Chapter 06

"Oh no, Ark you didn't," gasped Nyo.

< I did not what? >

"He has silver skin; that means you changed their genetic structure to match mine!" said Nyo. "They are or at least were normal humans; do you have any idea what kind of effect this could have on them?"

< Calm down, it will help them. They will heal twice as fast and it fixes any imperfections that they may have had in their genetic structure. >

"You should have asked them first! What if they don't want what you've given to them? You're more or less asking them to live forever without actually asking."

< It is not proven that you will live forever; you do age, but very slowly. Besides, I asked Dmitry right before the Medbots put him to sleep and I told Stepan what I was going to do through the neuro-imaging link in the regeneration chamber. >

"Did either one actually understand what you were actually going to do?" asked Nyo.

< Well of course I did not get a reply from Stepan but Dmitry surprisingly enough did understand what I was asking him; he seems to be a very bright boy. >

"I hope you know what you're doing then," said Nyo.

< Well I can not say for sure that I know what I am doing, humans are strange creatures from a genetic stand point but their personalities and minds are even more so. I was just thinking about their well being though, they will be better off this way. I am also thinking of your well being, you seem to be set on helping this Clan Short so you are going to need some help. If they are structured genetically like you then they will be able to learn four times faster then the normal human. >

Nyo just shook his head and sat down in a nearby chair.

< You do not approve of my logic in this matter? >

Nyo smiled, "There have been times in the last few days where I'm wondering if you're using logic at all."

< That is not funny; maybe you should check my logic units. >

"You're fine Ark," said Nyo as he leaned back and closed his eyes. "There's nothing wrong with your logic units and you know it."

< Are you going to get some sleep then? >

"I might as well, they won't wake up for a while; and I want to be here when they do," said Nyo. "Do you have any idea how long it will be until the rest of Clan Short gets back?"

< If you would like I will tap into the Vulcan Embassy and see if I can find their itinerary. >

"Oookay," Nyo said through a yawn.

< Sleep well Nyo. >


"What a nightmare," thought Dmitry as he slowly opened his eyes.

Suddenly though he realized what he had just been through over the last few hours and he quickly looked around almost in panic. But then he remembered that he was safe now. He was still in the same bed that he had fallen asleep in but now he felt no pain.

Dmitry slowly sat up and took a better look around. The room he was in was fairly large and contained many beds, some strange equipment, and Medbots that appeared to be offline now. To his left he saw that two of the Medbots were still active and that one of the other beds was in use, as was a chair just a few feet from the other bed.

"That's the boy," Dmitry said to himself when he recognized that the boy that had saved him was asleep in the chair. "What did the voice say his name was?"

< His name is Nyo >

Dmitry looked around for who had said that but there was no one else there, "Is that you strange voice? Are you the one that told me about what you wanted to do to me earlier?"

< That is me, you may call me Ark. >

"Where are you?" asked Dmitry.

< I am all around you Dmitry, this is where I live and at the same time it is also me. >

Dmitry looked around again, "So you're the building then? Or are you just large enough that it seems that way?"

< I am an archive that records all of humanities history. I have been around for a long time. >

"So you're a computer," concluded Dmitry.

< I am an Artificial Intelligence. >

"Oh, it's nice to meet you then Ark," said Dmitry. "You said that the boy over there, the one that saved me, is named Nyo?"

< Yes, he is my Caretaker. >

"Is he older then you?" asked Dmitry.

< No, I created him. >

"Is he human?"

< He is a subspecies of human, just like you are now. >

"How do I know the difference?" asked Dmitry.

< Look at yourself Dmitry, your skin is a different color and your injuries are completely healed. >

He looked down at his legs and saw that the damage that Dr. Waltkins had caused was nothing but a thin scar and his skin was a soft shade of silver.

"My silver isn't as dark as Nyo's is," Dmitry observed. "Why?"

The Ark chuckled, < Do you always ask this many questions? >

"Is that a bad thing?" asked Dmitry.

< No Dmitry, it is not; I have just forgotten how inquisitive young boys can be, it has been a long time since Nyo was your age. >

"Oh," said Dmitry. "So, then why does my skin have a lighter shade of silver?"

< Nyo was born with the genetic modifications that you now have, you were not. Besides, I have given you something that Nyo does not have; the ability to make that silver unseen. >

"Why?" asked Dmitry.

< Nyo still has enhancements that I could never give to you but I thought that this one might make you feel more like yourself, so unless you are looking for it or asleep then the silver tint will not be visible. >

"Why silver though?" added Dmitry.

< The silver complexion is due to a special metal called Vitaferrum that is integrated into your skin cells. Vitaferrum, which roughly means life cell iron, is a metal that is derived from four other metals as well as material that is derived from Phasenmorph stem cells. The metal allows for your mind to have more control over your body on a cellular level. This metal is not just in your skin though, but throughout your body; and your lower brain functions have been modified so that your body knows how to treat that metal and how to keep it integrated with your systems. Its primary function is to slow aging and heal wounds faster. >

"How long will it keep me alive?" said Dmitry.

< Nyo was born at the physical age of 5 and it has taken him 50,320 years to reach the physical age of 16; so you have a good amount of time. >

"Oh, ok," said Dmitry as he started to get out of the bed.

< Be careful Dmitry, the nerves in your feet might still need more time to heal; it has only been about four hours. >

Dmitry very carefully got off the bed and slowly put weight on his feet, at first he thought he was going to fall but his legs didn't give out on him, he just couldn't feel the floor. Suddenly though Dmitry did realize that he was naked.

Dmitry blushed, "Umm, Ark do you have something that I could wear?"

< There is a lab coat next to your bed; Nyo will get you something more decent to wear once he is awake. >

"Okay," said Dmitry as he quickly found the coat and started put it on. "Umm Ark, can you see me?"

< Yes >

"Oh," Dmitry said as he blushed a deep red and hurried to get the coat buttoned.

Once he was sure the buttons were not going to come undone on him, Dmitry slowly worked his way to the other side of the room where Nyo and the other bed were.

"He looks like he's really tired," Dmitry said as he looked down at Nyo.

< He has been trying to function on just a few hours of sleep, and he has taken in more information today then I think he was prepared for. >

"What do you mean?" asked Dmitry.

< Saving you and Stepan today was the first time he has ever been placed into such a dangerous situation; which although I have trained him physically for, mentally I am not sure he was entirely ready. Not to mention until a few days ago he had never even interacted with any other humans before. >


< Yes, he is the boy behind you in the other regeneration chamber. He was also rescued from the home of Dr. Waltkins. >

Dmitry slowly made his way over to the bed as fast as his feet would allow and gazed down at the boy in the chamber. He looked to be about 15 and had blond hair just like Dmitry's.

"He's kinda cute," giggled Dmitry as he reached out and ran his fingers though Stepan's hair.

< Cute? >

"Yeah, cute; as in good looking, pleasing to the eyes..." Dmitry started to say.

< I get the point Dmitry. I just did not realize that the boy was 'cute' >

Dmitry smiled, "I'll have to educate you about what is and isn't cute Ark."

The Ark laughed, < Very well professor. >

Dmitry looked over at Nyo, "Actually, I think you did a pretty good job Ark; Nyo's cute too, different but cute."

< I am sure that would mean more to him then to me. >

Dmitry made his way back over to Nyo.

"Hey Ark, why did he save us?" asked Dmitry.

< Did you not want to be saved? >

"No it's not that, I just wanted to know why he would risk his life to save us; he doesn't even know us."

< He has been studying a Vulcan Clan that is made up of children and they save others often, I suppose it just got to him more then I expected it to. He wanted to do what they do, he wanted to help humanity; this was his first attempt. >

"For a first attempt, then, I think he did well," said Dmitry. "I owe him my life."

Nyo shifted in his sleep and sighed.

"I think he's going to fall off of that chair," giggled Dmitry. "What's he doing sleeping on a chair anyway?"

< He wanted to be here when you and Stepan woke up. >

"So I'm awake but you didn't wake him?" said Dmitry.

< Does that mean that I was supposed to wake him? >

Dmitry smiled, "Probably."

< Would you care to wake him? >

Dmitry shook his head no but then proceeded to climb into Nyo's lap.

"W-Wha..." Nyo said sleepily as Dmitry got comfortable.

Nyo opened his eyes and almost jumped out of his skin when he saw what was in his lap.

"Hi Nyo," smiled Dmitry. "Did ya sleep well?"

"Umm...hi Dmitry, yeah I slept well," replied Nyo. "How are you feeling?"

"Better then I've been in weeks," said Dmitry. "Stepan is still asleep."

"I'm surprised that you're awake already," said Nyo. "How long have I been asleep?"

< It has been four hours Nyo >

"Nah, I'm a kid, we bounce back fast," said Dmitry. "Besides Ark is helping me heal faster. Although my silver is lighter then yours, but Ark told me why."

"Ark, why didn't you wake me up?" asked Nyo as he wrapped one arm around Dmitry and used the other to rub the sleep out of his eyes.

< He has not been up that long, besides you needed the sleep. >

"Yeah, plus I've been bombarding Ark with questions," added Dmitry.

< Yes, he has. So for now Nyo, tag you are it; I am going to start going over the information from your trip to Russia, I feel like we are missing something. >

"Well gee thanks Ark," said Nyo.

"Do I really ask too many questions?" Dmitry said timidly.

"No Dmitry, we're just joking," assured Nyo. "You can never ask too many questions, especially if you're asking me or Ark; we have a lot of answers that most people don't know.

"Oh ok," said Dmitry.

"Ark you mentioned you think we missed something?" said Nyo.

< I am still looking over the information but something about the police report and the boys we have accounted for does not seem to match up. I may need you to look over this and see what you think. >

"Ok, just let me know when you are ready," replied Nyo.

"Can I help?" asked Dmitry.

Nyo Smiled, "Sure, I could use an extra opinion."

"Would I be able to get some clothes first though now that you're awake?" said Dmitry.

"I don't know you look good in that lab coat," laughed Nyo. "Yeah, let me up and I'll go run and get you something to put on."

Dmitry slid off of Nyo's lap and Nyo got up and stretched.

"Could you watch Stepan while I'm gone," asked Nyo.

Dmitry smiled, "Sure!"

As soon as Nyo had left the room Dmitry slowly made his way back over to Stepan's bed.

He looked down at the sleeping boy and smiled, Stepan looked so peaceful.

Dmitry leaned down and kissed the boy on the cheek and whispered, "You're safe now Stepan, Dr. Waltkins can't hurt us anymore."

The boy smiled and stretched and then slowly started to open his eyes. He looked up at Dmitry and smiled.

"Thank you," said Stepan. "I've never been woken up with a kiss on the cheek before."

Dmitry blushed, "Sorry I didn't know you were awake."

"That doesn't matter, thank you anyway," said Stepan. "My name is Stepan D'iak, it's nice to meet you..."

"Oh sorry, I'm Dmitry, Dmitry Odolen," said Dmitry.

"So, I don't mean to sound ungrateful for not being in Dr. Waltkins house but where are we?" asked Stepan.