."

< Search complete. I found two matches though one of them is from two hundred years ago so I don't think that's the one we want. The other one shows the family living in Chicago, they own a housing complex just outside the city. A very reserved housing complex in fact, I am finding very interesting security records for the complex; everything is encrypted using one of our encryption methods. >

"Sounds like them then don't you think?"

< The records for the complex are...well I can find every single one of them in my Founder database as far as family names goes. It looks like their entire group lives in that complex. >

"I want you to get me as much information as you can on that complex and all the people in it," said Tyne. "I want to know what we are dealing with and why; and don't tell me you can't do it because I know you can."

< I will see what I can get you. I think you might be too late though, records for the complex seem to have been changed in the last two months. The complex is now owned by a Larry Malvya. >

"Then the second prediction was true. Damn but what...that's it! The committee does still have power, if they all live in the complex together and the complex is in the name of the family that heads the committee then failure to obey gets you throw out on your own."

< That is very likely. But that is only likely assuming that the Malvya family has swung the pendulum that far as far as willingness to commit the crimes they were predicted to commit. >

"But you've told me yourself, times have changed," replied Tyne. "They've had to live in this time, I haven't. If..."

< Oh Tyne I just found something you are not going to like. >

"What you do mean?" Tyne said slowly.

< I think I know how the Malvya family may have gotten control. Are you aware that Chicago has the highest Moroi population in the world? >

Tyne's eyes narrowed, "You may have mentioned it before."

< Well after the name was transferred on the complex I show several new residents and their names ring a bell. I have about twenty of them; all of them are missing people that are assumed to be dead. Either they are adding dead people to the complex or they are Moroi. >

"You sound like you're leaning towards the second one," Tyne replied darkly.

< I am. >

"Get me Rusty, then get me Josiah. It sounds like I might need a security task force and some holding cells."


"I still don't understand how the heck you went in alone and came back out with someone else," Syris said to Kyle as they followed Colin. "I mean, no one else was allowed in there but you, where did he come from? He looks...different too."

Matyas elbowed Syris, "Dude, it is kinda rude to talk about Levis while he's standing right there."

"Oh sorry Levis," Syris said softly.

"Here are your rooms," Colin said as he stopped at a door labeled 9320 and pulled it open. "There are about ten guest rooms in this wing. Every room is open except for 9320.1 as is standard practice for public relations, me, to stay in one of the rooms just in case you should need me."

"Thanks," replied Matyas as he went inside.

Kyle looked at Colin with his head tilted. "You know; I'd really like it if you'd join Levis and me in my room for a few minutes. There is something I need to talk about that you will really be interested in. Mat; could you join us too? Please Cuz?"

"Umm...sure, if you need me I'll be there," said Matyas as he headed to one of the rooms. "This room looks like a Kyle room to me. 9320.2 even!"

"Okay," replied Colin as he followed Matyas.

"Just a second Kyle," said Levis as he turned to Syris. "Hey Syris, you wanna know why I'm different?" Suddenly Levis transformed into his natural state, waited a few seconds, and then transformed back again. "That's why," grinned Levis as he turned and followed Colin leaving a shocked and speechless Syris behind. "You coming Kyle?"

Kyle giggled as he followed them. "That was EVIL Levis! You sure we're not related?"

"I'm pretty sure we're not," Levis said with a smile. "I had to do something to get him to stop looking at me funny though."

Matyas looked back out at Syris as he was closing the door, "Levis, I think you made him wet himself...awesome! Just be careful though, he's always wanted to meet the Archivist here so he might be all over you later...with questions that is."

"My mom's the Interpretation Archivist, not me," replied Levis. "But thanks for the warning."

Kyle giggled some more. "If he gets too annoying, tell him to see me. If he annoys me I'll send him to Mat, and if he annoys my Cuz here we'll send him to Tyne. If he annoys Tyne I don't wanna know what'll happen!"

"Nah, Syris will leave you alone if you get it through to him that he's being a pest," said Matyas. "He's a good guy, he just asks a lot of questions. So anyway, Kyle you called us here buddy; what's up?"

Kyle smiled. "I kinda need a little support here." He turned to Colin. "Would you mind it if I sat on your lap for this? I kinda think I might need a cuddle."

"I...I can't say that I have ever been asked that before that I can remember," Colin replied with a somewhat surprised look. "I suppose you can if you would like to...I don't think it's against regulation."

"If it is I'm gonna change that regulation." Kyle said seriously. "Everybody needs a cuddle sometimes."

"You're fine Savant, no regulations against that kind of thing exist," said Levis as he carefully sat down in one of the chairs in the room. "Wow, this feels so weird."

"Never sat in a chair before?" asked Matyas.

"Until today I've never taken human form before, well at least not in your world," replied Levis. "Being in human form where I live is very different. I'd say that this is really comfortable though."

Matyas grinned, "Well I'm glad you like sitting, I like it a lot myself."

Levis looked at Colin, "Well, sit in the other chair already, Kyle can't sit on you if you're standing."

"Oh, right," said Colin as he quickly took a seat in the chair across from Levis.

Kyle gently climbed onto Colin's lap and settled into his chest. "I found out something really special today; it makes me happy but sad too. It makes me sad because I never knew about it before; but it makes me happy because it's not too late. I found out that I have a big brother named Colin today. In fact, for the first time that I can remember I'm finally getting to sit on my big brother's lap and cuddle with him."

Colin looked confused, " you saying that you think I'm your brother? I suppose it's possible but...wait, there are over a hundred people up here; are you sure you don't have the wrong person?"

"We're sure," replied Matyas. "Every Founder has a special tag embedded in their genetics that tells you what family they belong to. Your tag says that you're Kyle's older brother."

"But..." Colin frowned. "Do you know why I was sent here then?"

"We're working on piecing that together," said Matyas.

Colin looked down at Kyle, "Did you know me before I was sent here?"

Kyle sniffled. "No; something happened and I never knew my real family. I almost died because of it. Now I've got you and I'm gonna find out what happened for real; some stuff I heard makes me think that why you're here isn't the real reason."

"So I'm the one you were looking up information on today," stated Colin as he wrapped his arms around Kyle. "Has the Seer been informed as to what has happened?"

"I called my father earlier, he's looking into it personally," said Matyas.

Colin was quiet for a minute as he stared off into space. Finally he kissed the top of Kyle's head and sighed, "I'm sorry I didn't protect you Kyle. I've only been here for about nine months, which means that before that I didn't do a very good job as your brother if you were lost. I should have been looking for you."

"You probably were." Kyle replied. "I would be willing to bet that you were if you knew about me even a little bit."

"We really don't know that much about you," added Matyas. "We don't know what kind of person you were, what you knew, where you lived, none of it. Like Kyle said, we don't even really know why you're here but we are looking into it. We suspect foul play."

"So is that the real reason you want me to go back with you?" Colin asked softly.

Kyle looked Colin in the eyes and answered sincerely. "I never abandon my family; no matter what. You are my brother, and I'm going to make sure you never get lost again."

"I only hope that I can return that promise," Colin whispered. "I may not remember who I am but I will dedicate myself to being your brother and maybe find myself in you through that. You are here rescuing me from being alone and without family. I will do my best to do a good job as your brother and as long as I remember you I'll try to keep you from getting lost again too."

Tyler spoke up from where he had quietly snuck through the doorway. "I don't think you need to worry about that; your little brother has went so far as to disobey direct orders from the Seer to protect the guys he considers family. That's what I love about my little Kyle-bear; he cares about others more than himself."

"Kyle-bear?" Colin said with a strange look on his face. "Is that a name everyone uses for Kyle?"

Kyle blushed. "Naw; that names reserved for my boyfriend. If everything goes right he'll be my husband soon."

"You gotta ask first!" Tyler giggled.

"I did, Ty-baby." Kyle replied. "Get those cute buns over here and show your brother-in-law how special you are!"

"Ohhh so Tyler is your boyfriend," grinned Colin. "I was wondering why he was on this trip."

Levis smiled and shook his head, "Human's and their relationships; everyone's got a name for everyone else."

"What you don't think you could be in a 'relationship'?" asked Matyas.

"Oh I could but I can't imagine it ever being with a human," grinned Levis. "You guys treat relationships a little different than what I'd be use to."

"I give him a week!" Tyler snickered before leaning over and giving Kyle a quick peck on the lips. "You better not be joking about telling Tyne we wanted a review; I need to make sure you're taken before anyone else decides to try to steal my cuddle-bunny."

Levis giggled, "I'm sorry, you two are just too much."

"Maybe I should just wait another few minutes before coming in to make my report," said Javyk from the doorway.

Matyas took one look at Javyk and Kendall and cracked up laughing, "What the heck happened to the two of you?"

Everyone looked over at Javyk and Kendall to find them covered from head to toe in hundreds of star shaped stickers.

"We asked the wrong Savant for directions," Javyk said with a frown. "I also had to chase some guy away from Kendall that wanted to cover him with feathers and tape!"

Kyle giggled uncontrollably. "That's soooo kewl! How'd the 'star' R&D guys do today?"

Javyk glared at Kyle, "You want me to go get them, the guy with the feathers and tape thought Kendall was you at first. Maybe I should tell him where you are. Oh and at some point we should try and find Sean, we also ran into some guy with a bunch of fruit. He kept yelling that Sean needed to eat more of it. I'd never seen someone run so fast in my life."

Colin sighed, "I'm sorry, I should have told you to avoid the hallway with those Savants."

"Well anyway, everything is going well otherwise," continued Javyk. "We should be good getting everything online by tomorrow but we'll see. Kendall is probably one of the best assistants I've ever had so we might just be done sooner then I expect...assuming the locals don't do anything else to us."

Tyler smiled. "I didn't think Grandma Anne had relation up here! I'll bet Sean is hiding in the shuttle; you want me to go look?"

Kyle shook his head. "Poor Sean. That's good to hear though Javyk; and I'm glad to see that you two are getting along and working together so well. Have a seat; do me a favor and save those stars though, I'd like to keep them as souvenirs."

"Whatever," said Javyk as he sat down on the ground. As he did though he noticed Levis for the first time, "Ummm, so who are you?"

"My name is Levis," smiled Levis. "And before you ask I'm a Ferox."

"Ahhh, that explains why Syris is cleaning himself off," grinned Javyk as he quickly whispered to Kendall, who had joined him, what a Ferox was before continuing. "I didn't think a Ferox could take human form."

"I'm pulling all of the energy that would make up my aura into a tight formation to give me a solid outer layer," said Levis. "This actually isn't that different from how I actually look if you were able to see my solid form at the center of all my energy. I just don't normally have hair or skin as you know them."

"Very cool," replied Javyk. "If you don't mind I'd like to ask you a few more questions about that later."

"Here we go," remarked Matyas. "Watch out Levis or Javyk will be talking you into experiments you don't really want to be a part of; just ask our friend Rylan about it when we get back to the Ark compound and he'll be happy to tell you all about it."

"You know Kendall, you really shoulda brought me a feather - I bet Kyle woulda liked it!" Tyler announced with a leer.

"Is that our hint that we should leave Kyle's room for the night?" asked Matyas as he tried to keep from laughing.

Javyk got up and then helped Kendall up, "Well whether it's a hint or not I think we'll head to our room as I'm sure we'll be spending the next hour or so pulling stickers out of places I'm sure no sticker should ever be."

"You're lucky Kendall!" Kyle giggled. "If I didn't have my Ty-baby I'd love to be the one finding hidden stickers on a cutie like Javyk!"

"You're not my type anyway Kyle," replied Javyk as he headed out the door behind Kendall. "My standards, I'm afraid, are too high for you. Sleep well everyone. oh and Matyas, I do expect you to help me tomorrow. I didn't bring you with me to act as dead weight; you're a crafter so in the morning I expect you to act as one. Sean just isn't a good replacement as he doesn't know the tech yet."

Matyas sighed, "Okay Javyk."

Kyle stared at the closed door for a full minute. "He's really lucky that he's making Kendall happy. I don't mind joking around; him ordering my family around like his personal slaves is not gonna happen. I'm half tempted to pull rank on his high-strung butt and make him fix everything himself. Mat; it's up to you. Do you want to help him tomorrow? If so, I'm coming along too; he might be surprised at how fast I can learn."

"Kyle, that's just Javyk, it's no big deal," said Matyas. "He only jokes when he's in the mood, which I don't think he really was, and he did ask me to come along as a crafter to help him. He can order me around in this case because as this was his mission no one but you out rank him while we are here. I kind of expected him to say that to me and yes I will help him tomorrow. As far as pulling can pull rank all you want on him but if you do then he'll probably just make life miserable for you if you do. He still has to fix the stabilizers on the shuttle if you want to ever get home and I've never rebuilt a shuttle stabilizer before. But don't let his ego get to you Kyle; because bad things happen when you try and make his life harder then it needs to be. You may out rank him but as far as he's concerned he always has the upper hand. That's just how he is."

Kyle nodded. "I understand about his ego; I've been in enough heads to know that goes with being really smart. Your Dad is probably smarter than him and in his own way has just as much of an ego; the difference is that your Dad also has manners and uses them when it's appropriate. He's not going to be dealing with a Council from the first Cycle now; I know for a fact there are people on the Council that will not accept rudeness like that from anyone no matter how important they are. If he had said 'I need' instead of 'I expect' I would have no problems; like you said the work needs done. I'm not going to pull rank this time; but before we leave I'm gonna have a private talk with him before he says the wrong thing to the wrong person and gets himself into a real mess."

"Okay, but be careful, he might not take that well," replied Matyas in a concerned tone. "And whatever you do don't get physical if he ends up making you angry, Javyk carries phase-modifiers with him and I know he knows how to use them."

Kyle finally gave a small smile. "Cuz; thanks for worrying! I'm not gonna chew him out; I'll leave that up to the people he can't mess with. I'm hard headed, but not that hard headed."

"You sure about that?" Tyler giggled.

"It must run in the family then," grinned Matyas as he got up. "Colin, welcome to the family. I'll catch you guys in the morning."

"Yeah, you're definitely related; both of you!" Tyler giggled as he barely escaped a swat from Kyle.

"Kyle, I'll hold him..." said Matyas as he inched closer to Tyler. "...You tickle."

Kyle giggled as he helped Mat trap Ty. "Yeah ... I think it's time to get even here ...."

Tyler half heartedly let the two boys catch him, then let them tickle him until he was giggling madly. With a huge grin on his face, he 'pushed' the feelings he was having towards his 'attackers'.

"No fair!" Kyle announced as he almost fell over from the sensations.

"I forgot that Empaths cheat!" giggled Matyas as he pulled back and tried to block the feeling. "AHH I can't block him, that's really not fair!"

Tyler giggled as he wiggled free. "You're definitely related!!! I didn't even haveta find your frequency; you two are soooo alike!"

"Well of course we're alike, I mean what other family would you get this much value out of in every generation," said Matyas. "I mean we're both cute and charming, we've got a great sense of humor and...yeah the list goes on and on."

"Hey Levis; you got any boots? It's gettin deep in here!" Tyler giggled. "I gotta love ya though; you're pretty kewl for a cousin-in-law Mat."

"Yeah well, I'd love to have me as a cousin-in-law too," grinned Matyas. "But since you plan on getting married to my cousin then I won't lay it on any thicker then that. It'll just be his job later to show you how awesome he is."

"Boots you say Tyler? If it gets any thicker I'm going to drown...and I don't even need to breath," giggled Levis as he got up from where he was sitting. "I'm going to take on the task of finding Sean, and yes I know what he looks like."

Tyler smiled. "Okay; I think I'm gonna help my hubby catch Colin up on some much-needed cuddles tonight. If anyone needs him we're holding him hostage in here!"

Matyas got up and followed Levis, "Okay, you three have fun then. Don't do anything I wouldn't do. I think I'll go help Levis find Sean before we head to bed."


"Okay, let's not go back that way again," said Matyas as he wiped finger paint off his face. "If Sean went that way then I can't imagine what he would look like now."

"Funny how they seemed to only go after you though," grinned Levis as they walked down the hallway.

"Yeah well, they just seemed to smile at you. Whatever your secret is let me know so we can keep them away," replied Matyas as he worked on the paint in his ear. "I didn't think every Savant up here was crazy."

"They're not," said Levis as the reached the shuttle bay. "Just the sections you've been through are bad. Most of them are actually really nice, and once you get to know them even the crazy ones are a lot of fun."

"Ohhh so they know you," said Matyas as they reached the shuttle. "No wonder they leave you alone."

"Well, I just scare them the first time I meet them. Then after they get use to me they end up leaving me alone," stated Levis.

"Whatever," grinned Matyas. "Hey Sean! Are you in here?"

"NO!" Sean replied. "Not unless you promise no Savants are within fifty miles of here!"

"We didn't bring any Savants with us...unless one jumped into my pocket when I wasn't looking," giggled Matyas.

Levis frowned, "Are you alright Sean, I hope they didn't hurt you or anything. Javyk said something about the fruit guy chasing you."

"Yeah, did he catch you?" asked Matyas.

"I feel like a friggin' salad that's been let loose in a room full of kindergartners who were practicing with finger paints and feathers. Does THAT answer your question?"

"Ahh so you went through the finger paint hallway too," said Matyas. "I thought you might have, I've got a towel for you if you're willing to come out of the shuttle."

"Yeah you can't look at bad as Matyas did," added Levis. "You should've seen the look on his face when the patch weavers got a hold of him and took his uniform, after that the finger paint guy went nuts. It was all pretty funny."

"Funny for you maybe, I still don't know how I'm going to get it out of some places," groaned Matyas. "I won't even talk about the weird patches that they sewed onto my clothes though; pink and green just don't match the rest of it."

"I'm stayin' in here!" Sean announced. "Last time I stuck my head out to see if it was safe I got pelted with stuffed animals!"

"Dude, it's safe," Matyas said reassuring voice. "We're the only ones in the room. Besides, Levis will scare them off if they come back. Well at least I hope he will or I'll feed him to Javyk later."

Levis giggled, "It's safe Sean, really. Well that is if you count Matyas as safe."

A minute of silence later, a stuffed giraffe was stuck through the doorway by Sean as he hid around the corner to prevent himself from being attacked again.

"Wow Sean, they must have done a real number on you for you to turn into a stuffed giraffe," giggled Matyas. "I didn't think they could transform you into other animals."

"Stuff it Mat!" Sean replied as he peeked around the corner warily. He quickly popped back when he saw Levis. "Who's the new guy?"

"This is Levis, his mother is the Interpretation Archivist," said Matyas. "He's a Ferox. He doesn't bite, I promise."

"It's not biting I'm worried about!"

"Well he's not going to shove fruit in any of your many holes and I don't remember him coming in with finger paint, feathers, or stuffed animals," Matyas said as he looked Levis over to make sure, getting a giggle out of Levis. "Yep, I'm sure he's safe."

Sean slowly appeared in the doorway, still clutching the giraffe. His hair was filled with various stickers, fruit remnants, paints, and other things. It was obvious that he'd tried to clean up some, but the remnants of his clothing were beyond help. "I guess I'll trust you; but I still ain't goin nowhere until you figure out a way to keep those Savants offa me!"

" looks like he went through the east and west wing," Levis said as he looked Sean over. "That's a lot of Savant ground to cover. I'll go get you some new clothes and...Matyas the towel you brought him might help a little but we're going to need soap and water."

"Well, where is the nearest shower?" asked Matyas as he handed Sean the towel he had for him.

"I know where it is but it's on the other side of where we just came through near your rooms," replied Levis.

Matyas quickly objected, "I am NOT going through there again."

"What about your shuttle," said Levis. "Doesn't it have short range teleporters?"


"I'll give you the location and the two of you can teleport there," continued Levis. "While you're getting clean I'll get him something to wear that isn't as full of holes which by the way is making what he has left very...revealing. So does that sound like a plan?"

"Are you sure none of ... them ... are going to be there?" Sean asked in a worried tone.

"I'm sure," replied Levis. "Those showers are off limits to everyone but guests, that's why they're next to your rooms."

"Okay;" Sean said with a little hesitation, "As long as you're sure."

"I am," Levis said with a smile.

Matyas pulled his handheld out and quickly linked it to the shuttle, "Okay, where's it at?"

Levis looked down at Matyas' handheld and pointed at a room on the map, "Right there, see it's just next to your rooms."

"Okay, cool," said Matyas as he typed in a few commands. "So we'll see you there then?"


"Alright, but if there are any Savants in there I'm never gonna let you forget it," said Matyas and he finished entering the final commands. "Shuttle, teleport me and Sean to that location please."

Suddenly Sean and Matyas found themselves standing in the middle of a very large shower. As soon as they arrived though they heard a scream. They turned to find Javyk and Kendall in the shower and Javyk was now hiding behind Kendall.

"Matyas? Sean?" said Javyk as he looked out from behind Kendall. "Jeez! You scared the crap out of me!"

"Well Sean, he was right, no Savants," grinned Matyas.

"Hey guys; I see the star guy got you too." Sean said as he glanced around just to make sure the room was clear. "Please say none of 'them' are anywhere near here!"

"They aren't, we checked," replied Javyk and he came over and very awkwardly gave Sean a hug. "Thanks for drawing them off of us earlier."

"Wow, Javyk giving someone a hug, and someone tell Ark to record this day in history," grinned Matyas.

Javyk stuck his tongue out at Matyas, "It's not every day that someone saves you from crazy people." Javyk then pulled Sean towards the water, "Come on Sean, Kendall and I will get you cleaned up."

"Okay." Sean replied as he followed Javyk. "Be glad you didn't go any further down that hall; the star guy is nothing."

Javyk looked at the paint and the giraffe and nodded, "I believe you. Matyas can hold your giraffe though if you want to keep it. It'll get wet otherwise."

"Yeah, he probably better." Sean replied. "Take care of him Mat; he's got about fifty friends in the shuttle that might haunt you. I think that girl raided every toy store in the US to stock up on stuffed animals to throw at me. She kept screaming names of people that each one was for. This one is for someone called 'Cody'; I have no idea who he is but I'm not gonna find her to argue or try to return them!"

Matyas took the giraffe from Sean and then stood back and watched as Javyk tried to decide where to start on Sean. Finally Javyk just shook his head and pushed Sean under the water.

"Kendall, we're going to need a lot of soap," sighed Javyk as he tried to pry Sean's shirt off but found it almost glued to his body through the combination of fruit juice and paint. "What the heck! It won't come off! Hmmm...Matyas, my tool belt is behind you, can you get me the cutting tool, I can't get this off of him with my hands."

"'re not going to cut Sean with it are you?" Matyas said in a worried tone.

"No, not that cutting tool," grinned Javyk. "The one that doubles as a separator. I want to get this off of him not the other way around."

"Where should I start with the soap?" asked Kendall.

"Where ever you can get it, just pick a place," replied Javyk as he took the tool from Matyas. "Just don't scrub too hard, we don't wanna hurt him...actually here you do this," grinned Javyk as he handed the tool to Kendall. "I trust you with it more then I trust myself...and I don't know how much Sean here trusts me with tools."

"I trust you more than I trust Cory driving." Sean replied with a small giggle. "I'll still feel safer with Kendall doing it though; nothing personal Javyk."

"That's okay, like I said, I trust him more doing it too," smiled Javyk.

Just then Levis came in with several sets of white clothes in his hands, "All I could find were what the Savants wear but I think that might keep them away from...did I miss something here? When did Sean get a team to help get him clean?"

Matyas chuckled, "I think this is Javyk's way of saying thank you to Sean. He saved them from looking like him, remember?"

"Oh that's right," said Levis. "So Javyk's not all bad?"

"Well...normally I'd say yes," replied Matyas. "I don't think he'd ever do something like this before he met Kendall. I think Kendall's having a positive influence on him. I kinda think he likes Kendall too."

Levis looked over at Javyk and tilted his head, "How can you tell?"

"Because Javyk never lets anyone else use his tools," said Matyas.


Matyas grinned as he watched them finally get Sean out of his clothes, "Nice ass Sean!"

"That's what Cory says every night." Sean giggled.

Levis looked over at Sean and then leaned closer to Matyas, "I think Cory's found himself a very cute Socius."

"That he did..." agreed Matyas. "Well at least his backside is nice; they haven't turned him around yet."

"Do you have a Socius?" Levis said curiously.

"I'm in no hurry," said Matyas. "So what time is it anyway?"

"Your time or our time?" asked Levis.

"There's a difference?"

Well your time it's about one in the afternoon. Our time it's about eleven at night," replied Levis. "That's why we were sending you to bed. Javyk had also mentioned that all of you probably didn't get a full night's rest last night anyway so a nap was a good idea."

"What's a full nights rest?" Sean giggled. "Have you ever tried to sleep with three restless munchkins, two of which are yours, who decided they wanted to sleep with Dad and Pop?"

"Can't say that I have Sean," replied Matyas. "Most of us still think of ourselves as munchkins. Not all of us have started a family like you and Cory have ya know. I'm not sure all of us would be ready for it either."

Sean smiled. "If it wasn't for Mom, Cory and I wouldn't be able to handle it either. She's helped us understand how to be parents while still being kids too. I miss our little guys though; it might look like they bug us a lot but really we have just as much fun as them."

"I'm sure none of them are as bad as the Savants you've met today though," said Levis.

Matyas grinned, "I don't think his kids will be giving him nightmares quite like the Savants he's met today either."

"You know Mat; I think Timmy still owes you a shower." Sean giggled.

Matyas nodded, "Yeah, I know. Why do you think I was glad to go with Javyk when he asked me to come along?"

"I'll make sure he knows it's a double." Sean laughed. "Heck, I'll tell him to make sure Paul and Ricky help!"

"I thought you liked me. Would you really sick all three of them on me? Poor, helpless, innocent me?" Matyas said while doing his best sad expression.

"You're related to Kyle; I'm not sure 'innocent' is a term that fits!" Sean replied with a huge grin. "Remember that Kyle's my little brother in all but blood; considering how alike you two are I doubt that description ever gets used!"

"You know, if Rylan was here this would be just the time when he would start up with some story about when Mat was younger," said Javyk as he added more soap to where he was scrubbing.

"It's a good thing your memory isn't as good as his then," replied Matyas. "Remember, I know where you keep your shampoo."

Javyk grinned and shook his head, "I didn't say I was going to do his job for him I was just saying that's when he would say something." Suddenly Javyk got a really funny look on his face and he started looking from Sean to the soap bottle Kendall had in his hand, "Something isn't right here...the soap, it looks like its taking all his off."

Sean looked at Kendall with his eyes wide. "He's joking, right?"

Kendall looked Sean up and down, " want me to lie or tell you the truth?" Kendall then looked at the bottle, "I can't read what this says. Javyk can you read this?"

Javyk looked at the bottle, "It just says Savant body soap number two."

"Ohhhh, oops," said Levis. "I didn't think about that, Savants don't have any body hair other then what's on their head. Body soap number two cleans the body and kills the roots to any hair it gets in contact with. Sorry Sean, It'll grow back eventually."

Sean giggled. "I guess Cory gets his wish then!" He then looked at the bottle closely. "Hey, can we get a couple of cases of this to take back? I've got a few ideas about people who I owe a prank to."

"As long as I'm not one of your victims, me and pranks don't get along well," said Javyk as he grabbed the shampoo bottle and read it. "Savant Shampoo Number One, is this safe?"

Levis nodded, "Shampoo One is safe."

"Cool," said Javyk as he handed the bottle to Kendall, dropped to his knees getting between Kendall's legs, and carefully got back up with Kendall on his shoulders. "Okay Kendall, you get his head."

Kendall giggle as Javyk kind of stumbled around a little before getting his footing, "You know I'm heavier then you don't you Javyk?"

"You're a year older so I hope you are. You're not too heavy though and I'm being careful," grinned Javyk. "Can you get his head from there?"

"Yeah, I can reach," replied Kendall as he poured shampoo onto Sean's head.

Sean tilted his head back and smiled. "That feels nice Kendall. Don't worry Javyk; I only return pranks. Cory and I are both like that; we'll pull pranks on each other but we don't do anything to anyone else unless they start it. I think JJ's gonna get a BIG surprise; both of us owe him lots!"

"Okay," replied Javyk.

"Sean, you'd have to talk to the caretakers for that kind of soap request," said Levis. "They might want to know what it's for though."

Sean shivered. "I'll tell Kyle; HE can talk to them! I'm not gonna go NEAR another one if I can help it!"

"I said Caretaker not Savant," grinned Levis. "The Caretakers are normal humans that were sent here."

Javyk suddenly got a strange look on his face which was quickly replaced by a grin.

Matyas smiled, "You okay Javyk?"

"Oh, I'm doing goooood," replied Javyk as he started to shake his head causing Kendall to stop washing Sean's hair and gasp. "Yeah, doing real good, thanks for asking."

Sean winced as Kendall suddenly stopped shampooing and latched onto the top of his head for support. "You're doin' somethin' there Javyk; I think Kendall's getting preoccupied!"

"I have no idea what you're talking about," grinned Javyk as he started to move his head in different directions getting a long moan out of Kendall.

Matyas opened his mouth to say something but paused when he looked over Kendall and Javyk. Matyas then smiled, "I forgot we found them showering, so they kinda lack clothes; Javyk has Kendall in just the right position that when he moves his head..."

"Ohhh, I see," giggled Levis. "Well that explains how Kendall's acting then."

"Hey Javyk, quit playing with your assistant, he's trying to finish his work!" called Matyas.

"No, finish!" Sean giggled. "I'm the last one to stop a little fun!"

Javyk stopped moving his head, "Nah I'll stop, that's something I should have asked him about before doing." Javyk then made a face, "Besides, I think Kendall might be old enough he that he'd leave a mess...I kinda like my head mess free."

"Yeah the only ones with a mess for a head are blonds," added Matyas.

"Tell me about it; I'm about to marry one!" Sean giggled. "But they sure are fun to be around."

"Fun, crazy, future Savants...take your pick!" grinned Matyas.

"Hey don't say that, we don't want Sean to be afraid to go home," said Javyk.

"I notice that none of you are blond," noted Levis.

"Duh!" replied Matyas. "We sure as heck aren't going to make comments about blonds if one is in the room. They might want to smack us or something. They're wild like that!"

"Or they might even think!" Sean giggled.

"Doesn't that kind of activity fry their brain?" asked Javyk.

"Yes, it's the frying that causes ideas to come forward I think," replied Matyas.

Kendall finished rinsing Sean's hair and then half hugged Javyk's head, "Okay, I'm done with Sean's hair."

"He would have been done sooner but..." Matyas started to say.

"You're stopping there," Javyk said quickly as he carefully let Kendall off of his shoulders. "Sean, you're clean now. Hopefully you won't run into any more of those Savants again. Thanks again for saving us the best you could."

"No problem bro; I think we might wanna get a map so it don't happen again though." Sean stopped and looked between Kendall and Javyk. "If I have to go through all of that again for you two I will; you're making an obvious difference since I met Kendall. Watching you guys work together today was great, even though I wasn't much help. It don't matter what happens between you guys personally; as a team I think you'll change the world in some way."

"Change the world, build a better one, same thing," grinned Javyk.

Kendall gave Sean a hug, "Thanks Sean."

"Any time Kendall." Sean replied. "You're a great guy; I think you and Javyk are an awesome team."

"I wouldn't have him otherwise if he wasn't," said Javyk. "I haven't ever been able to work as well with someone as I do with Kendall so I know we'll get a lot accomplished."

Just then Matyas threw a towel at Sean, "Get dry and dress, I'll show you where we're staying for the night."

"Sorry but we can't dress you Sean," grinned Javyk as he grabbed Kendall's hand and pulled him under the water with him. "We need to finish our own shower."

"Get some rest Sean, Javyk's got a big schedule for us when we get up in the morning," Kendall added with a giggle.

Sean smiled. "Okay, let's give Javyk and Kendall a little privacy. I think we bugged them enough for now. I assume you know a way WITHOUT Savants?"

~~~Nine hours later~~~

"Okay, now that we're all rested we got a ton of work to do, we need to get the communications link working today along with the rest of the sensor equipment," said Javyk as he walked down one of the hallways with everyone behind him. "Now Levis are you sure we can get to where we want to go this way without running into any Savants? Colin said he had to talk to Xanus and would meet us there and I really don't feel that safe without him around to keep them away."

"Hey you looked at the map yourself, this wing is clear," replied Levis. "Last time I checked this entire wing was emptied."

Javyk nodded as they rounded the next corner, "Yeah but that's what worries me, why is it empty. If we're going to take the long way to the tech room I want to make sure that the long way doesn't end up being worse then..." Suddenly Javyk saw something run across his feet and vanish. Javyk stopped and motioned for everyone to stop, "Okay, I just saw a pink bunny run past me...let's turn around and go back."

Syris looked up from his handheld and grinned, "A pink bunny? I'm pretty sure they don't have those here Javyk."

"Do you think it can do anything to us?" Kendall said seriously ignoring Syris' comment.

Syris looked back down at his handheld shaking his head, "Just take the next left, we're almost there."

"Thank God Timmy's not here; he'd want to catch it and take it home with him." Sean mumbled under his breath, causing Kyle and Tyler to start giggling.

"Maybe we could catch it for him bro!" Tyler said between giggles.

"Yeah, we might even find a whole bunca' them for my favorite nephew!" Kyle added as he leaned against Tyler to hold himself up.

"If they're up here I don't think Timmy wants them," grinned Matyas.

Javyk slowly continued down the hallway but as he rounded the next corner he stopped again. Standing in front of him was a full grown female deer. "Please say someone else sees this," Javyk whispered.

"What is it?" asked Levis.

"It's a...well it's a deer," Matyas said as he stared in shock.

"Hello," the deer suddenly said.

"Okay, the deer just spoke..." Kendall said softly as he slowly moved behind Javyk.

"Dude; we GOTTA bring Timmy up here!" Kyle joked as Sean tried to hide behind him and Tyler.

"Levis; I don't know what you put in our breakfast, but whatever it was if you ever do it again I'll sic Josiah on you!" Sean said from behind his shield.

"Oh it wasn't something you ate, I am standing here," said the deer. "You look lost though...I can help you find your way if you want me to. I even know a shortcut."

"But you don't even know where we want to go," Javyk replied slowly.

"Oh of course I do little boy, I know what all my children want," said the deer.

"Don't listen to the deer," came a voice from the right. Everyone turned to find a very large maple tree in the middle of the hallway, "The deer likes to tell lies."

The deer looked over at the tree, "Oh don't you start that again tree, I'll sick fire on you if you do."

"I'm sooo scared," replied the tree before turning to Javyk. "I know someone that can help you find your way, just ask the shoe, he knows how to get everywhere."

"The shoe is on vacation, they might want to try asking the chair...assuming he hasn't been nailed to the floor again," added one of the leaves on the tree.

"Relation of yours Kyle?" Sean said as he came out from behind the boys and went over to Javyk. "I don't know about you bro, but I trust Syris more than a talking tree or animal. Look up the story 'Alice in Wonderland' some time; this is starting to look just like the book!"

"Oh yes, that's such a nice book," said the deer. "Would you like me to read it to you?"

"They do! They do!" shouted the pink bunny as it reappeared next to the tree.

"Never mind, no time, must move out of the way, Creator is coming," replied the deer as it suddenly turned into a butterfly and flew over to land on the pink bunny.

"Damn it, now I know why this wing is clear," muttered Levis. "The Savant known as the Creator lives in this wing. He's one of the totally insane Savants and through projection he makes us see what he sees."

"If they're just projections then let's keep moving, they can't hurt us," said Syris.

"Javyk; who is the least use to you for fixing the equipment?" Sean asked. "That's who should take point just in case Syris is wrong."

"No, no! No, no! Can't walk through, no walk through!" sang a teenage boy no older then sixteen as he skipped up the hallway that the deer had been in. "Walk, walk, walk the way they say, no more, no other! Walk my way, walk right way!" The boy stopped in front of the group but then looked over at the butterfly. "Deer! Be deer again! Butterfly is too buttery!" The butterfly suddenly became a deer again causing the pink bunny to squeal and disappear in a puff of pink smoke. "Much better, no butter!" The boy looked back at the group, "I make! I take! Hi boys! Not toys! I create!" Just then he spotted Kyle and smiled, "Kyle!"

"Not another one that knows who he is," sighed Matyas.

"Lost! More lost than me, more lost then them! Take care! Don't stare!" The boy shouted at Kyle. "Keep me safe! Keep them safe! Oh, a safe! I need a safe! No, not a safe...wait! Kyle! You stay with me!"

"That sounds like an idea!" Sean giggled. "You stay here Leech; we'll pick you up before we leave."

"NO that sounds like a bad idea," protested Levis. "You stay away from him Creator, the last person that stayed with you was found without his brain. I will not leave Kyle with you, we like him just the way he is."

The boy, Creator, frowned, "That's not fair, I do care! That last boy was more of a toy! He said no but the purple grape said yes! The grape wanted him to stop thinking; he was a toy not a boy! Toys don't need to think! But who are you to say that the grape was wrong? I don't think I like you, you're not my type you'd be better as a pipe! A pipe, a pipe! But I want Kyle, he will be for me and I will make him my new friend, I will make him like me! Me? Gee!" The Creator took a few steps towards Kyle but Levis got between them.

"I said no," Levis said firmly.

Sean looked at the expression on Levis' face then at the Creator. "Mr. Richardson if he touches you or any of the rest of us, you are to stun him. Understood? Let's get out of here."

Suddenly the Creator got a very dark expression on his face and the hallway began to darken, "This is my domain and you are not permitted to leave nor will you tell me what to do. If you think you can just walk away without giving me what I want then you are sadly mistaken. Think that what you see is an illusion all you want but let's see you get away from this." Walls of fire suddenly appeared blocking all their exits."

"Stay together," Levis said quickly. "This is the worst part of this Savant, he has two different personalities. One is the Creator; he's fun for the most part. But the other personality, the Shadow, is who controls the Creator's actions. He's dangerous. This Savant used to study the futures of serial killers; he only lasted five years before his mind split and then a year after that the projections came. He can hurt us by making us think we are getting burned if we try and pass through the fire."

"He also seems to be able to form a complete sentence," added Javyk as he pushed Kendall behind him to keep him safer.

"I want what I want and you will not deny me," said the Shadow.

"We are only passing through, let us pass unharmed or I will kill your deer and tree," threatened Levis.

The Shadow grinned, "That's an idle threat, you don't have the power to..."

Levis looked over at the tree and suddenly the tree exploded.

The Shadow quickly lost his smile, "What...what just happened?! You can't do that!"

"Back off and let us pass," Levis repeated as he transformed back into his natural state.

The room suddenly went back to normal as the Creator came back and coward away from him, "Ferox! Too bright! Too bright! Sorry! I'm sorry! I go away! Don't kill deer! Please! I let you all pass!" And with that the Creator screamed and ran off down one of the other hallways. "Leave me be!" he shouted as he ran.

"Dude! Thanks!" Sean said with a grin. "You didn't hurt him by doing that did you? Even though I can see he was dangerous, the way he reacted was like he just saw God and was confronted with all of his sins."

"I didn't hurt him," replied Levis as he turned back into his human form. "All I did was remove the tree from his mind. He'll recreate it, he always does, that's why he's called the Creator; but the personality of the tree will be different, I destroyed the tree. I don't think anyone has ever had to kill his deer though, the deer is the oldest. He just knows what I can do to him if he doesn't run though; losing the deer is the least of his worries."

"Just what CAN you do? Or do I wanna know?" Sean asked.

"You probably don't really want to know Sean," smiled Levis. "I can do more than you'll ever actually know. The only person that'll ever know how much, I can do will be Kyle, I'll be teaching him just about everything I know."

"You mean there are actually things that Leech CAN'T do? Quit scaring me!" Sean replied with a giggle as Kyle punched his arm.

"Can't do YET," said Levis. "But I'll fix that, and then you really should be scared."

"Umm, if you guys are finished we DO have work to do today," Javyk said impatiently.

"I'm right behind you, lead on Javyk." Sean replied as he pulled Kyle into a quick hug to prove he was just kidding.

Javyk nodded and then looked at Syris, "Where?"

"I said left, that would be the hallway the deer started in," replied Syris.

"Right, let's go," said Javyk as he started down that hallway.


Dmitry slowly walked up to the edge of the pool and sat down without saying a word. He watched Stepan teach Nyo how to swim in the middle of the pool quietly. Dmitry smiled as he watched Stepan carefully instruct Nyo and guide him through what he needed to be doing. Stepan was exact and to the point but didn't make a big deal of it when Nyo didn't get what he was telling him to do right. After a few minutes Nyo looked over, noticed Dmitry, and waved.

"Hey Dmitry," grinned Nyo. "I didn't see you come in! Step's teaching me how to swim."

"He's doing a pretty good job from the looks of it." said Dmitry causing Stepan to blush.

Nyo swam over to Dmitry, followed by Stepan. "So where's Dominic? Normally you guys never go anywhere without the other."

"Rusty and Tyne are talking to him about a mission we're going to be going on," replied Dmitry. "They've got him training Aidan on how to use a Fuzzy."

"I would have thought you'd want to help him out," Nyo said with a curious look. "Are you feeling alright?"

"Actually, I wanted to come talk to you guys," Dmitry said quietly. "I was kinda wondering, are you two going to get married?"

"Umm, well eventually we probably will," Nyo replied. "I mean, we haven't really talked that much about it."

"Dmitry what's wrong?" asked Stepan.

"Well we kinda gotta follow Founder law now right?" said Dmitry.

"For the most part we are," replied Nyo. "We can bend some rules but that depends on what it is we want to bend."

Dmitry nodded, "Okay...can I ask you two a question then?"

"You can ask us anything you would like to Dmitry," said Stepan.

"You promise not to laugh if you say no?" Dmitry asked seriously.

Nyo looked at Stepan and getting a nod replied, "We promise."

"I...I was wondering if you guys would...if you would adopt me," whispered Dmitry.

Nyo grinned and then looked at Stepan who looked completely shocked.

"Wait, you want US to adopt you, as in the both of us?" said Stepan, the shock evident in his voice. "But, why? I can understand wanting Nyo to adopt you, he saved you but why do you want me to..."

Dmitry frowned and looked down at the water, "Do I really need a reason to want you as a father?"

"I..." Stepan started to say but stopped. After thinking for a few seconds he continued, "No I suppose you don't. I don't know how great of a father I'd make though; I'm only a few years older then you."

"You'd do just fine," said Nyo as he kissed Stepan. "I think you fried something in Step's brain Dmitry." Nyo then climbed out of the pool and pulled Dmitry into a hug, "We'd be happy to adopt you Dmitry, if that's what you really want. We just might need to point out to Stepan that he's more ready to be a father then he thinks he is. Do you think you can help me do that?"

Dmitry returned the hug and squeezed as tight as he could, "Yeah, I can do that."

"Well we've got until me and Step get married then," said Nyo as he looked at Stepan.

Stepan blushed and whispered, "I don't need convincing. I'm sorry Dmitry; I'm just kind of shocked I guess. If you want me as a father though then I'd be honored."

"Thanks Pop," grinned Dmitry as he quickly slipped into the water and threw his arms around Stepan.

Stepan returned the hug but then added, "You just got your jumpsuit wet, you'd better change before you run off with Dominic."


"Okay, now let me see if I've got this right Tyne," frowned Dominic after hearing Tyne's plan for dealing with the Malvya house and the rest of the current Founders and Moroi. "You've sat down and foreseen that we'll be walking into a trap, right?"

"That's right," replied Tyne.

"But they would have foreseen that you would have foreseen that you were walking into a trap," continued Dominic.

"Right again," said Tyne.

Dominic went on, "So they know that you know that you're walking into a trap and they also know that you plan to walk into the trap. And knowing this they plan to keep the trap because they want you to walk into it...which you will?"

"That sounds about right," Tyne said with a grin.

"Am I the only one that sees a hole in your plan?" Dominic asked slowly.

"Am I the only one that needs painkillers from trying to follow that?" Rusty groaned.

"Pet your Phasenmorph," mumbled Dominic. "It helps."

"Wait, so our enemy already knows everything that we might do?" said Aidan.

"I'm not really sure how much they would know so I'm assuming they know as much as I know," replied Tyne. "I've never gone up against a Founder before and after seeing just how powerful Kyle can be I don't want to assume anything."

"Hon, you know as well as I do Kyle's not normal by any meaning of the word." Rusty added with a small giggle.

"I still want to be ready even if they're nothing like Kyle," said Tyne.

Aidan sighed, "So would it do me any good to arrive there invisible?"

"Maybe...maybe not," replied Tyne.

"What the hell good is that?" said Aidan. "Let's walk into a trap where we can't have any advantage at all and expect to walk out."

"Yeah, how do you expect us to win?" added Dominic. "It kind of seems hopeless and we haven't even gotten there yet, we're still in the planning stage here."

"How much do you think they know about you?" Rusty asked Tyne, concern creeping into his voice.

"I expect them to know a lot about me," Tyne said calmly. "But I don't expect them to know all that much about all of you. You're not Founders, you have no point of interest to them...or at least I hope. I'm gambling with the fact that they may or may not know everything that'll happen. I'm also going with the thought that we'll be there in the daylight and Moroi don't function all that well in the daylight. I'm hoping we'll have at least some leverage with that."

"I didn't think Moroi functioned at all in the daylight," Dominic said in a worried tone. "That's true isn't it? I'm not going to let Dmitry and myself go on some mission where we have no hope of coming back."

"Then don't go," replied Tyne. "I won't ask you to follow me into any place I'm not willing to go myself but I'm also not going to force you to go somewhere you're not comfortable with. Follow me or don't, I'm asking for your help but you don't have to help me. You can question and poke holes in my plan all you want but don't you think I've already gone through this? I made you guys wait for hours before I finally let you into the Council Chamber. I've gone over all the possibilities that could happen and I'm willing to throw myself into this as well as others. Just trust me, that's all I ask. I can't tell you all the details of what I've seen because if I say it then those that we're going up against will have the vision of me telling it to you. We can only see visions of what happens not what's has been or will be thought. The only exception is if we are touching you then we can see what YOU were thinking or will be thinking. So if you don't want to come then just say so and I won't hold it against you."

"So you can promise me that everything is going to work out just fine?" asked Dominic.

"I can promise that none of you will be hurt," said Tyne. "But that's it."

Dominic was quiet for a moment, "Okay, I can live with that."

"So we can improvise if we need to?" said Aidan.

Tyne nodded, "If you need to, yes."

"Okay, I'm in," grinned Aidan. "I trust you Tyne.

Tyne smiled, "Thanks. As soon as Dmitry gets back then you, me, Dmitry, and Dominic will get going."

"Hold ON!" Rusty exclaimed. "You promised none of THEM will get hurt. What about YOU Tyne!"

"There's only a small chance that I'll be hurt," replied Tyne. "I'll be just fine though Rusty."

"Before or after the Medbots get done with you?" Rusty stated as he stepped back and crossed his arms.

"Does it really matter one way or the other?" sighed Tyne. "I love you Rusty and I know you don't want me to get hurt but this is something that has to be done. If I don't go then how will that make anything any better? I'll live."

"I love you too; that's why I don't like you getting hurt. I want ALL of my teddy bear to cuddle with tonight. All of the original pieces." Rusty replied. "You're gonna promise me that if things start to go wrong you're gonna pull out of there. I know I'd not be any help, so I'm not going. Unless you give your word that you'll get all of you outta there if they have something you can't handle there ain't noone goin' until we figure out a way to beat them. If I gotta call the Lafayette and have them blast the place with a phaser instead of you gettin' hurt I will."

< I already argued that point with him Rusty. I will be watching. In fact, Dmitry will be wearing one of my camera headsets just in case. >

Rusty grinned. "Thanks Ark; I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who cares about his butt coming back in one piece."

< Well I do have a good deal of my own interests invested in him, I need him alive you know. The camera was Cyna's idea though. In fact I can see you now, Dmitry just turned the camera on. >

Just then Dmitry came in grinning, "You know Ark, ya make it kinda hard to sneak up on them if ya tell them I'm coming."

"How did it go?" Dominic asked Dmitry quietly.

"I'll tell you about it later," Dmitry replied with a smile. "So are we almost ready to go?"

"I'm not sure, Mother and her cohorts seem to think I won't come back in one piece," said Tyne.

Dmitry giggled, "Well it's kinda hard for us to love ya if you're spread like peanut butter."

"Look out Tyne, he's relating you to food now," said Dominic. "Even if he has a point."

"Forget it Dmitry, I'm the only one allowed to eat him!" Rusty giggled. "Ark, can you put the video where I can watch them?"

< I will have the video feed coming into the control room if you want to watch. >

"Thanks Ark; between you, me, and Cyna I'm pretty sure we can make sure the double D's, Tyne, and Aidan make it back. You better listen to that cute rock you call a head though Hun; don't go second-guessing yourself and getting everyone in trouble." Rusty then moved back in and gave Tyne a very intimate kiss to prove his support.

"Ark, are you getting this feed?" grinned Dmitry. "I want this video later so I can study Rusty's technique."

"I didn't think we needed any help with THAT part of our relationship," commented Dominic as he pulled Dmitry over and kissed him.

"I'll just pretend I'm not here then?" Aidan said with a lopsided grin. "Are we ready?"

Rusty leaned back for a second to catch his breath. "Just about!"

After a few more seconds Tyne pushed Rusty back a little, "I've got to go now but don't worry I'll be back." Tyne gave Rusty a quick peck and then stepped back, "Okay Ark, we're ready."

< Stand by. >

Suddenly Tyne, Dominic, Dmitry, and Aidan found themselves standing in the middle of what looked like a large courtyard. Trees and flower beds were dotted everywhere with patches of green grass separated only by brick paths. The Sun was just about directly overhead and the sound of birds could be heard everywhere. There in the middle of the courtyard was an old wooden bench were a man no older then thirty was sitting feeding a few pigeons. They all watched the man for a moment before Tyne decided to take a few steps forward, stopping six feet from the bench.

"I'm looking for Larry Malvya," Tyne said to the man.

The man looked up at Tyne and smiled, "Hmmm, you're younger then I thought you would be. Well anyway, hello Oracle. I've been waiting for you, for what seems like a very long time. I've so wanted to meet you; we have much to talk about. But as I'm sure you already know, I am Larry Malvya."

"Mr. Malvya, I am here to bring you into custody," Tyne replied with a cold stare.

"Yes, yes, I know but I think it is I who has the upper hand Oracle," replied Larry as he snapped his fingers. Suddenly about fifteen men seemed to come out of nowhere, surrounding Tyne and his group. "I'm sure you saw this coming. My Moroi and I have been waiting for you to walk into our trap."

"I'm assuming their ability to be out in sunlight is your doing," said Tyne.

Larry smiled, "We'll get to that Oracle, we'll get to that."