Chapter 24

Levis sat watching Kyle and Tyler interacting with their family. All of them were smiling, all of them looked so happy. Levis knew what was about to happen, he had seen it even if Tyne could not. He knew Kyle had seen most of it as well. He could also feel that Kyle hadn't seen it all, that Axon was still trying to shade some of what he would be doing. Levis hadn't mentioned time shading to Kyle but it didn't matter as Kyle might have not seen it all by choice. Levis also knew that what he had seen wasn't for sure yet, he could feel several very dark futures surrounding the few good ones that lingered. Levis knew, though, that all it took was a little hope to make those dark futures fall apart.

After a few more seconds Levis carefully got up off of the couch he was sitting on. He straightened his clothes before he turned to Miah, who had been sitting next to him. Levis opened his mouth but Miah just shook his head.

"I already know," Miah said softly. "I know you are leaving and I know you're not taking me with you."

"If we fail then you need to be here to help them," replied Levis. "Mom will take care of Ark but they'll need you for CIC."

Miah closed his eyes and just shook his head again, "I don't like it, but I'll do it. I know I wouldn't be any help for where you're going, I just don't have the experience. But I trust that you'll come back to me."

"I plan to," said Levis. "Keep them safe for me."

"I will," replied Miah as he stood up and pulled Levis into a hug.

Levis wrapped his arms around Miah and sighed contently feeling the warmth of the hope that Miah expressed before finally letting go. He stared into Miah's eyes for a few seconds before turning and walking over to where Kyle and Tyler were talking to a few of their bothers.

"Kyle?" Levis said as he came up next to Tyler.

Kyle looked up at Levis. "It's time, ain't it?"

"I hate to say it but yes," replied Levis. "General Shifs will be waiting for us by now and it must be within this hour if we are to have any hope of stopping Axon."

Kyle nodded. "Okay. Ty's gonna help us, but I need to do one thing first. Levi; come up on my lap."

Levi sensed the seriousness of the situation and wordlessly climbed on Kyle's lap.

"Levi," Kyle stated as he placed his hands on the boy's shoulders, "We've got a serious problem that your Pop and I have to help fix. If things go wrong you'll know it; I need to count on you to find someplace safe to take all of the Clan. I'm taking all of the blocks that were put on you when you were born away so that you can do whatever is needed. You've got a lot of power; be careful how you use it."

"Okay Daddy; I promise I'll make you proud. You and Poppa are gonna come back though. I know you will."

"I really hope so." Kyle replied as he gave Levi a hug. "I love you son."

"I love you too." Tyler added as he lifted Levi off of Kyle's lap. "Go take care of our family Son; you are their only hope if we fail."

Levis smiled as he knelt down next to Levi, "Now Levi, I know it sounds like your parents are asking a lot here but I know what a Levis can do being that my name is your name. Heck, you can even come back from the dead if I'm any indication. Just if you do run into any trouble don't expect the rest of my people to help you. My mother will but the others' won't understand how important this is. You'll be mostly on your own but at the same time you'll never be alone. Remember that you can draw great strength from the love that your family gives you. And I know that if you need to you'll shine bright, like I said being that I can means you can too."

"Thanks Uncle Levis." Levi said as he gave Levis a big hug. "I'll be waiting for you; Me and Uncle Miah will take care of everything." Levi turned and smiled before he ran off to his new duties. "Don't worry Daddy; yu're the king Mikyvis; there ain't noone better than you!"

Levis grinned, "Well then, your Majesty, are you and Tyler ready?"

Kyle blushed as Tyler stifled his giggles. "I guess so; you're not gonna let me live that down are you?"

" Lord," replied Levis. "Follow me."

Levis suddenly vanished.

Kyle groaned. "If Cory hears that, I'll never get to forget it." He then took Tyler's hand as they followed Levis.


"It looks like a university," Cris said as he looked over Axon's complex. "Are you sure this is the place?"

Jacyb looked out of what seemed like an army that Axon had outside of his complex, "I don't know of any university that's in the middle of nowhere with Moroi as campus security."

Cris grinned, "Okay, you have a point."

"Besides, Ark tracked him here," added Jacyb.

"I think it should be a different color," the deer said as he came up next to Jacyb.

Jacyb rolled his eyes, "What should be a different color?"

"The building," said the deer.

"Deer, be quiet. You make too much noise, I'm trying to make you friends and you're messing up my colors," The Creator said. "I need those colors right now; you pick out paint colors later when you sit down for tea with the shoe."

"Yes Creator," replied the deer.

"Where exactly did you find this nut case?" asked Xedyan as he watched the Creator making weird faces at the grass.

"He's not a nut case," replied Cris. "He's just had a hard life."

"His name is Anton," added Z as he watched the Creator. "He doesn't remember that though."

Xedyan looked at Z and frowned, "What do you mean?"

"The Creator," Jacyb said before Z could answer. "Is from the Interpretation Archive on the moon. He was a Savant there, given the task of tracking and understanding the ways of murderers and criminals. He is extremely talented and did a fantastic job, until it finally got to him and drove his personality into three parts. The Creator is the care free part of him. The Shadow, who you will meet in a few minutes, is the dark side of him. And the Boy is the part of him that's left from his real life."

"Speak not of the Boy, he makes me go funny inside!" cried the Creator.

"Before he was sent to the Archive on the moon though his name was Anton," Z said. "He was very talented then as well but at a young age Founders with strong abilities often end up hurting someone without meaning to. I knew of Anton though only from what I was told by my father. He killed his parents by accident, so they blanked his memory and sent him to the Interpretation Archive."

"That's so sad," Cris said softly.

"That's the price any Founder would pay for committing murder, no matter what the situation," replied Z.

"Please stop talking about me," The Creator seemed to say in a small voice. "The Shadow will hurt me if you bring me up."

"That's the Boy," said the deer. "Boy you had better hide, this is no place for you right now."

The Boy looked up at the deer with a very frightened look, "There is no hiding from him. He always finds me."

Before the deer could reply the frightened look went away and was replaced with a smile, "I put him with the Tree since we won't need the Tree right now. Shadow will leave him alone."

"Good," replied the deer.

Xedyan just shook his head, "How long has he been like this?"

The Creator looked up at Xedyan, "Stop talking about Boy!"

"Fine, how old are you Creator?" asked Xedyan.

"My body is sixteen, I am ten," replied the Creator. "Do you want to command the glass or the flies?"

Xedyan frowned, "What?"

"I'll give you the flies, I think they will like you better," said the Creator. "Z will get the glass; I think the glass will work for him."

Jacyb looked down at his watch, "Levis is late."

"No, I'm right on time," replied Levis as he suddenly appeared with Kyle and Tyler next to Cris.

The Creator looked up at Kyle and smiled, "It is good to see cute Kyle again. Kyle is important now, Kyle is married now. Tyler is very lucky, Kyle is very lucky. Keep safe today."

Kyle grinned. "Sean sends his regards. Did you bring the killer bunnies?"

The Creator suddenly smiled an evil smile, "I have much worse than bunnies in mind but yes the Creator will have them around."

"I take it that since you have come up Shadow, that you are ready?" said Jacyb.

"Yes, I am," replied the Shadow as he stood up. He looked over at Kyle and smiled, "I'm glad to hear that Sean is well but when you seem him again tell him that if he doesn't hand out those stuffed animals soon that I'll be bringing some friends over to visit him. And I don't mean the friends that the Creator makes."

Tyler smiled. "You really know how to scare the pants off of my big bro! Our son just passed the message along to him; for some reason he just started scrambling!"

Kyle nodded. "Right now we've got a bigger target though. Is there anyone else joining us?"

"If you mean people that are actually here then no, this is it," replied Jacyb.

"For now, anyway," added Levis.

"Shadow, if you would be so kind as to bring out the troops," said Jacyb as he took a few steps back.

"As you wish General Shifs," the Shadow replied darkly.

Almost instantly hundreds of creatures suddenly appeared from out of thin air. Some of them larger than most buildings while others were shorter then the Deer. But all of them were grouped into their own groups. The bunnies were with the bunnies while the slime and dark nameless creatures formed their own group. Some of them were simple, even being as simple as a creature that looked like a bed sheet. While others looked like something out of a nightmare. Only these would be creatures that no movie maker could ever come up with, these were creatures that would eat the boogie man alive and finish off Bigfoot for breakfast.

But while the monsters were impressive there were some groups that seemed to make no sense. Like the swarm of flies and the moving piles of broken glass. There were even what looked like moldy sandwiches with teeth and eyes.

"I'm hoping that our enemy can't see these yet," Xedyan said as he took a few steps away from some of the monsters closest to him.

"No, not yet, but soon," the Shadow said with a grin.

Kyle tilted his head. "Hey; I recognize some of those guys. The third one from the left made me pee my bed in fright when I was three. Nice choices Shadow."

"Fear is more powerful than almost anything in existence," replied the Shadow. "And I'm very proud of what I bring to this world."

The Deer walked up to the Shadow, "Is the word given, oh Dark One?"

The Shadow looked over at Levis who nodded. Grinning, the Shadow replied, "It is."

The Deer turned to all of the creatures, "Flies with Xedyan, Glass with Z. Fluffy and fuzzies with the core group. Nightmares, you are under the command of General Shifs and Commander Moroi. Sandwiches, you are with me and building creatures and razor beings, you are with our Dark Lord." Suddenly the deer's fur turned black and its eyes glowed red. "Begin phase one."

The creatures quickly went to where they were directed and as Levis started walking towards the complex everyone followed with their own squad of strange creatures in tow.

"I'm sure this looks really strange to the Moroi outside of the building," said Cris as they walked.

Kyle glanced at Cris with a serious look on his face. "Those creatures are what give the species you, Jacyb, and my brother are members of a bad name. I'm usually a nice guy; but as far as I'm concerned I hope that they all suffer a horrifying death for what they have attempted to bring upon this world. Jacyb, if you've placed any limits on Shadow I think that it would be in our best interest to lift them; of all of us he is the best equipped to destroy evil at its own level."

"I've placed no limits on him," said Jacyb. "I've never had to, the only rule he's following is that we are friends and he is not to hurt us."

"And to that I hold, but not just for my own life but because you have shown me the best time I have ever had," added the Shadow. "You can not limit me anyway. Evil begets evil and I am the product of that."

"He means they don't stand a chance," replied Jacyb.

Levis stopped about a hundred feet from the complex entrance. Their approach had not gone unnoticed, though, and the Moroi were gathering. One of them stepped forward, presenting in the way he was dressed, that he was their leader.

"That's far enough," said the Moroi. "This is private property kids; I think you should run home we don't want..." The Moroi stopped and looked at Jacyb for a second, "Wait a moment..."

"We are here to enter this complex and deal with your master," Levis said loud enough for all the Moroi present to hear.

"So you're the group that Lord Axon warned us about?" the Moroi said with a grin. "You have got to be joking."

"The joke is on you." Kyle replied with an obviously fake smile. "Satan has added extra staff in his incoming lanes just for you; since I really hate dealing with pissed-off devils I guess the only question is are you going to go to Hell quietly or do we have to help you?"

"Screw you Kid, we'll tear you and your friends to pieces before you get within fifty feet of the front door," replied the Moroi. "Which means you'll have to tell the devil that we won't be joining him. Boys lets give our guests a proper greeting."

"I'll give you one more chance to..." Levis started to say.

"No, they've made their choice," The Shadow said cutting Levis off. "Which means it's my turn."

The Moroi sized up The Shadow before replying, "Oh yeah, what are you going to do?"

The sky started to grow dark as the Shadow smiled his most twisted smile, "Its people like you that helped create what I am today. In a way I might say thank you if I didn't hate myself at my own core! But seeing that you seem to want to aid in the destruction of what holds this world together I get to pass my own judgment on you before you're sent to the lake of fire."

"Those are big words but that's all you have kid," said the Moroi. "What are you going to do, pull a gun on me?"

The Shadow just smiled as he suddenly allowed all the Moroi to see his army, "Oh no my dear Vampire, guns just won't do."

"Execute Phase Two," the Deer said in a demonic sounding voice.

Everything seemed to slow down as the Moroi tried to run but the creatures were faster then they were, having the advantage of being able to move at the speed of thought.

As the screaming started the Shadow chuckled, "Deer, advance to Phase Three. I'm reading three hundred Moroi outside as well as another five hundred inside the Complex. We have a lot of ground to cover."

Kyle glanced around. "Shadow, show them no mercy. It's Time; the war is on."

The Shadow walked ahead with the deer as if he didn't hear Kyle, completely enjoying his environment. The Deer kept quoting statistics about what was being done to each Moroi as they moved forward.

"I don't think he knows that word Kyle," said Jacyb. "But it's a nice thought to think he was showing them mercy in the first place."

Levis nodded, "The Shadow has the main approach and will get me, Kyle, and Tyler through the building."

"The rest of us will handle clean up then," replied Jacyb. "Me and Cris will take the left, Z and Xedyan will take the right, and after the outside is clear we'll work on what the Shadow missed."

"Sounds good to me," added Xedyan.

"Good luck guys," Levis said as he looked around the group. "And thank you."

"We'll keep a little of that luck but you guys can have the most of it back," said Z.

"I agree, the pressure is really on you," Jacyb added. "Not to make you feel worse. But good luck Kyle, Tyler, and Levis keep them safe."

Kyle nodded as he gave a small smile. "Your victory out here is going to make the difference in there. Your job is just as important as mine; don't forget that."

Jacyb smiled, "If you say so Kyle."

"That means thank you," added Cris.

Jacyb rolled his eyes and then took off with a horde of monsters following him. Cris stopped to shake Levis' hand and then took off after Jacyb.

"Okay, let's do this," said Xedyan before he too took off with his mass of flies following him.

Z giggled, "You'd think the flies thought he was the best thing since a horse taking a dump. Good luck guys." Z then took off after Xedyan with what looked like clouds of glass following behind him.

Levis turned to Kyle and Tyler, "Are you guys ready?"

Tyler and Kyle both looked Levis in the eyes; their suddenly bright violet eyes seeming to glow with stored energy. Kyle held out his right hand, Tyler immediately placed his right hand on top of Kyle's. They looked at Levis; wordlessly waiting for him to do the same.

"Umm...okay," said Levis as he looked at them with a strange look for a few seconds. After looking between Kyle and Tyler for a few more seconds he cautiously placed his right hand on top of Tyler's.

Kyle immediately placed his left hand on top of Levis' hand; Tyler and Levis followed with their own. Once the hands were together, Kyle finally spoke. "I swore this oath with Cory, Sean, and JJ and to this day I hold it true. From this point on, in all Universes throughout all times in all dimensions let it be known that the three of us are bonded by a bond stronger than blood; that whatever is done to one is done to all. From this point forward anyone who attacks one of us will face repercussions from all three of us until the end of time. With God as my witness I hereby swear to protect those who I share this oath with until my last breath."

As soon as Kyle finished, Tyler added "I accept this Oath and take it as my own."

"I...would have liked some warning," Levis said somewhat shocked, "But I accept this Oath and will uphold it for as long as I am alive."

Kyle smiled. "You should know me better than that! Let's go kick some hell spawn butt!"

Levis grinned and then started for the front door to the complex. As they entered the building they found the deer waiting for them.

"We have encountered a problem but the Dark Lord believes it is a problem that you were expecting so he is going around it," said the deer.

"What problem?" Asked Levis.

"There is a barrier at the center of the complex," replied the deer. "It looks like a rift in the time space continuum."

"I was expecting that," said Levis. "Could you lead us to that barrier please?"

"I would love to," the deer said. "Just keep an eye out for Hunters; we have come across thirty-six so far. They are harder to kill but still fall to the Shadow."

The deer started down the hallway and they quickly followed behind. The hallway was lined with pieces of Moroi bodies as well as energy burns where a Hunter died. The deer led them through a few different halls before finally turning the last corner, stopping and then turning to face them.

"Here is the barrier," said the Deer. Behind the deer was a barrier of what looked to be a large purple and black wall of liquid. "From what I can read of it I would say the barrier is about two feet thick before opening up into the rest of the complex but I dare not go into it with you."

Kyle glanced at Levis before setting his jaw. "Thank you Deer. You have done well; we can handle it from here."

Levis looked the barrier over before walking up to it, shifting into his energy form, and examining the barrier using all of his skills.

"The deer is right, it's about two feet thick but it feels like the inside of the barrier has formed its own continuum," Levis said as he turned back to Kyle and Tyler. "I'm not sure what to expect in here, just be on your guard at all time."

Kyle and Tyler both nodded as their forms seemed to turn out of focus. A purple haze enveloped both of them as they each gathered energy from the universes around them. "Let me know when you are ready." Kyle said as his aura stabilized.


Tyne had just finished removing his Founder robes from Kyle and Tyler's wedding and was standing in the Council Chambers. Tyne slowly pulled his jumpsuit back on and carefully zipped it up, only half paying attention while lost in thought.

"Penny for your thoughts?" someone suddenly said behind him.

Tyne turned around to find Nyo standing in the doorway grinning, "That's an expression that means?"

"I was just wondering if you wanted to talk about whatever you're thinking about," replied Nyo as he looked Tyne over. "New jumpsuit?"

Tyne looked confused for a moment until he looked down at his own jumpsuit, "Oh, its white...I didn't notice that it..."

< I changed all of the Council uniforms to white so that they stand out among the grey and black. Although Dmitry wants to wear red; I am not sure about that but I told him I would consider it. >

"Right," said Tyne as he shook his head. "Whatever Ark, I didn't even notice until Nyo said something."

< That is alright, I will forgive the oversight. Oh, Nyo your new uniform is in your room. >

Nyo rolled his eyes, "Thanks Ark."

< You are welcome. >

"So, what's on your mind Tyne?" asked Nyo as he sat down in the closest Council chair.

Tyne frowned, "I...I'm not really sure I'm thinking about just one thing, you know?"

"I can understand that," replied Nyo. "We've all been through our own struggles in the last few days."

"Yeah but I feel like I'm making a mistake," Tyne said as he sat in his Council chair. "I'm not sure about any of this Nyo, and on top of that Kyle, Tyler, and Levis have gone off to some remote location to deal with a problem that I feel I should be dealing with."

Nyo looked confused, "Are they taking on Axon?"

Tyne nodded.

"By themselves?"

"They didn't say anything to any of us before leaving," replied Tyne. "I just know because I've had Ark keeping an eye on them for me. That and if you ask Ark the right questions then it'll give you the answers you want."

"Yeah, it never was good at telling lies," said Nyo.

"They didn't go alone though," added Tyne. "There were three people waiting for them and then Xedyan and Z joined them. I think Levis picked who he thought could do the job but if they failed wouldn't be leaving us without anyone here to help defend."

"I wonder why they didn't ask us to help them though," said Nyo. "I mean we could have sent help with them without depleting our forces."

Tyne shook his head, "Our task forces need more training. They aren't ready."

"What about the Metronome guys, they could have at least taken them with them," Nyo said trying to think of someone that could help Kyle, Tyler, and Levis more than he could.

Once again Tyne shook his head, "Ethan's given up what he once did, Aidan is more interested in intelligence then in killing, and I don't want to think of what Josiah would be like if given a good reason to kill."

"Speaking of Josiah have you seen him lately?"

"Ark sent him to help with new home construction up at the Clan Compound I think," replied Tyne. "I think its better that he not be involved."

"I suppose."

"I notice you never included yourself in that list of people to help them," said Tyne.

Nyo sighed, "Yeah well I kind of feel useless on this one. I don't have special powers or the ability to change my environment with my mind or anything like that. I'm just me, and while I mean a lot to a lot of people now I'm no hero."

"I'm sure Stepan, Dmitry, and Dominic would disagree," grinned, Tyne.

Nyo smiled, "I'm sure they would. I was just learning about the real world then, that and my opponent was somewhat human."

"You say that like that was a long time ago," replied Tyne. "You saved them just a few weeks ago."

"A lot has changed since then," said Nyo. "You know what though; I don't regret writing that report."

Tyne frowned, "What report?"

"The one that make Ark stop and question why I wrote it and what I was getting at," replied Nyo. "It's what got me going on all of this."

"Well, what made you write the report?" asked Tyne.

Nyo thought for a moment before replying, "You know, I don't really remember. Something just kinda made me want to read some of the recent info feeds for that week, I don't remember exactly why."

Tyne smiled, "It might be better that you never do. Some things don't need reasons, they just need to happen."

Nyo nodded as he allowed his thoughts to drift.


Levis stood still for a moment studying the room he was now in. It was difficult to tell the difference between the walls or the floor or even the ceiling. Everything was all one large purple and black smear, creating one big rift. The only thing Levis could tell was that the room had depth to it, stretching off down the hallway, or what might have been a hallway at one point; although he couldn't see the end he knew Axon wouldn't keep himself in this room, this room was just an after effect or side effect.

But as Levis started to look around a little more he suddenly realized that they were not alone in the room. A fact that became quite clear as a Tyrannosaurus Rex walked out of the wall on one side of the hallway and into the wall on the opposite side.

"Well, that's not something you see every day," Levis said as he kept scanning the room.

Tyler glanced at Kyle. "No babe; you can't have one."

Kyle grinned. "You didn't say Levi can't though! We'll talk about it later; I kinda saw this coming and if I'm right we are about to see things that make that seem normal."

"That would be a correct statement;" came the reply from off to the right. Levis, Kyle, and Tyler turned to find an entire squad of men standing just a few feet away. They were dressed in what looked to be some kind of gray armor that gave off a blue glow in various places. One of the soldiers stepped forward, "This entire room is made up of different rifts in the time space continuum. T-Rex is the least of your worries if you want to pass through this room."

Levis looked the man over and realized as he came closer that he wasn't a man at all, he was much too short. Levis also noticed that his left arm was glowing more than the rest of his suit but the armor was sealed over whatever was there. Levis looked up at the soldier and frowned, "Who are you exactly?"

"We are the Archive Special Forces Team, but are better known as the Serph. I am the team leader, as well as the current Council Archivist," said the soldier as he took off his helmet. "I would tell you who I am but I believe we have already met before."

As Levis and Tyler looked in shock, Kyle smiled. "Okay, that explains it. I was wondering how you ended up here Dom; but something's different about you that I can't totally pick up on yet."

Dominic smiled, "It's good to see you again Kyle. I am different, though, you're right. I'm not the same Dominic that you saw a little while ago. I've seen much more combat experience then your Dominic has for one but that's because I'm from the future."

"You're here from one of the possible futures that this room links to?" asked Levis. "How...I'm not sure how you're here though. If Axon wins then..."

"The world doesn't end here," Dominic interrupted. "I'm from three hundred and eleven years in the future. I'm from a world where we've been fighting ever since this day. Axon starts the collapse of this dimension but doesn't realize he's not powerful enough to collapse it all in one go. We've chased his sorry ass all over this universe trying to keep him from collapsing key points. It's been a long fight but I realized just a few months ago that there's a way I could have kept all of this from happening, or at least a thought on how I could change things. We are here to keep what we lost all those years ago from dying before they were supposed to."

Tyler tilted his head. "But if we win this time, won't your future disappear?"

"That's what I'm hoping for," grinned Dominic. "Nothing would be better than all of those years vanishing. There's a reason I introduced myself as Archivist, Tyler. Nyo is currently the Seer. Tyne died almost ninety years ago; most of the Council is gone. Even Cory didn't last too much longer then Tyne did before Axon himself tore him to pieces. The AI Division was nuked three days after today, killing everyone that was there. CIC was kept safe as was the Ark Compound but over the last few years we've lost so many. "Dominic turned so that they could see the left side of his face better and then he reached up and carefully touched his cheek. As he did his skin seemed to react with a glowing red spreading out from where he touched over the entire left side of his face. "In fact, most everyone has died from this virus."

"Virus?" Kyle asked.

"It's an energy virus," replied Dominic. "It's a side effect of fighting Croziks, or as you call them Hunters. They're not meant to live in our world and it shows because they're practically falling apart. But that energy that they slop everywhere, their essence in our world, when it comes into contact with us, has some not so great effects. At first it has some nice effects, you find that you have more strength; you can do amazing things like generating more energy than a Phasenmorph, but after some time where ever their energy touched you it begins to have a negative energy effect, causing pain and slowing causing your molecules to decide that they should fall apart. Eventually you turn to a watery energy and if anyone else touches that watery energy they'll get the virus too. Javyk found a cure but only for those that don't already have it; he lost Kendall before he found that cure though, he hasn't recovered from that."

Tyler tilted his head. "Dom; with what you've said already I can see this ain't gonna be easy. I hate to ask this of you, I know how you feel about it, but can I index your memories so that all of us have some idea of what we could possibly run into?"

"You're more than welcome to Tyler, seeing that I don't expect to be here after today any record you take from me will be the only record of what I've lived through," said Dominic. "You'll be the first person I've ever given permission to scan me too."

"Thank you Dom." Tyler replied. A few seconds later, he gave a small grin. "Your secrets are safe with me; the stuff Levis and Kyle need to know about Axon is ready for me to give them once you give the word."

"You can give it to them whenever you want Tyler," Dominic said as he looked between the three of them. "Me and my team are here for you so anything we can offer you is yours. You see, in our world none of you made it through this hallway; you never even fought Axon. The things that are crossing this hallway are meant to keep you from reaching him and they did just that. We are here to keep you safe."

"You're human though, if we can't make it what makes you think you can keep us alive," asked Levis. "If that's the armor I told Javyk to start on earlier today then it won't hold if we can't."

Dominic grinned, "First I'm Vifer, not human. But second, you see this armor isn't just the simple armor you told Javyk to start on, this is Phasenmorph Armor. It's actual living armor that integrates with the Phasenmorph and not only protects me but protects my Phasenmorph as well. I generate more energy in this suit then you do in half of your body. There are twelve of us and with all of us wearing this suit..."

"It would be like having six more Ferox," said Levis.

"Exactly," replied Dominic. "Kyle WILL make it this time."

Kyle nodded. "With what I just saw, you better believe I'm gonna win. I also know that you are willingly giving the life your future has given you to make sure we do it. You will not be forgotten Dom; your sacrifice will be told by this timeframe's Dom to future generations."

Dominic grinned, "Thank you Kyle."

Suddenly there was a loud roar heard from further down the hallway.

"Archivist, the hallway is beginning to become populated, it's now or never sir," said one of the members of Dominic's Serph team.

"Give me a moment Tim," replied Dominic.

"Yes sir," said Tim.

"Kyle, Tyler, Levis," said Dominic. "We move out in a few minutes. If you need to prepare yourselves now is the time. I'll be with you in a minute."

"Okay Dom; it'll only take a second." Kyle said as he quickly assembled everything he knew and sent it to Tyler and Levis.

Dominic nodded and then took a few steps towards the hallway, looking deep into the void they were going to be crossing. After a few seconds Dominic got down on one knee and sighed. He took his helmet and after reaching into his helmet he pulled out a very worn out picture; the picture was so faded that you couldn't tell who was in it anymore. Dominic closed his eyes and whispered, "It's another day, another minute without you. Sometimes the feelings I feel of loss are so strong that I feel like the entire universe is coming down on me, just me, and crushing the life out of my soul. It's been three hundred and eleven years, one month, and eight days since I saw you last; my love, my life, my heart, Dmitry. I can't stand living on without you and had you not made me promise to keep going I would have been done here the same day you were taken from me. There are days, like today, that I curse that promise and I would break it if I didn't know that you would be upset with me if I did. But it all makes me want to cry but I have no tears left. We've lost so much and so many. I can still see their faces; Tyne, Stepan, Kyle, Cory, and so many others. I have trouble remembering your face now though; I've just seen so much pain and so many horrors that I can no longer see the things I once loved in my mind. I close my eyes and every moment I sleep is a waking nightmare and I just wish that someone would come and save me. But there's no one left to save me and I don't know if I can hold on much longer. I miss your smile, your laughter, your smell, the way it felt to hold you in my arms. So long ago when there was just the two of us and not a care in the world; but I can't remember what any of that is like anymore, I just know that I miss it. It's all been taken from me, stolen away and now all I have is what I can save from this hell that Axon has created."

Dominic opened his eyes and looked up at Kyle and his team, "Dmitry, give me the strength to complete my task; God help me where Dmitry can't. We have one chance to make this work, one chance to fix this. I can't make myself sit through Kyle's eulogy again if we fail, I can't make myself promise that I won't follow you if I fail, I won't live through that again; I won't lose you again. I know I sound selfish, DT, I know it but I don't care; after having lost everyone but Nyo I just can't see things any other way anymore. Selfish reasons are all I have left...other rather than the grief and pain eating my soul away every day. Life is empty and I don't remember what I've been fighting to save, but one way or another I'll be with you at the end of this day and Kyle will make it, he has to make it."

Dominic put his faded picture back into his helmet and then stood up. He looked at his Archive Special Forces Team, each one had been with him long enough to know what he expected of them. Every one of them had chosen to help him on this mission. Dominic grinned knowing what hell would await whatever got in his or his team's way. Dominic put his helmet back on, "Gentlemen, the name of the game is keeping Kyle safe; all other concerns are secondary. I know I don't have to explain to you how important all of this is since most of you were born into the hell we came from. You're my friends, you've become my family; I know you know how important this is. We must save a world that doesn't even know how much danger it's in yet. A world that doesn't burn, a world that sleeps without nightmares and pain, a world that knows nothing of us but needs our help. Some of us might not make it, in fact most of us will probably give our lives to see this through, but let's make whatever takes us down remember what messing with us costs them. Either way gentlemen, let us show them what we can do; let us show this world without hell what hell can spawn!"

"Yes sir!" his team shouted back.

"Alright, let's form up! Keep them away from Kyle and keep them guessing!" replied Dominic. He then turned to Kyle, "Kyle, we will do our best to keep you safe. Just remember, if any of us fall you must keep going. Just trust me on this one, you must make it."

Kyle nodded. "Just make it a point not to fall then; I'll make it though thanks to what you've shared with us."

Dominic shook his head and then signaled to his men, "Move out!"

As they started into the hallway at first everything seemed calm but suddenly, as if a veil was being lifted, the entire hallway filled with creatures and people. Vikings could be seen bashing their shields against assassins from the third cycle. Dinosaurs could be seen getting torn to pieces by Croziks. Everything from vampires to beings from other worlds, the hallway was packed from wall to wall with everything fighting for its right to hold whatever patch of ground it was standing on. And while some where falling to the rest of them more seemed to be filling the hallway from the rifts that made up the walls.

Dominic signaled for his men to hold, "There are too many. We can't go in like this."

"We just need to punch a hole big enough..." Tim started to say.

"No, the hallway is too long," replied Dominic. "Form a circle around Kyle and Tyler. Levis will take up the rear and I'll lead. Don't let anything touch you if you can help it." His men quickly did as he said and as soon as they were in position they started moving again.

Suddenly every Serph's armor seemed to glow as they used blast after blast of energy to keep everything away from their circle. Inch by inch they started to move through the hallway but as they reached the Croziks they had to stop. The Croziks growled at the party and started to encircle them as they approached.

"Sir, they're getting ready to attack!" called one of the Serphs.

"Spread out a little," shouted Dominic. "Use a wipe pattern and remember that every blast matters with them!"

Just then one of the Croziks attacked, going for Tim, the Serph that was next to Tyler. He quickly brought his Phasenmorph down on its head and set of an area of effect attack. As the Croziks fell to the ground though it brought its tail up underneath Tim in a last attempt and pulled him to the ground.

"Jens, take point!" cried Dominic as he blasted the Croziks that was trying to attack from above. As soon as Jens was leading Dominic quickly pulled a small device off his belt, aimed it at Tim, who was about to be pulled away by two other Croziks, and fired. Tim instantly teleported into Dominic's arms, who then quickly set the boy down. "I said don't let them touch you."

"S-s-sorry sir," replied Tim.

Tim quickly returned to his place in the circle and Dominic made it back to the front. Over the next few minutes a few more of the Serphs fell and were saved by either Dominic or a fellow Serph but over all they made it through the Croziks fine.

"Levis!" Dominic shouted to the back. "Do you know how far?"

"We're about half way there!" Levis replied.

Suddenly, though, the hallway went black as a dark cloud filled the air. They couldn't seen even an inch in front of their faces no matter how bright they made their armor glow.

"Hold position!" shouted Dominic.

"We have to keep moving," Levis cried from the back.

"If we can't see where we are going then we might wander into one of the walls and end up in who knows what time," said Dominic. "Besides, something's wrong! Listen!"

Levis frowned, "To what I don't hear anything..."

"Exactly," replied Dominic. "The fighting, I don't hear it."

"Concentrate on protecting them." Tyler whispered to Kyle. "I'm going to try to detect anything living near here; they have to be thinking at some level."

Kyle nodded as he silently fed energy to the rest of the group to keep their defenses fully charged.

Suddenly there was a scream as one of the Serph were pulled into the darkness and then silenced.

"It got Sam!" shouted Jens. "I didn't even see it!"

"Hold together! If we keep moving we'll be fine! I'm still point so my direction if forward," replied Dominic. "Move forward. I'm readjusting my eyes to accommodate for the darkness and I've sent forward as north so I won't lose my way."

"Just so you know, I can't seem to shift back into my energy form," added Levis as they started moving again. "Every time I do it feels like my energy is being zapped."

There was another scream as another Serph was pulled away.

"Billy!" shouted one of the other Serph.

"Keep moving!" cried Tim. "Don't give it a reason to take more of us!"

"Crap, I still can't see through this darkness no matter what I adjust. Although it doesn't help that the virus is..." Dominic paused for a moment as he suddenly came to a realization. "We can't see it because we're in it...Damn! Everyone move! We're being digested!"

"You planning on running out its butt?" Tyler asked as Kyle tried to find a frequency that would shield them.

"We'll run out its eye if we have to," replied Dominic as he started jogging. "Keep moving!"

"I don't think we want to run out its butt," added Levis.

"It might be four to six hours later," said Tim.

"I don't look good as a brown solid," Jens added.

"Will you guys knock it off!" shouted Dominic. "Light, fifty feet ahead! Can anyone confirm?!"

"Forty-nine feet eleven inches; lead the way Dom!" Kyle replied.

With only a few feet to go Tim suddenly screamed as he was pulled off into the darkness and then silenced.

"It took Tim!" screamed Jens.

As the rest of them cleared the black cloud Jens stopped at the entrance and stared into the inky blackness.

"Jens, come on, we don't have time to stop," called Dominic as he checked everyone over to make sure they were alright.

"I...but Tim..." Jens said softly.

Dominic stopped what he was doing and looked over at Jens, "You'll see him again soon Jens, but we have to keep moving."

Jens nodded and then came over and joined the group again, "Alright, what's next sir!"

Dominic looked ahead and grinned, "Anyone here study the Third Cycle? It looks like we just walked into a faction war! Stay close together, everyone take out anything that comes within fifty feet of us! Let's move!"

For the next ten minutes the small group fought their way through Phasenmorph armed Vifer and men with swords. They dodged blast and blades the entire way but at last they could see the end of the hallway.

"The end of the hallway is less than a hundred feet away!" cried one of the Serph as the group rushed for the large iron door at the end of the hallway.

"That was too easy then," replied Dominic as they came up on the door. But just as he said it a giant foot came out of nowhere and crushed the leading Serph.

"Mark!" cried Jens.

"What the hell?" said one of the other Serph as everyone looked up at what the foot was attacked to.

"I...I...I didn't know they came that big!" shouted Dominic. "Men, alpha formation now!"

"What?! We can't fight a Croziks that big!" said Jens.

Dominic looked over at Jens and frowned, "We have to try! What would Tim have wanted!" Dominic pushed a few buttons on his suit causing it to start to build up energy, "Kyle, Tyler, go through the door now! DT, I'll see you soon...Serph, we need to give them a chance! Power up and attaaaaaacccckk!" Dominic ran towards the giant Croziks firing blasts of white energy at it as he ran, a few seconds later his entire team followed leaving Kyle, Tyler, and Levis alone next to the door.

Kyle took one look and told Levis and Ty "C'mon; after this is over we'll look them up. Let's get this door open and get it over with."


"Is this the room?" Trevor asked as he stopped outside the room next to the Medical Bay.

"Yep this is it," replied Cyna through the sub-vocal. "I'll have to unlock the door for you. Only council is allowed in here right now until we get a new bio engineer to get it running again."

The door slid open and as the lights came on Trevor stepped inside. As he did the door slid shut behind him.

"I don't want us to be interrupted," commented Cyna before Trevor could say anything.

Trevor looked around the room, studying the strange devices that littered the room, "So what is this place exactly?"

"This is the bio lab, normally it's where Founder children were created if the parents couldn't have children through normal means," said Cyna as one of the computer consoles came to life and he appeared above it on its display. "This is where Matyas was born."

"Well that's kind of cool I suppose," replied Trevor. "Why exactly am I here though?"

"I am requesting that you help me with a special project," said Cyna.

"Then why didn't you want me to bring my team?" asked Trevor.

Cyna smiled, "Because I want just you to work on this project. You're the brightest Archive Crafter that we have, and I need someone that's well rounded and eager to learn along the way."

Trevor looked around at the equipment, "I'm not a bio engineer though Sir."

"Yes I know, but the project that I'll have you working on isn't entirely bio related," replied Cyna.

Trevor frowned, "Does this have to do with the programming project you're working on with yourself that you asked me to not talk about?"

"It does."

"I'm sure you're a better programmer then I am," said Trevor.

"I don't need you to help me with programming, Trevor," grinned Cyna as he brought some schematics up on the computer console next to the one he was hovering over. "This is what I need you to help me make."

Trevor walked over to the computer and looked over the floating schematics but as soon as he realized what it was he gasped, "I can't help you make this! That's extremely complex! Not...not to mention that's a lot more than just you adding to your program, that's...that's..."

"You can do it, it's not as complex as I've made it look," interrupted Cyna. "I've had over sixty thousand years to work this out. It should work perfectly. All I need is someone with steady hands and a good head on their shoulders to make it work."

"But...did you run this through the Seer first?" Trevor asked, still not believing what he was seeing.

"No, and I don't plan to," replied Cyna. "At least not until we're finished building it."

Trevor looked the schematics over a few more times, "I don't know..."

"Please Trevor; I can't keep living like this."

Trevor sighed, "I suppose you're going to want me to keep this from Tyne and Matyas."

"Yes please," replied Cyna.

"Alright, tell me where to start then," said Trevor as he pulled a stool out from under the computer and took a seat.


Kyle, Tyler, and Levis found themselves in what looked to be a school auditorium. The room was very well lit and the stage seemed to have been prepared for a presentation of some kind. And there in the middle of the stage stood a very familiar figure of a boy drawing sketches on what looked to be an old school room chalkboard. They got about half way to the stage before he finally spoke.

"You brought a friend and my brother? How nice of you," said the boy as he turned around to face them. "I'm surprised that you made it this far with just the three of you though. Might I ask how you made it through my rift room?"

Kyle waved for the others not to answer. "We rode one of the t-rex's through. Thanks for making it easy to confront you."

The boy frowned, "Sarcasm? That's my job, not yours. I'll have you know that hallway was very hard to make. Beside, the T-Rex wouldn't have made it past my black flitter cloud." The boy set the chalk he had down and then walked up to the podium in the middle of the stage. "But being that you don't like answering my questions then I'll be surprised if you know the answers to the ones I have to ask you. You see you've come here with the intent of getting rid of me but you know nothing about me. You just assume that what you're fighting for is right and so I must be wrong and if I'm wrong then I need to be dealt with." The boy looked out at the empty seats where the audience would sit, "Isn't that right Axon?"

Suddenly there was another boy sitting in the audience, "Quite right Axon, but you forgot to ask him the question." The new boy stood up and faced Kyle, "What is it that you believe you are fighting for Kyle?"

Kyle grinned. "Wow; I didn't know I was invited to the screening for a bad movie! You shoulda told me, I'da brought popcorn; the 'copies of the evil maniac' thing is waaaayyyy overused! I'm fighting for those yet to be born; besides the fact that you really are a sick bastard if I let you continue on the path you're heading down."

"That wasn't an answer at all," said another boy that appeared a few rows behind them.

"Bad answer!" cried yet another that was on the stage off to the side of the chalkboard.

"See, I ask you that question Kyle because I know you don't understand," replied the first boy, who was still at the podium. "You are here because you were sent here, not because you chose to be here. My mother felt that I was too much for this world to handle and so she sent you and my brother to fix the problem." The boy stepped away from the podium and then came to the edge of the stage and sat down, "I'm really not that bad of a kid, only being a little older than you. I graduated at the top of my class in school, was taken into the Ferox Science Academy a few months later, and then came the task of picking my first project. Like my mother I've always been interested in humanity. We were created from them after all so why not study them? But they're so large and vast a culture, what about them should I study?" Axon paused for a moment, "You might think that I chose to study the wrong thing, after all the study of Evil seems like a bad subject for such a young mind. But what I found in that study took me to places in myself that I didn't even know existed. You humans seem to want to hide it, acting like you don't have a primitive, evil side to you but we all do. But what I understand though that you do not is what your purpose here on this world actually is. It's through my understanding of what Evil is that has given me this insight."

"What insight? That you're a sadistic bastard and a disgrace to the Ferox?" Tyler chimed in.

Axon frowned, "Have I or any of the other copies of myself from other time periods in this room been rude to you? Both of you sure are showing your quality. Anyone can be rude but I guess it takes a Mikyvis to be an asshole."

"Name calling is the first sign of fear," added one of the other Axons. "We learned that very early into our studies."

"In any case, what I found was that God, the creator of all things, had created this world to be perfect," said Axon. "But he wanted someone that would choose to love him, which is something that the angels just can't do. They just do. But he wanted someone that could choose him and so he created man, both his greatest and worst creation. Greatest because when working in harmony they can do amazing things and are beautiful, but worst because they were the downfall of this world because they chose death and knowledge over life." Axon stood up again, "And so the purpose of life once was to love him and take care of what he had created but as soon as humanity fell it was its purpose to die. The world was begun as a perfect creation and it will end as an evil one, collapsing back in on itself creating a perfect cycle of completion and bringing about the creation of a new heaven and a new earth. It says so in your very Bible, the word of God himself. I am just the one that is here to bring that about. I will bring this world down on itself just as it should be done and there will be no more suffering, there will be no more pain, there will be no more evil because evil will no longer beget evil; evil will come full circle and blot itself out."

Kyle grinned. "You would be convincing if we didn't know what happens if you win. You're not God; only He is able to make the decisions that you have taken upon yourself. It's hard to be polite to someone who you know is going to torture those you love; you're getting what you bring upon yourself."

"If you're looking for the one that's twisted by evil, then that isn't me," said Axon.

"No that would be me," said yet another Axon, this one looking older then the original. "I'm from that world you saw a glimpse of through those people you met in the hallway. I've tasted what evil can do and I liked it."

The original Axon frowned, "This isn't about power, this is about bringing order and peace to this world."

"Ha, who are you kidding," replied the older Axon. "You're not powerful enough to collapse this world on your own. It takes your entire species to bring a dimension to a stand still but it can't even collapse one. You WILL be powerful enough in a few hundred years as you suck the life out of half of the worlds in this universe but the way you are isn't enough. But, you are enough to start that course, enough to get a taste of what power really is!"

"If you're looking for power then I'm not going to bring you that," said the original Axon. "I will bring balance. You are from a possible future, not the real future. I AM powerful enough."

"You know, he might be twisted by evil, and you might be devoid of sense but the real problem is that our visitors here are twisted by the lies of the Ferox, Founders, and their own God," said the Axon that was a few rows behind Kyle, Tyler, and Levis. "These beings promised the fallen a way out and brought them nothing but failure or more death. The Founders alone brought the Ferox and the Moroi down on this world and this world will end up paying for the Founders mistakes along with their own. They created the Founders in an attempt to play God. And what has God done to stop all of this? Nothing! Which proves that we are here to bring all of this to an end, by whatever means!"

The Original Axon and the Older Axon both nodded their heads, as did all of the other growing numbers of Axons.

"Though I don't agree with all of you for the reasons I do agree with the outcome," said the Original Axon. "Humanities doom is inevitable, as is our visitors."

"Yes, see how it all comes together," added the Older Axon. "We are giving it all purpose again by doing this; we are the tools that God is using to bring this about!"

"And we are the tools God has sent to stop you." Kyle and Tyler chorused.

"You can't have two sets of tools without having one in mind to fail. That or one is just pretending to be such," said yet another Axon as he appeared at the back of the room. "Power corrupts, but the corrupt ascend. All that rules in this world or any other world seems to always be the evil and corrupt. God never seems to reward the good anymore, but even if he did I don't see him getting directly involved here so when we choose which tool will be the real tool here I can't see you making it."

"There are forty-eight of us and three of them," another Axon started saying. "The odds are against them; together we have more power than they do."

"I have more power than all three of them just on my own right now," added the Older Axon. "I've destroyed twenty-three planets and absorbed the energy from all of them. The souls from over one hundred and fifty billion beings fuel my power, trapped in my mind, feeding my quest to bring an end to this dimension."

The forty-eight different Axon's started to encircle Kyle, Tyler, and Levis. All of them except the original, who stood on stage smiling.

"It's all about purpose," said the Original Axon. "Your purpose is to try and stop us while our purpose is to bring this world to an end. Whose purpose is the right purpose? It's all points of view; evil is just another view of good, a different angle. You fight for your view and I do for mine. But I think simple math wins out here boys."

"Your species was a mistake from a misguided mind," added the Older Axon. "You're her tool, not God's. That's our purpose, not yours."

"Twenty-three planets huh?" Kyle replied, getting serious. "Is that all? I guess that I should use you as an example then."

The Older Axon grinned, "I have more power than you'll ever have, Mikyvis. I'd say it's time to make you an extinct species."

The Older Axon stepped back and spread his arms, and as he did the walls of the room suddenly dissolved joining the hallway outside. The chairs broke apart and the ground started to crack and shift. Levis quickly pulled him, Kyle and Tyler up a few feet just as the ground vanished completely as it became one with the vortex that was now in the center of the room. The Older Axon was now hovering over the purple and black swirling vortex. Each of the other Axon's around him shifted into their energy forms and encircled the Older Axon. "You see boy, there's one thing I have that you don't. THIS!" Suddenly all of the other Axon's pulled to the center of the vortex, filling the room with dark purple light. Seconds later when the light faded there was only one Axon left hovering over the void. He was in his true energy form but rather than being his original color he was now a dark purple being. "This is power! Bow before your new god!"

"This...this isn't what I had in mind," said a small voice off to the far side of the room.

The Axon in the middle of the vortex turned to find the original Axon still standing where the stage had been. "No, this is what I had in mind! You fail to realize that I'm the one that set all of this up! I am a future; I am a god, and I will not be destroyed. If I left this all up to you then I would never exist! You're weak, you're pathetic, and I have no more need of you. Now that I have control of time, now that I have bound it to my destructive nature I can control every aspect, every branch, every layer, I have no more need of you." The Evil Axon raised his hand towards the original Axon.

"Wait! If I die then you die too!" screamed the original Axon.

"I am the god of chaos and time, I control what I need now, and I don't need you!" replied the Evil Axon as a bolt of dark energy shot out of his hand towards the original Axon. The Original Axon shifted into his energy form to try and stop the attack but as the energy hit him rather than him slowing it down the blast consumed him, throwing him off into the surrounding purple void.

The Evil Axon laughed as he turned back to Kyle, Tyler, and Levis. "Now, where were we? Oh yes, you are here because you think you're here to stop him. Looks to me like your job is done; any last requests before I give you your reward?"

Kyle and Tyler joined hands. "Take our hands Levis." Tyler ordered in a voice that left no arguments.

As Levis joined them, making a circle, a silver globe surrounded the trio, a globe that seemed made of quicksilver. "I'm removing you from Time." Kyle told Levis telepathically. "As long as you stay connected to us he can't touch you. I can see what he's done, and I see the flaw. Your Mom showed me this; and that is what will help us."

Levis looked over at the Evil Axon, looking him over before replying in a quivering voice, "I...I don't see a flaw. What would my mother have been able to show you that I can't see?"

"Look through my eyes." Tyler thought. "Tell me what seems different."

"But what if I get lost in your mind?" replied Levis. "Your mind is more vast than mine is."

"I'll be guiding you." Tyler replied. "I haven't got the maps drawn up yet."

"I trust you then," said Levis as he closed his eyes. As he shifted himself into Tyler's mind had he not felt Tyler there he would have instantly been lost. For what he saw just in Tyler's mind was the whole of all existence, endless and unbound. But he could feel Tyler guiding him to what he needed to see. Suddenly he was looking at Axon standing in the middle of his vortex but not how he saw it at all but rather how Tyler was seeing him. Axon was still overwhelming but there was something else, something that could almost be missed but was there if you were looking for it. There were strands, golden strands, coming out of Axon's body at many different points. They continued away from him and then eventually vanished into the purple and black void. Each strand would pulse every second, but each one would pulse in a different sequence as if representing time in more than one place. It was then that Levis realized what Kyle and Tyler could see. These golden strands were the strands of time that were now bound to Axon from all the other branches of possible futures and pasts. Some were thick, some where thin, while others seemed to only be there like spider webs covered in morning dew, ready to be swept away at any moment. "You see time," Levis finally said. "You see the cords that he's used to bind himself to time."

"Exactly" Tyler replied. "Kyle's about to try something; watch the strand he's concentrating on with me." As they both watched, one of the thin strands seemed to change color, and then with a large pulse it vanished. "Kyle reversed time on that strand until it disappeared into the original trunk. Now that we know it works, him and I are going to take them out until there is nothing left to power him." With that statement, more strands started to disappear; each one giving off a red glow as it was removed from existence.

Axon suddenly let out a cry of pain as he felt something die within himself. He looked over at Kyle's little bubble and finally let out a blast of energy aimed at the three inside of the bubble. But as the energy was absorbed by Kyle's bubble the void suddenly gained a few more occupants. People and creatures of every kind seemed to encircle Axon and Kyle's bubble. Every time Kyle or Tyler would destroy a strand more would suddenly join the growing group. But all they did was just stand there, watching. Axon, however, was oblivious to the new spectators. He was more concerned with what he was feeling.

"Those belong to me!" he shouted as he redirected several time distortions to try and swallow Kyle's bubble. But as he tried the distortions seemed to almost neutralize. Axon suddenly looked afraid, "I am absolute energy and time! You can't..." But Axon let himself trail off as he renewed his attacks, trying his best to stop Kyle and Tyler.

"You stole them, and I'm repossessing them." Kyle replied as a medium trunk vanished. "Time is MY realm; as Ty's big bro would say 'You've done crossed the wrong species; now your ass has done fell from the fryin' pan into the fire'."

Suddenly the giant Croziks from the hallway joined the crowd of spectators, but rather rather than looking like it was dying and falling apart it was restored to its original form. Glowing a bright green. And perched on top of the beasts head was Dominic and his team. Dominic grinned as he watched Kyle tears the strands of time away from Axon.

Dominic called out, "What's wrong you big pansy? This beast I'm sitting on can kill Kyle, he killed my worlds Kyle, but you can't seem to handle him?"

The Croziks seemed to call out in reply to what Dominic said, and as it roared all of the smaller Croziks appeared next to the larger Croziks, cuddling up against it, as if showing Axon what he was missing.

Axon, however, was ignoring the gathering that had encircled him, Kyle, Tyler, and Levis. He was more focused on his vanishing energy. Every time one of the strands was destroyed he grew fainter. He suddenly started looking around as if something or someone would help him. His eyes came to rest on the direction his original self had fallen but as he tried to pull at that location he found nothing. His original body was no longer there. He couldn't even feel himself at that moment but suddenly he turned back to Kyle and Tyler. But he wasn't looking at them and their bubble but rather through it. For there behind the bubble stood the Original Axon.

"Axon!" cried the Evil Axon. "Help me!"

The original Axon came out from behind the bubble, walking carefully as his body was now infected with both yellow and purple energy and his very being seemed to be breaking down. The original Axon looked up at the Evil Axon, as he came to a stop in front of Kyle's bubble, and shook his head, "Why should I help you? You don't need me, remember?"

"I can get around your weaknesses, but I find that I must have a body!" shouted the Evil Axon. "They are feeding on my own negative energy every time I attack and they are undoing my very being! Help me!"

The original Axon looked around at the people and creatures and noted that all of them seemed to be standing with the families. They all looked content and at peace. Axon closed his eyes and shook his head, "No."


"I said no," repeated the original Axon. "I think I understand now. It's not time or power that's important, only life is important. We've missed out, focusing too much on the wrong things. Your blast of negative energy has given me your memories, and while you can live with what you've done...I see the faces of those that you've sucked the life out of and I can feel their hate for you as well as their love for each other. This isn't right, and if God had intended for us to do this we would have won without having to make them suffer first. We've caused too much damage. Take it back."

At that very instant; one of the largest lines left seemed to separate from Axon; spraying sparks as it quickly withdrew from view. "Someone higher than me will have to forgive you for your crimes." Kyle said as he turned his attention to the original Axon while Tyler continued to strip power from the evil Axon. "I'm just glad that you saw the wrongs in your actions before you die."

"I deserve this, Kyle," said the Original Axon. "I've seen what he's done, and I'll become him. You can't let me live. If any part of me survives I'll be come him. Remove me from existence; I know you can do it. I just want to ask one favor if I can, call it a last request."

"What is it?" Kyle replied as another large trunk disconnected from the evil Axon and slid from the room.

The Original Axon shifted back into as solid a form as he could before replying, "Please, tell my mother that I'm sorry. She was right, and I didn't listen to her." He then looked up at Kyle, "I'm ready when you are."

"Wait, what are you doing?! I need you! Help me!" screamed the Evil Axon as he suddenly found himself almost powerless, barely being able to keep himself afloat over his own vortex.

"He's repenting; and his last wish will be granted." Kyle announced as two balls of blazing white anti-energy erupted from the globe. The balls hit both Axons at once, causing both bodies to explode into their most basic components.

All at once every spectator watching the struggle erupted; cheering, clapping, roaring, each in their own way doing what they could do to express their gratitude. The leftover energy seemed to seal off any dangerous rifts and the vortex that had been created began to lose its stability. As the vortex seemed to start slowing down the spectators began to dissolve, with each either being returned to their own world or moving on to the next life. Dominic hopped down off of the giant Croziks as it too disintegrated and walked over to Kyle, Tyler and Levis.

"Well done Kyle," Dominic said with a grin. "Those of us from all of the possible disastrous outcomes thank you. You've saved us from hell."

"Thank you Dom; without all of you helping I wouldn't have made it this far. I just wish nobody had to die to stop him." Kyle replied with a sad smile.

"Those that did die never really existed in the first place," replied Dominic. "Well at least not anyone that was here. I don't really know what happens to those that die in a possible future. I'd like to think that we are a part of the originals soul and that when they die we will become a part of them. If that's the case then I look forward to being part of the Dominic that you know. But for now I will rest well knowing that you've given me what I've been asking for, for many years, I finally get to be with my Dmitry again."

"Thanks; I guess you're right." Kyle replied. "I still feel bad though for those I don't know about."

Dominic smiled, "You have a big heart and are a great man, Kyle. You'll be fine." Dominic finally started to fade as the purple and black void began to fade. "You tell that Dominic you know to take care of Dmitry for me. And Nitor, it was a pleasure serving under your command." And then suddenly he was gone. The purple and black void lingered for a few more seconds before it too finally faded completely, with the vortex finally pulling shut.

Kyle, Tyler, and Levis were now standing in the middle of what was now a pile of rubble; creating a crater from where they stood all the way out to where the hallway would have begun.

Levis took a few steps forward and stopped at where Axon had been standing, "Is it over?"

Tyler nodded as he held Kyle close. "It's over bro; Axon in all of his incarnations has died."

"I can't feel him on the rebirth plane," Levis said softly. "Ferox can't die...I... well, I guess this makes him the first."

"... And I pray he'll be the only one... ever." Kyle replied softly. "We need to go see your Mom bro; I made a promise and I'm going to keep it."

Levis shook his head, "Maybe, but I think you need to go see your family first."

"Will one of you take me home on your travels?" someone said behind them.

Levis turned to find Cris standing at the edge of the crater, "Where are Jacyb and The Creator?"

"Jacyb is already reporting to Xanus, I volunteered to wait for all of you," replied Cris. "The Creator went with him, I think he likes Jacyb."


Xanus smiled as she watched Kyle, Tyler, and Levis vanish from the crater with Cris. Though she couldn't see what happened inside of the vortex, with time rifts clouding her sight, she could see the outcome. "You did well Jacyb," Xanus said softly to a dark corner of the room.

Jacyb stepped out of the shadows, "Nice to see that you noticed. It only took me thousands of years to get it just right."

"But you did get it right, that is what is important," replied Xanus.

"You have definitely thrown your fair share of curve balls my way though," added Jacyb.

"I hope I kept it interesting while trying to help out," said Xanus as she changed her view back to floating above the earth.

"It would have been better if you'd told me about Kyle though, I didn't factor him into anything I was trying to do," replied Jacyb.

"If I had told you about what I was doing with Kyle then you probably would have protested," said Xanus. "You never did like me getting involved with your work directly. That is why I only influenced humanity through legends, myth, and lore. I figured you would like it better that way."

Jacyb nodded in agreement before continuing, "I do have to ask though, did you always intend Kyle to become more powerful than you are?"

Xanus smiled, "It wasn't my intent to make a new species, but when I saw it coming rather rather than trying to change what I saw I just helped it along even more."

"That's why you sent Levis with Kyle? What was Kyle supposed to be then?"

"Kyle was supposed to be the foundation for hope, giving new meaning to a lot of different archaic ideas," replied Xanus. "But now that he has become more than that he has turned from hope to salvation. If he uses what he's been given wisely then humanity will be saved from what Axon learned to love."

Jacyb thought for a moment, "...What if a Mikyvis were to ever go the route that Axon took?"

"That would be a long time from now and we will have to cross that bridge when we get there," Xanus said softly. "But I have a feeling that if that ever were to happen then we would not be the ones to solve it. The time of the Founders and the Ferox is passing away now Jacyb. While the Founders are finally reunited with the Ark they too will be changing into something else soon, but nothing like what the Ferox or Mikyvis are, something else entirely."

"More powerful?"

"No, just different," said Xanus. "And the Ferox, well you know how the rest of the Ferox Council feels about being involved with humans. I know we have a few more parts to play in your world but I sense that Semion won't allow too much more before he either steps down or worse, he might...well never you mind that."

"I'm not sure I follow what you mean," said Jacyb.

Xanus shook her head, "You need not worry about it Jacyb. I will take care of it when the time comes. Just keep in mind that not all of the Ferox may always be there to help you. But when your task if finally..."

"Whoa, what are you talking about, I finished my task!" interrupted Jacyb.

"No, you haven't; at least not in the way that was agreed on," replied Xanus. "You agreed to bring humanity to peace through time alteration, fixing things before they happened and so on. You did most of that but humanity isn't at peace and now you are directly involved. You didn't follow the rules."

"But you've seen the same future I have! I mean, yeah there are still things to come that will need dealt with, but humanity is on the right path now!" protested Jacyb. "I did the right things to cause Clan Short to form, I did just the right things to get Ark involved, I did just the right things to get these damn people where they needed to be for all of this to happen!"

"I am sorry but they are not at peace yet and you got directly involved with Kyle," replied Xanus. "And as such I cannot grant you what was promised."

"That's bullshit!" shouted Jacyb. "I've done everything you've wanted me to do for over sixty thousand years and now you're trying to get me on a technicality?!"

"I did not say that I would never give you what I originally promised, only that I cannot give it to you now," said Xanus. "I will give you and Cris something however that you have both wanted whether you have spoken it or not but if you want what you were promised then stay on the path you are on. You will eventually get to where you want to be."

Jacyb scowled at Xanus, "So I have to work even longer. You're a real bitch when you want to be."

"Thanks, it takes effort," replied Xanus. "Just remember Jacyb Shifs, everything happens for a reason and this is no exception. You just cannot see past your own choices yet, give it time and you'll be thanking me."

Jacyb closed his eyes, "So what are you giving us then?"

"I am giving you The Boy," said Xanus.

Jacyb's eyes shot open, "I am not taking the Creator as..."

"No, I did not say the Creator," interrupted Xanus. "The Shadow and the Creator will remain where they are. I am giving you The Boy. I am creating him a new body and relocating him. The body I am giving him is made from material I have gathered from you and Cris."

"'re giving us a son?"

"He won't be a baby, I'm afraid, but he will be the age he was when he first got here," added Xanus. "His name is Anton. You might find that he'll be afraid of everything at first but I'm sure you and Cris can help him."

Jacyb just stared at Xanus for a few seconds before finally replying, "I'm not sure whether to hate you or hug you."

"Then do not do either," smiled Xanus. "Now if you have nothing else to report I believe you have work to do and a son to get to know. He is with Cris at your apartment now. While you are doing this Levis will stay in your stead. I will give you a week before you need to introduce yourself to Tyne. Use this week well Jacyb."

Jacyb opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something but then thought better of it. He just nodded and then backed away into the shadows again.

Xanus grinned, "Thank you Jacyb, you are my eyes. And thank you Kyle, you are my justice...won't Semion be surprised."


Hope, it is probably the most amazing feature humanity has built within itself. It brings out the best in them while at the same time allowing them to change and shape the world through their other redeeming qualities. While humanity has done many things that I would not agree as being wise or in any way moving towards peace, they can always recover from the mistakes of the few and rebuild.

But never have I seen humanity prevent its own downward spiral. I have watched as they have cleansed the planet several times and then make the same mistakes again but never have they saved themselves by evolving to meet the challenges created by their own greed, hate, and desire for power. This was different, however; through a new species that was human in its own right humanity was saved from a being that the evil of humanity helped fuel.

I have said it before, at the end of every story those involved always seemed to either be moving towards or away from the light. I have never actually seen anyone moving towards the light at the end of a cycle though. Never, that is, until now. The fall of Axon and the ascension of a new species, a species that wishes for the hope of humanity to shine bright and overcome the darkness that has overshadowed humanity for so long. So now, my first task to find a time when humanity was ready for what I have saved I believe is over. The Founders have reclaimed my halls, Clan Short has been accelerated down the path that it was set on, and the Mikyvis have been born. My new task is to see humanity finally reach what the Founders that built me imagined them becoming. The Mikyvis, Clan Short, and the remaining Founders still have a long way to go but their hope seems as eternal and unending as my own ability to understand.

Today is the 24th day of the 10th month of the year 12004 of Cycle Four. With what has happened this day I am turning the clock, moving on, and showing the dawn of a new era. This is today, and tomorrow will be the first day of Cycle Five; tomorrow we will begin Escaping Darkness.

The End

Authors Note:

Well what did you think? Yep, this is the end of Ark; that is why I chose to use those two words. I have to say that it has been a lot of fun writing this story and I'd like to thank ACFan for letting me get involved in his growing universe. I had fun adding to it and I think he had fun watching and helping me add to this story and his universe. There were a good number of scenes that ACFan helped me write, just like there are scenes in Memories that I helped him write, and all through it we had a blast shaping these scenes.

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I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the characters grow up before my very eyes as they story line expanded beyond a 'simple' CSU Back Story to a very large and integral part of the Clan Short Universe. The outside viewpoints of Clan Short added depth and even more character to the magical creation of ACFan. I have enjoyed this story from its creation when it started filling in gaps in "Memories" and "Sentenced to Life" about what occurred in those stories when we weren't there. But this story had many more story lines and subplots none of which are completely finished yet. So Master Akeentia please hurry with Book II but don't forget "OUP Book II" and "Drakis Dracon" Chapter Two.

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