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September 8, 2020: Happy September, Everyone!
Posted by Myke D.

It's September 9th, and I've got a brief update for you!  The past couple of weeks have been filled with a brainstorm of activity as I've spent plenty of hours coming up with ideas for all of the new chapters to my stories! 

First, 'The Touch', the story about Zyan, a boy who has spent a decade of his life under the assumption that he was someone else - never knowing his true potential.  In Chapter 13 - 'Growing', Zyan continues to grow closer to his family and learns how much he is truly worth.

Second, we've a brand new chapter of my new story universe 'The Association of Colonization and Exploration', or 'ACE' for short where our first story; 'Artificial Intelligence, takes us through the depths of space we join Pilot Lieutenant Getty Roberts as he is forced to keep the Tesik Family safe by out-flying Bounty Hunters and befriending the one creation he hates - Androids.  Chapter 4 - 'The Android' - tells the story of the AH-57 program, and how the first subject became a part of the program.

Next, we've got the final chapter of 'The Legends of Blood - Part Two', is the story about a vampire that struggles to deal with becoming the first vampire of a species that many don't believe should exist.  Chapter 19 - 'The Lucky Ones' - continues to follow Evan Bentley and David Hunter as they take Jenna to a safe place.  Jenna continues to go through the Change while the Vampire and Hunter deal with an unexpected situation back at 'Lulu's Hideaway'. 

Finally, we have the newest chapter of 'Be the One', the story about a teenager that is surrounded by mystery, secrets, and magic.  In Chapter 4 - 'Awakening' - Elijah Baker begins to get some of the answers he's been seeking, even as he learns his true potential.

I hope everyone is enjoying the newest additions to my stories!

Thanks again to everyone that donated to my gofundme and helped me continue writing the stories that I get to share with all of you!  Thank you also for the emails of encouragement and support that make it worthwhile for me to continue writing and sharing my ideas!  

As always, Stay Safe & Healthy!


August 30, 2020: My Quarantine - Day 134
Posted by JeffsFort

Oh yeah, still stuck at home. I borderline hate my job now and if it weren't for Netflix, I probably would have snapped by now. I still spend way too much time watching videos. Not all of them just for entertainment either. The DIY stuff or, Apple product reviews, or software hacks... I do learn from many of them, except for when I'm just looking to burn time. And let's face it, most of us do have time to burn. But in my case, I'm too lazy to be productive enough to come out of the other side of this nightmare with huge accomplishments on the COVID-19 scorecard. A few but, not enough to brag about. Whatever. I mean I'm even too lazy to create the graphics for these Quarantine Posts now. Yeah, lazy!

This video I had to watch a couple of times because, it's real entertainment. Finally something worth watching from the Trump archives. Some back story though, I've recently gotten introduced to a cover of the Billie Eilish song "Bad Guy" that was recorded by the "Interrupters" when watching a really cool fight scene in the second season of the Netflix Original Series "The Umbrella Academy". (No, I'm not paid for these mentions... Just a fan.) The cover has a little more punch than the original and it just got stuck in my head. So a couple weeks after searching YouTube to watch their video, I see another cover... Yeah, a spoof. And now I inflict it on all of you! Enjoy!

See, too lazy to create the graphic for it!

August 26, 2020: A Quick Update!
Posted by Myke D.

Hey, Guys!  

First, huge Thank You to everyone who helped me buy my new Mac by donating to my GoFundMe!  Also, I would like to let everyone know that I've got a new story available "ACE-Artificial Intelligence".  There are also new chapters posted for "The Touch" and for "The Legends of Blood"!  Hope you all enjoy them!  

Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

August 5, 2020: Happy August!
Posted by Boudreaux

Here's some new chapters to read while you hide from the heat. Assuming you're from the Northern Hemisphere, that is.  Hope you enjoy them.  Lots of family bonding in Gifts, Lagniappe, Fantasy Faire, and Flea Market Sausage.

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